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Organisation : Jharkhand Academic Council JAC
Exam Name : Class X And XII 2024 Annual Secondary, Intermediate Exam
Announcement : Model Question Paper
Model Question Paper here :
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JAC Model Question Paper

What is Vinegar?
A.Acidic substances
B. Alkaline substance
C.lubricating solvent
D.Lubrication Absorber

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Can children have disabilities?
A.Before birth
B. From the time of birth
C. Since birth
D. All of these.

What are the types of cheque?
B. Two
D. Four.

What is the age from 2 years to 6 years called?
A. Infancy
B. Childhood
C. Adolescence
D. Adulthood.

The method of increasing the nutritive value of food is
B. Germination
C. Mixture of different food items
D. All of these.

Which of the following is responsible for the ripening process of fruits and vegetables?
B. Yeast
C. Bacteria
D. Enzymes.

When should newborn babies be breastfed?
A.From the day of birth
B. A day after birth
C. Two days after birth
D. From three days after birth.

How many years does infancy last?
A.0 to one year
B. 0 to 2 years
C. 0 to 3 years
D. 0 to 4 years.

Are fear, anger and love characteristics of children?
B. Cognitive
C. Physical
D. Emotional.

Do people with higher income spend more while making budget?
A.On food
B. On clothes
C. On comfortable items
D. At residence.

How much more than normal is the calorie requirement of pregnant women?
A.300 calories
B.400 calories
C.200 calories
D. 100 calories.

What is meant by growth?
A.Qualitative development
B. Cognitive development
C. Numerical development
D. Social development

How many times does the baby’s heart beat in a minute in the first month?
A.50 to 60 times
B. 80 to 100 times
C. 120 to 180 times
D. 120 to 140 times.

How many streams of music are there?
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four.

“Sport is a voluntary and self-centered activity” Which scholar has this definition of sport?
C. McDougall
D. Stern.

How many calories are obtained from one gram of fat?
A.4 calorie
B.6 calories
C.8 calories
D. 9 calories.

Which of the following is called primary carbohydrate?
B. Pectin
D. Dextrin

In which disease the amount of hemoglobin decreases?
C. Goiter
D. Night blindness.

What is the name of the protein found in milk?
B. Casein
C. Lysine
D. Gene.

What nutrients are required by all members of the family?
B. Equal
C. Different
D. Excessive

What happens by planning a meal?
A.Saving money
B. Time saving
C. Power saving
D. Saving all of these

General Instructions

** Candidates should answer in their own words as much as possible.
** All questions are compulsory.
** Total number of questions is 52.
** Question No. 01 to 30 are multiple choice questions, each question has four options. Select the correct option. Each question carries 01mark.
** Question numbers 31 to 38 are very short answer questions. Out of which it is mandatory to answer any 6 questions. Each question carries 02 marks.
** Question numbers 39 to 46 are short answer questions. Out of which it is mandatory to answer any 6 questions. Each question carries 03marks.
** Question numbers 47 to 52 are long answer questions. It is mandatory to answer any 4 questions. Each question carries 05 marks.

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