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Organisation : Teachers Recruitment Board
Exam Name : Tamil Nadu Teacher Eligibility Test (TNTET)
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Year : 2022
Website :

TRB TNTET Model Question Paper

1 “Knowing is a process, not a product” stated by :
A1 : Bruner
A2 : Gergen
A3 : Vygotsky
A4 : Kuhn

2 The teacher gives the prizes for each and every responses received from her/his late blooming child in the classroom which training is applied by the teacher ?
A1 : Punishment Training
A2 : Reward Training
A3 : Escape Training
A4 : Omission Training

3 Which of the following is not a Gestalt principle ?
A1 : Law of Proximity
A2 : Law of Disuse
A3 : Law of Closure
A4 : Law of Readiness

4 Physiologist Pavlov belongs to which Country ?
A1 : America
A2 : Russia
A3 : Italy
A4 : Canada

5 When the learning in one situation hinders, interfers or weakens the learning in another situation is :
A1 : Positive transfer
A2 : Zero transfer
A3 : Negative transfer
A4 : Things transfer

6 A student learns language is related to :
A1 : Reading
A2 : Writing
A3 : Reading, Writing
A4 : Reading, Writing and Symbols

7 The curve which shows typical yearly progress towards mature body size :
A1 : Distance curve
A2 : Velocity curve
A3 : Timing curve
A4 : Total Growth curve

8 Support offered to fit the child’s current level of performance is the important feature of :
A1 : Guided participation
A2 : Inter subjectivity
A3 : Scaffolding
A4 : Private speech

9 For which age Weschler Intelligence test conduct for children ?
A1 : 7 to 16
A2 : 6 to 12
A3 : 9 to 15
A4 : 10 to 17

10 Attention is the concentration of consciousness upon one object rather than another stated by :
A1 : Dumville
A2 : Ross
A3 : Morgon and Gilliand
A4 : Sharma R.N.

11 Piaget found that children are unable to succeed on the three mountains task within the stage.
A1 : 0 – 2 yrs
A2 : 2 – 7 yrs
A3 : 7 – 11 yrs
A4 : above 11 yrs

12 Friendship is formed on the basis of :
A1 : Caste
A2 : Religion
A3 : Socio-economic status
A4 : Games

13 Maturation is a developmental process in a person, that is :
A1 : accompanied with changes in behaviour alone
A2 : never manifests different traits time to time
A3 : accompanied with changes in body mind and behaviour
A4 : accompanied with changes in body alone

14 Mediating between id impulses and super ego demands, ego plays a balanced role in making an individual more productive in ones society by moulding ones attitudes or skills. Which theory emphasis this ?
A1 : Psycho – Social theory
A2 : Psycho – Sexual theory
A3 : Socio – cultural theory
A4 : Social – learning theory

15 When does the smile become a deliberate social signal ?
A1 : At the end of 1st year
A2 : At the end of 2nd year
A3 : At the end of 3rd year
A4 : At the end of 4th year

16 Which cognitive skill is related with learning to read ?
A1 : Mental representation
A2 : Spoken language
A3 : Thinking
A4 : Imitation

17 Which among the following Piaget cognitive development stage is associated with adolescent thinks like a scientist searching for the solutions in the laboratory ?
A1 : Concrete operational stage
A2 : Sensory motor stage
A3 : Formal operational stage
A4 : Pre-operational stage

18 Kannan enjoy teaching lessons to the street children of the neighbourhood in every evening. What behaviour is seen in kannan ?
A1 : Self – Control
A2 : Self – Respect
A3 : Social Service
A4 : Social Awareness

19 The hormone that controls the functioning of heart and blood pressure is :
A1 : Growth hormone
A2 : Pituitary hormone
A3 : Adrenalin hormone
A4 : Thyroxin hormone

20 According to Piaget pre-operational stage of a child is between :
A1 : 7 – 12 years
A2 : 2 – 7 years
A3 : 0 – 2 years
A4 : above 12 years

Structure of TNTET

Number of questions : 150 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Duration of Examination: 3 Hours
Mode of Examination will be intimated later.
Paper I :
i Child Development and Pedagogy (relevant to the age group of 6 – 11 years) 30 30 *Tamil/English
ii Language-I Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam/Kannada/Urdu 30 30
iii Language II – English 30 30
iv Mathematics 30 30 *Tamil/English
v Environmental Studies 30 30 *Tamil/English
Total 150 150

a. Child Development and Pedagogy will focus on Educational Psychology of Teaching and Learning, relevant to the age group of 6 – 11 years.

b. Language I will focus on the proficiencies related to the Medium of Instruction. The candidate has to choose any one of the languages mentioned in Sl.No.(ii) above in Paper-I table. For recruitment process candidates shall be eligible for the vacancies in the concerned medium only.

c. Language II English will focus on the elements of language, communication and comprehension abilities.
d. Mathematics and Environmental Studies will focus on the concepts, problem solving abilities and pedagogical understanding of these subjects.
e. The questions in the TNTET Paper I will be based on the topics of the prescribed syllabus of the State for Classes I – V but their difficulty level as well as linkages will be up to the Secondary Stage.

Download TNTET Question Paper

Sample Question for Paper I – Tamil
Sample Question for Paper II – Tamil Maths Science

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