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CBSE Academic Class XII Physics Sample Question Paper 2022-23

Name of the Board : Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Class : XII STD
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Subject : Physics
Year : 2022-23
Website :

CBSE XII Physics Sample Question Paper

CBSE Students can download the Physics Sample Question Paper for the year 2022-23 from the website of CBSE Academic.

Physics Sample Question Paper

1 According to Coulomb’s law, which is the correct relation for the following figure?
(i) q1 q2> 0
(ii) q1 q2<0
(iii) q1 q2 =0
(iv) 1> q1/ q2 > 0

2 The electric potential on the axis of an electric dipole at a distance ‘r from it’s centre is V. Then the potential at a point at the same distance on its equatorial line will be
(i) 2V
(ii) -V
(iii) V/2
(iv) Zero

3 The temperature (T) dependence of resistivity of materials A and material B is represented by fig (i) and fig (ii) respectively. Identify material A and material B.
(i) material A is copper and material B is germanium
(ii) material A is germanium and material B is copper
(iii) material A is nichrome and material B is germanium
(iv) material A is copper and material B is nichrome

4 Two concentric and coplanar circular loops P and Q have their radii in the ratio 2:3. Loop Q carries a current 9 A in the anticlockwise direction. For the magnetic field to be zero at the common centre, loop P must carry
(i) 3A in clockwise direction
(ii) 9A in clockwise direction
(iii) 6 A in anti-clockwise direction
(iv) 6 A in the clockwise direction.

5 A long straight wire of circular cross section of radius a carries a steady current I. The current is uniformly distributed across its cross section. The ratio of the magnitudes of magnetic field at a point distant a/2 above the surface of wire to that at a point distant a/2 below its surface is
(i) 4 :1
(ii) 1:1
(iii) 4: 3
(iv) 3 :4

6 If the magnetizing field on a ferromagnetic material is increased, its permeability
(i) decreases
(ii) increases
(iii) remains unchanged
(iv) first decreases and then increases

7 An iron cored coil is connected in series with an electric bulb with an AC source as shown in figure. When iron piece is taken out of the coil, the brightness of the bulb will
(i) decrease
(ii) increase
(iii) remain unaffected
(iv) fluctuate

8 Which of the following statement is NOT true about the properties of electromagnetic waves?
(I) These waves do not require any material medium for their propagation
(ii) Both electric and magnetic field vectors attain the maxima and minima at the same time
(iii) The energy in electromagnetic wave is divided equally between electric and magnetic fields
(iv) Both electric and magnetic field vectors are parallel to each other

Download CBSE XII Physics Question Paper

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