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Organisation : Kerala Nurses And Midwives Council
Exam Name : Basic Examination
Document Type : Old Question Paper
Year : 2022, 2023
Website :

Basic Examination Kerala Question Paper

1. Increased urinary output is known as ………….
a. Polyurea
b. Dysurea
c. Enuresis
d. Olyguria

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2. APNOEA is:
a. Cessation of breathing
b. Decreased respiratory Rate
c. Difficulty in breathing
d. Normal respiration

3. Population of subcentre in plain area is
a. 30000
b. 5000
c. 100000
d. 20000

4. Examination with the help of stethoscope
a. Percussion
b. Palpation
c. Auscultation
d. Manipulation

5. One litre is —————
a. 500 ml
b. 1000 ml
c. 750 ml
d. 1500 ml

6. Study of structure of the human body is called ————–
a. Anatomy
b. Microbiology
c. Psychology
d. Anthropology

7. Excessive loss of water from the body is:
a. Re-hydration
b. Elimination
c. Regulation
d. Dehydrtion

8. One gram of protein gives ————— calories:
a. 9 Calories
b. 5 Calories
c. 8 Calories
d. 4 Calories.

9. One man marries only one woman and establish a family is known as:
a. Polyandry
b. Polygamy
b. Monogamy
d. Fratenal Polyandry

10. The smallest functional unit of body is:
a. Cell
b. Bone
c. Hair
d. Teeth

11. Lack of red blood cells (RBCs) leads to:
a. Uremia
b. Anemia
c. Diarrohoe
d. polycythemia

12. The outer covering of the heart is ………….
a. Myocardium
b. Enocardium
c. Pericardium
d. Pleura

13. Larynx is also known as ………….
a. Voice box
b. Wind pipe
c. Salivary gland
d. Palate

14. The largest gland in our body is …………..
a. Stomach
b. Skin
c. Femur
d. Liver

15. An example of 3 – dimensional A-V AIDS is:
a. Chart
b. Puppets
c. Graph
d. Flash Card

16. The normal oral temperature of the body is:
a. 380 C
b. 370 C
c. 400 C
d. 390 C

17. Insulin is secreted by:
a. Pancreas
b. Spleen
b. Liver
d. Kidney

18. Hysterectomy is the removal of:
a. Intestine
b. Kidney
c. Uterus
d. Testes

19. An example of water soluble vitamins is:
a. Vitamin K
b. Vitamin B. complex
c. Vitamin A
d. Vitamin D

20. Absence of menstruation is called:
a. Menarche
b. Dysmenorrhoea
c. Menorrhagia
d. Amenorrahoea

21. Structural and functional unit of nervous system is:
a. Neuron
b. Nephron
c. Tissue
d. Cytoplasam

22. Infection acquired in hospital is known as:
a. Primary infection
b. Exogenous infection
c. Nosocomial infection
d. Iatrogenic infection

23. The largest part of the brain is:
a. Cerebellum
b. Cerebrum
c. Thalamus
d. Basal Ganglia

24. The causative agent of whooping cough is:
a. Bordetella pertussis
b. Paramyxo virus
c. Toga virus
d. Myco Bacterium tuberculosis

25. Vitamin A deficiency leads to ……….. disease:
a. Beriberi
b. Osteomalacia
c. Pellagra
d. Night blindness

Instructions for the Candidates

1. Answer all questions.
2. All questions carry equal marks (1 mark each).
3. Choose the correct answer and write the alphabet against the box provided with pen.
4. No negative marks for wrong answers.
Time : 2 hrs
Marks : 60

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Basic Examination Old Question Paper here :

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