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RPSC Rajasthan Previous Question Paper Assistant Professor, Librarian, PTI Exam

Organisation : RPSC Rajasthan Public Service Commission
Recruitment Name : Assistant Professor, Librarian and PTI Examination 2023
Document Type : Previous Question Paper
Year : 2023
Website :

RPSC Assistant Professor, Librarian Question Paper

No. of Questions in Booklet : 150
Maximum Marks : 75
On opening the paper seal/polythene bag of the Question Booklet before attempting the question paper, the candidate should ensure that :
** Question Booklet Number and Barcode Number of OMR Answer Sheet are same.
** All pages & Questions of Question Booklet and OMR Answer Sheet are properly printed. All questions as mentioned above are available and no page is missing/misprinted.
** If there is any discrepancy/defect, candidate must obtain another Question Booklet from Invigilator. Candidate himself shall be responsible for ensuring this. No claim/objection in this regard will be entertained after five minutes of start of examination.

Original text written by hand or typed (typescript) meant for editing or typesetting is called –
(1) Manuscript
(2) Crop tool
(3) Colour copy
(4) Lino type
(5) Question not attempted

What is the primary purpose of using animation in advertising design?
(1) To make make ads static and uninteresting-
(2) To create a consistent visual style across all ads.
(3) To engage and capture the viewer’s attention through motion.
(4) To eliminate the need for visual elements.
(5) Question not attempted

Designer of the Universe Typeface –
(1) Keshloan
(2) Gramond Claude
(3) Nicholas Johnson
(4) Adrigan Frutiger
(5) Question not attempted

What is “Noise” in terms of photography ?
(1) Grainy texture on your photo
(2) Less pixels to work with
(3) Black and white photo
(4) Colour photo
(5) Question not attempted

Magazines are also called.
(1) Newspaper
(2) Thumbnail
(3) UI Designs
(4) Periodicals
(5) Question not attempted.

Pointed ending of a stroke of a type is called as:
(1 ) Script
(2) Serif
(3) Sans Serif
(4) Italics
(5) Question not attempted

The above portion of b, d, t. I are examples of
(1) Descender
(2) Mean line
(3) Ascender
(4) Lowercase strata
(5) Question not attempted

The line on which the lowercase letters sit and below which the descenders fall is:
(1) Point sizer
(2) Base line
(3) Futura
(4) Ascender
(5) Question not attempted

What is the primary purpose of using typography in advertising design?
(1) To create visually appealing layouts.
(2) To replace all visual elements in ads.
(3) To make ads monochromatic.
(4) To convey messages through text.
(5) Question not attempted

Cold type is associated with printing process.
(1) Offset
(2) Letter press
(3) Photo typer
(4) Digital
(5) Question not attempted

How many points in / inch ?
(1) 72
(3) 32
(2) 36
(4) 12
(5) Question not attempted

Which visualization technique involves presenting data in graphical format for understanding ?
(1) Infographics
(2) Story boarding
(3) Mood boarding
(4) Typography
(5) Question not attempted

Which of the following is not a part of a font’s anatomy ?
(1) Cap line
(2) Base line
(3) Median line
(4) Mean line
(5) Question not attempted.

Which of the following is not a type of Typography ?
(1) Serif
(2) Slide
(3) Sans serif
(4) Script
(5) Question not attempted

A longer commercial that mixes along with entertainment information in a program like format is known as :
(1) Advertorial
(2) Infomerical
(3) Space feature
(4) Classified
(5) Question not attempted

Creative ads draw more attention to the
(1) Advertised brand
(2) Deeper level of processing
(3) Higher level of recall
(4) All of these
(5) Question not attempted m

Provisional layout showing illustration and text position as they will appear in the final. reproduction:
(1) Extent
(2) Display type
(3) Dummy
(4) Colour fall
(5) Question not attempted

The printing press was developed in 1438 by:
(1) Rosser Reeves
(2) Louis Le Prince
(3) Johannes Gutenberg
(4) Martin Luther
(5) Question not attempted

The process of adjusting the spacing between two letter-forms, is known as:
(1) Tracking
(2) Justified
(3) Kerning
(4) Orphan
(5) Question not attempted

Instructions For Candidates

1. It is mandatory to fill one option for each question.
2. All questions carry equal marks.
3. Only one answer is to be given for each question. If more than one answers are marked, it would be treated as wrong answer.
4. The OMR Answer Sheet is inside this Question Booklet. When you are directed to open the Question Booklet, take out the Answer Sheet and fill in the particulars carefully with Blue Ball Point Pen only.
5. Please correctly fill your Roll Number in OMR Answer Sheet. Candidate will themself be responsible for filling wrong Roll No.
6. 1/3 part of the mark(s) of each question will be deducted for each wrong answer. A wrong answer means an incorrect answer or more than one answers for any question.
7. Each question has five options marked as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. You have to darken only one circle (bubble) indicating the correct answer on the Answer Sheet using BLUE BALL POINT PEN,
8. If you are not attempting a question then you have to darken the circle ‘5. If none of the five circles is darkened. one third (1/3) part of the marks of question shall be deducted.
9. After solving question paper, candidate must ascertain that he/she has darkened one of the circles (bubbles) for each of the questions. Extra time of 10 minutes beyond scheduled time, is provided for this.
10. A candidate who has not darkened any of the five circles in more than 10% questions, shall be disqualified.
11. If there is any sort of ambiguity mistake either of printing or factual nature then out of Hindi and English Versions of the question, the English Version will be treated as standard
12. Mobile Phone or any other electronic gadget in the examination hall is strictly prohibited. A candidate found with any of such objectionable material with him/her will be strictly dealt as per rules.

Download Previous Question Paper

Asst. Prof., Librarian and PTI (College Edu.) Exam – 2023 (Applied Arts)
Paper II –
Paper I –

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