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Organisation : Rajasthan Public Service Commission
Name of the Exam : RPSC-Sr-Teacher-Social-Science Exam
Name of the Paper : Social Science
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Year : 2017
Website :
Download Sample Question Paper :

RPSC SR Teacher GR II Social Question Paper

Download Question Paper of RPSC-Sr-Teacher-Social-Science Exam Sample Question Paper is now available in the official website of Rajasthan Public Service Commission.

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** Answer all questions.
** All questions carry equal marks.
** Only one answer is to be given for each question.

** If more than one answers are marked, it would be treated as Wrong answer:
** Each question has four alternative responses marked serially as 1, 2, 3, 4. You have to darken only one circle of bubble indicating the correct answer on the Answer, sheet using Blue ball Point pen.

** The OMR Answer Sheet is inside this Test Booklet.
** When you are directed to open the Test Booklet.
** Take out the Answer Sheet and fill in the particulars carefully.
** with blue ball point pen only.

** 1/3 part of the mark(s) of each (Question will be deducted for each wrong answer. (A wrong answer means an incorrect answer or more than one answers for any question. Leaving all the relevant circles or bubbles of any question blank will not be considered as wrong answer.)

** The candidate should ensure that Question Paper Booklet No. of the Question Paper Booklet and Answer Sheet must be same after opening the polythene bag/scale.
** In case they are different, a candidate must obtain another Question Paper.
** Candidate himself shall be responsible for ensuring this.

** Mobile Phone or any other electronic gadget in the examination hall is strictly prohibited.
** A candidate found with any of Such objectionable material with him/her will be strictly dealt as per rules.

Model Questions

Ques #:1
A highly advanced water management system of harappan Times has been imearthed at
l) Kalibangan
2) Dholavira
3) Ropar
4) Alamgirpur

Ques #:2
Which of the following Veda-Brahmana pair is not correctly matched ?
1) Rigveda – Alitreya Brahmana
2) Yajurveda – Taithiriya Brahmana
3) Samaveda – Shankhayan Brahmana
4) Atharveda – Gopath Brahmana

Ques # :3
Where did the Buddha deliver his first Sermon ?
1) Rajgriha
2) Sravasti
3) Sarnath
4) Kanshambi

Ques #:4
l) First
2) Second
3) Third
4) Fourth

Ques #:5
From which shloka of the Prayag Prashasti the description of Samundragupta’s military conquests commence 2
1) 3rd
2) 4th
3) 6th
4) 7th

Ques #:6
Who among the following painters was not a contemporary of Akbar 2
l) Khwaja Abus Samad
2) Muhammad Nadir Samarkandi
3) Daswant
4) Basawan

Ques #. :7
Which of the following Sufis sant the reign of seven sultans of Delhi ?
1) Bulle Shah
2) Kutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki
3) Mohinuddin Chisti
4) Nizamuddin Aulia

Ques #:8
The custom of “Jharokha Darshan” was started by :
1) Babur
2) Humayun
3) Akbar
4) Jahangir

Ques #:9
During the Quit India Movement, at which of the following places the ‘national governments’ were formed ?
(i) Balia
(ii) Satara
(iii) Tamlule
(iv) Jagdishpur

Select the correct option using the codes given below:
l) (i), (ii) & (iii)
2) (i), (ii) & (iv)
3)(i), (ii), (iii) & (iv)
4) (i) & (iii)

Ques #:10
When was the Mountbatten Plan submitted to the British Parliament?
1) 18th July, 1947
2) 3rd June, 1946
3) 6th June, 1947
4) 3rd June, 1947

Ques #:ll
In the first International Continential Conference of the Congress held on 5th September, 1744, which of the following colonies of America did not participate 2
1) Georgia
2) Massachusetts
3) New Hampshire
4) South Carolina

Ques #:12
Individual Satyagrah was started in :
1) 1932
2) 1940
3) 1941
4) 1942

Ques #:13
In which of the following Round Table Conferences Mahatama Gandhi attended as the sole representative of the Congress ?
1) First
2) Second
3) Third
4) First & Third

Ques #:14
In which year was Surat first plundered by Shivaji ?
1) 1674
2) 1664
3) 1665
4) 1668

Ques #:15
Which one of the following events, which occured on 14th July 1789, led France to declare this day as its Independence Day ?
1) Commencement of Estates General’s session.
2) Declaration of the National Assembly.
3) Fall of Bastille.
4) Declaration of the Rights of Man and the citizen.

Ques #:16
If the time at Greenwich is 6.0() AM. what will he longitude at Which the time is l l.()() AM ?
(1) 60° East
(2) 70° West
(3) 75° East
(4) 85° East

Ques #:17
If the truth ceases to rotate its effect Will be on
(A) formation of day and night
(B) duration of day and night
(C) formation OT scar sons
(D) centrifugal force of the earth
(l ) Only (A)
(2) (A) and (D)
(3) (A) and (B)
(4) Only (C

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