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Organisation : NCSM National Council of Science Museums, Kolkata
Recruitment Name : Limited Departmental Competitive Examination LDCE
Document Type : Previous Year Question Paper
Year : 2016, 2019, 2022
Website :

NCSM Limited Departmental Competitive Exam Question Paper

Previous Year Question Paper
Test for Section Officer (General) – LDCE-2016
Full Marks:-60
Time:-1½ hours

1. Comment in brief on the following proposals under your consideration :- (Any four) 4 X 5 = 20 marks
(a) An employee, whose date of birth is the first of the month shall retire on the afternoon of the last day of the same month.
(b) An official retiring with a pension of `20,000/- can commute a maximum of `10,000/- of his pension.

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(c) Minimum benchmark in CR/APAR prescribed for financial upgradation to grade pay of `7600/- in PB-3 under Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS) is “Good”.
(d) Maximum amount of Retirement Gratuity admissible to an officer in PB-4 with Grade Pay `10000/- is `15.00 lakh (from 1.1.2006).
(e) Maternity Leave of 180 days to be granted to an unmarried female employee for her pregnancy in 2014.
(f) LTC for visiting hometown has been availed while on Child Care Leave.

2. Write short notes on :- (Any four) 4 X 5 = 20 marks
(i) Reasonable opportunity
(ii) RTI Act, 2005
(iii) Subsistence allowance
(iv) Minor Penalties
(v) Reservations for Persons with Disabilities
(vi) Modified Flexible Complementing Scheme

3. Distinguish between :- (Any four) 4 X 5 = 20 marks
(a) Removal & Dismissal
(b) Revision & Review under CCS(CCA) Rules, 1965, as adopted by NCSM
(c) Maternity Leave & Paternity Leave
(d) OPD & Indoor Medical Treatment
(e) Pension & Family Pension
(f) Compulsory Retirement & Premature Retirement

xvi. Which of the following is not a minor penalty?
A) Censure
B) Withholding of promotion/increments
C) Reduction to lower level in pay-scale for specific period with cumulative effect
D) Reduction to lower level in pay-scale for less than 3years without cumulative effect

xvii. Commuted leave upto ________ days can be granted without medical certificate to a female Government employee on adoption of a child –
A) 30 days
B) 90 days
C) 60 days
D) 120 days

xviii. The Compulsory retirement pension granted shall in no case be less than Rs. _______ per month.
A) Rs 10000/- + DR
B) Rs. 9000/- + DR
C) Rs.3500/- + DR
D) Rs. 6000/- + DR

xix. PRAN stands for :
A) Permanent Retirement Account Number
B) Personal Retirement Account Number
C) Permanent Resident Account Number
D) Personal Resident Account Number

xx. What can be the maximum period of suspension?
1) 30 days
2) 60 days
3) 90 days
4) 180 days
5) No Limit

xxi. An Official on __________ is not treated as absent from duty and his/her pay is not intermitted?
D) Maternity Leave

xxii. Study Leave is granted to a NCSM Servant :
a) Ordinarily 12 months at any one time.
b) 24 months during the entire service in more than one spell also.

xxiii. For getting Subsistence Allowance, a suspended govt. servant is required to furnish a certificate which says that :
A) He has improved his behaviour;
B) He is not indulged in other illegal activities;
C) He is not engaged in any other employment, business, profession;
D) The subsistence allowance will be used for the benefit of the family.

xxiv. Which is not a compulsory deduction from subsistence allowance?
1) Income Tax
2) CGHS Contribution
(3) CGEGIS contribution
4) Refund of GPF Advance
A) 2)
B) 1)
C) 3)
D) 4)

xxv. Joining Time in continuation of duty/leave counts for increments. However, increments falling during joining time be drawn:
(1) only after joining the new post (2) during Joining Time :
A) only (1)
B) Only (2)
C) Both (1) & (2)
D) None of (1) & (2)

xxvi. Enhanced family Pension is paid at ______ of the basic pay last drawn by the Govt. Servant :
A) 30%
B) 40%
C) 45%
D) 50%

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About National Council of Science Museums

National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), an autonomous society under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India was formed on April 4, 1978. Today, it administers 26 Science Centres/Museums spread all over India.

NCSM has developed its own Nationwide network of 26 Science Museums/Centres. Among 26 centres, divided into North, South, East, North East and West Zones, there are 6 National Level Centres.

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