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Organisation : Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC), Gujarat
Exam Name : DDCET Examination Diploma to Degree Common Entrance Exam
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Year : 2024
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DDCET Sample Question Paper

Subject Name: Pharmacy
Time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Total Marks: 200
1. Every Questions carries two marks.
2. Paper (BPH-01) carries 160 marks and Paper (BPH-02) carries 40 marks.

1. Who is the father of pharmacy in India?
A. Herodotus
B. Samuel Hahneman
C. Mahadev Laal Schroff
D. M S Swaminathan

2. __________ preparation is administered through nasal route.
A. Nasal drops
B. Dusting powder
C. Ear drops
D. All of the above

3. Hydrous wool fat is also known as…
A. Lanolin
B. Kaolin
C. Bolus Alba
D. White bole

4. Which of the following is sweetening agent?
A. Mannitol
B. Compritol
D. Citric acid

5. Sterile dosage form includes
A. Eye drops
B. Tablets
C. Cough Syrup
D. Suppositories

6. LVP are sterilized using
A. Dry heat Sterilization
B. Radiation sterilization
C. Vacuum filtration
D. Autoclave

7. Rate of filtration is affected by
A. Viscosity of filtrate
B. Pressure difference across the filter
C. Thickness of filter cake
D. All of the above

8. _____ is put beneath the tongue for absorption through the oral mucosa.
A. Effervescent tablet
B. standard uncoated tablet
C. sublingual tablet
D. Hypodermic tablet

9. Vaginal suppository is also known as ________
A. Pessaries
B. Witepsol
C. Paste
D. Tablet triturate

10. Clear, pleasantly flavored, hydroalcoholic solutions of drugs intended for oral use is known as_____
A. Syrup
B. Emulsion
C. Elixir
D. Suspension

11. The agents which reduces the interfacial tension between the dispersed phase and the continuous phase in emulsion is ______________.
A. Flocculating agent
B. Tonicity agent
C. Emulsifying agent
D. Thickening agent

12. Which excipient is used to promote the breakdown of tablets in the gastrointestinal tract?
A. Lubricant
B. Disintegrant
C. Filler
D. Glidant

13. __________is designed to release carbon dioxide upon contact with water for promoting their disintegration.
A. Effervescent tablet
B. standard uncoated tablet
C. sublingual tablet
D. Hypodermic tablet

14. As the sieve number increases the opening size ___________
A. increased
B. remained same
C. decreased
D. none of the above

15. _____________ glass is also known as Borosilicate glass.
A. Type 1
B. Type 3
C. Type 2
D. Type 4

16. Colouring agents are used to improve
A. Elegance
B. Taste
C. Solubility
D. None of the above

17. What is the aim of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
A. Eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development
B. Improve individual health
C. Focus on pharmaceutical advancements
D. Enhance drug manufacturing practices

18. Why is breastfeeding important for child health
A. It is a cost-effective feeding method
B. It enhances the taste of beverages
C. It provides essential nutrients and antibodies
D. It prevents maternal health issues

19. Which of the following is a contraceptive method?
A. Antibiotics
B. Intrauterine device (IUD)
C. Antihistamines
D. Analgesics

20. What role can pharmacists play in preventing suicidal behaviors?
A. Selling over-the-counter medications without restriction
B. Ignoring signs of distress in customers
C. Providing mental health counseling
D. Encouraging self-medication for mental health issues

21. Which of the following is a psychotropic drug?
A. Antibiotics
B. Analgesics
C. Antihypertensives
D. Antidepressants

22. Which environmental pollution is associated with pharmaceuticals?
A. Air pollution
B. Noise pollution
C. Water pollution
D. Soil pollution

23. What is the term used for the process of adding specific nutrients to a food product to address deficiencies?
A. Food fortification
B. Food irradiation
C. Food adulteration
D. Food preservation

24. What is a potential concern with excessive intake of dietary supplements?
A. Improved overall health
B. Increased risk of nutrient toxicity
C. Enhanced immune system
D. Better weight management

25. What is a nutraceutical?
A. A type of dietary fiber
B. A genetically modified food
C. A food product with health benefits
D. A pharmaceutical drug

Instructions of OMR Sheet for DDCET

The question paper shall be of multiple-choice questions (MCQ).

Entry in the examination hall and necessary registration:
(i) The candidates shall take entry in the examination hall as per the time schedule.
(ii) After commencement of examination, no candidate will be allowed to Instructions for DDCET Examination -2024 – ACPC enter the examination hall under any circumstances.
(iii) The candidate must sit on the Seat Number mentioned in the Admit Card as per the sitting arrangement of the respective examination hall.
(iv) For getting admission in the examination hall, the Admit Card issued by the authority shall have to be shown to the Supervisor of the respective examination hall. Without Admit Card, no entry will be given in the examination hall.
(v) Except the respective candidate, no other person will be allowed to enter in the examination hall.
(vi) Any type of material such as textbook, any reference literature, slide rules, printed or handwritten log table, photocopied writing, chits, cellular phone (mobile), pager or any type of instrument or literature will not be allowed in the examination hall.
(vii) Only Admit Card, black/blue pen, Original Photo ID Proof and Non Programmable Calculator will be allowed in the examination hall.
(viii) Candidate has to enter the required information on question booklet and OMR sheet legibly as per the instructions. Take care to avoid any issue which may arise in future on account of wrong/incomplete/unclear information.
(ix) Candidate will have to appear in the examination as per the seat number mentioned in the Admit Card. The candidature of the candidate shall stand cancelled if the candidate will appear in the examination through block/ seat number other than the allotted block number and seat number.
(x) The candidate will not be allowed to leave the examination hall unless and until the examination is over.
(xi) The candidate will have to bring good quality of black/blue pen for filling the information and answers in the answer-sheet.
(xiii) Under any circumstances re-examination shall not be taken.

Method of indication of answers in the answer-sheet:
Candidate shall darken the circle of answer against the question only when the candidate is sure about the right answer to the question. If any change is made after having darkened the circle once, the same will not be accepted and such answer will be treated for negative marking as per Rules.

Method of Assessment:
The answer-sheet will be examined on the principle of OMR. The marks will be given by computer on reading the reply (answer).
(i) Each multiple choice question carries 2 (Two) mark. For each correct answer 2 (Two) mark will be given.
(ii) For each wrong answer to the multiple choice question, 0.5 marks will be deducted (negative marking).
(iii) 0.5 marks will be deducted (negative marking) if two or more options (answers) are opted for one multiple choice question.

(iv) Unattempt answers will have 0 (Zero) marks. For answer of each questions A, B, C, D, E options are given in OMR Sheet. “E” option is for “Not Attempted” If candidate do not wish to answer the questions he/she should select “E” option (Not Attempted) to avoid negative marks.

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