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Board : Tamil Nadu Uniformed Services Recruitment Board
Exam : SI
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TN Police SI Sample Question Paper

Open Quota :
The type of question paper (A, B, C or D) should be shaded in the answer sheet using blue or black
** Write the Registration No. using blue or black ball point pen at the appropriate box in the answer sheet.

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** The answers to the questions should be shaded in the relevant circes using blue or black ball point pen.
** For each question only one answer is to be chosen and shaded.
** For wrong and improper shading, no marks will be given.
** If there is any printing error, or error in page No in the question paper, the same should be brought
** All the questions are bil inguial except language questions (English & Tamil,).

PART A: General Knowledge
The composer of Periyapuranam
A) KambarB) Ottakuthar C) Sekkilar D) Pugalendi

The first Earth Day is celebrated in
A) United Kingdom B) United States C) Israel D) Sierra Leone

The island with Asias largest Sawmillis in
A) Andamans B) Nicobar
C) Lakshadweep D) Minicoy Island

The Plant biomes that are found beneath the seas are called
A) Plankton B) Necton C) Benthos D) Corals

Which hills are parallel to the Narmada Valley 7
A) Nilgiri hills B) Vindhya mountains
C) Himalayas D) Western Ghats

Where is the rice research station in Thanjavur district 2
A) Kumbakonam B) Thanjavur
C) Aduthurai D) Papanasam

Which type of soil is best suited for cotton cultivation?
A) Black soil B) Alluvial soil C) Sand D) Red soil

The Constitution of India came into force in the year
A) 1950 B) 1947
C) 1952 D) 1945
A) 1950 B) 1947
C) 1952 D) 1945

Rajya Sabha consists of members
A) 220 B) 230
C) 250 D) 200
A) 220 B) 230
C) 250 D) 200

The state that has more female ratio than male is
A) West Bengal B) Punjab
C) Tamil Nadu D) Kerala

Which one of the following article has the provision to dissolve a state assembly 7
A) Article 170 B) Article 171
C) Article 352 D) Article356

The first 20point programme was announced by
A) Smt. Indira Gandhi B) Sri. Morarji Desai C) Sri. Rajiv Gandhi D) Sri. Narasimha Rao

Commerce is related to
A) Production of Goods B
Exchange of Goods
C) Providing Occupation D

A cheque in circulation for more than six months is called
A) Stale cheque B) Post-dated cheque
C) Ordinary cheque D) Crossed cheque

Estimate Of Vacancies :
** The Heads of the Departments of Police, Fire and Rescue Services and Prison will intimate the estimated number of vacancies to the Government in the respective categories by September every year for which recruitment has to be conducted for next year by the Tamil Nadu Uniformed Services Recruitment Board on the orders of the Government.

Notification Of Vacancies :
** The TNUSRB will release notification calling for applications from the eligible candidates and the notification may be prepared in consultation with the Heads of Departments concerned. In the notification the methodology of selection, the pre-requisite condition of age and educational qualification will be mentioned.

Processing Of Applications :
** The TNUSRB has prescribed different format of application for each category of recruitment after taking into account the pre-requisite qualifications and service conditions. Application fee by way of Demand Draft shall be payable by the candidates at the rates fixed by the Government.

Currently the following fees are fixed as application fees :-
i) For S.I. of Police including Women S.I and S.I (Technical) : Rs. 250/-
ii) For Gr. II Police Constables / Firemen / Jail Warders : Rs. 150/-

** Candidates are permitted to send only one application. Application for more than one centre is summarily rejected. The candidates should possess the educational qualification and age as prescribed in the notification for recruitment.

** The candidates who satisfy the age and educational qualifications alone are called for tests, for which individual call letters are sent to the candidates by the Chairman of Sub-Committee of respective centre.

** The candidates, whose applications have been rejected due to their not satisfying the age and educational qualifications, will forfeit the application fee remitted by them. They will not be informed of their rejection individually.

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