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Organisation : Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education
Exam Name : Vocational, Practicals
Document Type : Question Paper
Subject : Human Anatomy And Physiology, Management Of Horticulture Crops,
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TSBIE Practicals Question Paper

Time: 3hrs
Max.Marks: 50
1X20=20 Marks
1. Find out the total R.B.C count of given blood sample.
2. Estimate the amount of glucose in blood urine.
3. Estimate the differential leucocyte count of given blood sample.
4. Identify the given model and explain the structure. (Heart)
5. Estimate the B.P. of given subject.

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1X10=10 Marks
6. Find out the temperature pulse and respiration of given subject.
7. Demonstrate widal test by using biochemical kits.
8. Explain first aid method for emergency case, CPR and burns.
9. Explain vertebral column and classify
10. Write the classification of ribs
1X10=10 Marks
11. Scapula, Skull, Radius, Sternum, Liver
12. Radius, Humerus, Femur, Ulna, Skull
13. Clavicle, Tibia, Fibula, Ovary, Patella
14. Pancreas, Brain, Lungs, Kidneys, Stomach
15. Slide, cover slip, microscope, Neubar chamber, RBC pipette
Record 5 marks
Viva- Voice 5 Marks

Time: 3hrs
Max. Marks: 50
1X20=20 Marks
1. Determine the viscosity of given liquid using Ostwald viscometer.
2. Prepare and submit liquid paraffin emulsion
3. Prepare and submit syrup I.P. and evaluate its specific gravity
4. Determine the bulk density and tapped density of given powder
5. Perform the in process checks of given compressed tablet.
1X10=10 Marks
6. Determine particle size of given powder by sieve analysis.
7. Determine particle size of given powder by using optical microscope
8. Perform leak test of ampoules
9. Perform the in process checks of the given liquid preparation
10. Defects in coated and uncoated tablets.
1X10=10 Marks
11. Bulky density apparatus, torque tester, hardness tester, friabilator, Brookfield viscometer
12. Capsule sealing machine, melting point apparatus, disintegration rate test apparatus, capillary tube, vernier caliper’s
13. Tablet coating machine, capsule filling machine, Rotatory die machinedissolution test apparatus, motor and pestle
14. Aerosol containers, fire extinguisher, sieve, labelling machine, analytical balance
15. Safety shoes, PVC apron, surgical gloves, safety googles, full face mask
Record 5 marks
Viva- Voice 5 Marks

Time: 3hrs
Max. Marks: 50
1X20=20 Marks
1. Prepare and standardize the given molar solution with acid base titration
2. Prepare and standardize the given normal solution by iodometric titration
3. Perform the chromatographic separation of given sample by paper chromatography
4. Identify the given inorganic salt.
5. Perform functional group analysis of given sample.
1X10=10 Marks
6. How do you prepare 10% W/V solution of given sample.
7. Prepare 1M solution of given base.
8. Prepare 1N solution of given acid.
9. Calibrate the given weighing balance.
10. Perform the technique of centrifugation for the given sample.
1X10=10 Marks
11. Conical flask, beaker, common balance, pipette, Burette
12. Boiling point apparatus, funnel, iodine flask, analytical balance, capillary, tubes.
13. pH meter, magnetic, stirrer, desiccator, water bath, dropper.
14. Hot air oven, Rotatory shaker, cuvette, volumetric flask, glass rod.
15. Round bottomed flask, funnel, separating funnel, spatula, watch glass.
Record 5 marks
Viva- Voice 5 Marks

TSBIE Vocational Question Paper

Paper – II (English & Telugu Versions)
MODEL QUESTION PAPER (For the Academic Year 2021-22 only)
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 50
SECTION – A 10×2=20
Note: (i) Answer ANY TEN the questions. (ii) Each question carries TWO marks.
1. Define term “Horticulture”.
2. Write any four major flower markets in India.
3. Write about Fertilizer management in mango.
4. Name any two varieties in Banana.
5. Name any two varieties in sweet orange.
6. Write a short note on Climate, soils and varieties of mango.
7. Write about the importance of leafy vegetables.
8. Write botanical name and family of Rose and Jasmine.
9. Write about suitable climate for Rose.
10. Write seed rate for turmeric.
11. Write about bolting in Onions.
12. Write about climate for chilli.
13. Give the botanical name of Ashwagandha and Aloevera.
14. What is Green house ?
15. What is mulching ?
SECTION – B 5 × 6 = 30
Note: (i) Answer ANY FIVE questions. (ii) Each question carries SIX marks.
16. Write a brief note on types of nursery beds.
17. Explain elements of land scaping.
18. Write about the commercial cultivation of Mango.
19. Write about cultivation of tomato crop.
20. Write seed rate, spacing and fertilizer management of brinjal.
21. Write about cultivation of Rose.
22. Write planting, fertilizer management and irrigation in Coconut crop.
23. Explain curing in turmeric.
24. Write about seed rate, spacing, fertilizer management of Onion.
25. Explain cultivation practices and uses of Aloevera

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