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IIT Bombay UCEED 2020 Question Paper :

Organization : IITB IIT Bombay
Exam Name : UCEED 2020 Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination For Design
Document Type : Question Paper
Website :

UCEED Question Paper

IIT Bombay UCEED 2020 Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination For Design Question Paper

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** The total duration of the examination is 3 hours.
** The question paper contains two parts Part A and Part B.
** The duration of Part A is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Part B will begin after Part A ends.
** Part A is further divided into three sections, 1, 2 and 3.
** All sections are compulsory.
** Questions in each section are of different types.
** There are a total of 68 questions carrying a total of 240 marks.
** Questions of Part A will appear on the computer.
** Answers to Part A have to be entered in the computer.
** Part B is also compulsory and contains 1 drawing question of 60 marks.

Marking Scheme

Question Paper

Part-A Section 1: Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions
Section 1 (72 Marks) of Part A contains a total of 18 Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions. For each question, the answer is a real number that needs to be entered using the virtual keyboard on the monitor. No choices will be shown for these questions. There is NO NEGATIVE marking for this section. Each correct answer will be awarded 4 marks. Questions not attempted or answered incorrectly will be given zero mark. Questions from 1 to 18 belong to this section.

Q.01 The figure shows illustrations of six metal rods which have internal or external screw thread patterns at their ends. The shaded portion in the figure shows the cross section view. What is the maximum length possible by connecting the rods? Threads cannot be connected partially.

Q.02 The attached image shows a corridor floor that is covered with square tiles of the same size. How many tiles are covered by the green patch?

Q.03 Figure to the left shows an unfolded pattern of a die. If four such identical dice are stacked one on top of another, as shown on the right, what is the sum of the numbers appearing on the faces which are parallel to the ground?

Q.04 Twenty points are arranged on a plane as shown in the figure below. What is the highest number of squares that can be drawn using any four points as corners?

Q.05 Area of black surface in the following image is ________ cm2. Note: 1. All curves have same radii. 2. Use the value of pi as 22/7

Q.06 The image is a ceramic tile of dimension 20 cm x 20 cm. How many distinct patterns can you create by using two such ceramic tiles in a rectangular patch of 40 cm x 20 cm on the wall?

Q.07 A cube is created by stacking 27 smaller cubes as shown in the figure. A plane, going through vertices A, B and C, cuts the cube as shown in the figure. How many smaller cubes will get cut?

Q.08 At most how many triangles can appear by adding two straight lines to the figure?

Q.09 How many distinct motifs appear in the figure on the right? Flips and rotations are to be counted separately, for example the motifs P and Q are distinct.

Q.10 A family of four—grandfather, father, son and daughter—are caught in a heavy rain and are stranded at a bus stop close to their home. However they have only one umbrella with them. The umbrella can take a maximum of two people without either of them getting wet.

The four members of the family take different times to walk from bus stop to home. The grandfather is slowest of all, taking 10 minutes, followed by the father who takes 5 minutes.

The son takes 2 minutes, while the daughter takes only a minute. What is the minimum total time (in minutes) for all four members of the family to reach home without any of them getting wet?

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UCEED 2020 Question Paper:

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