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Karnataka I PUC Information Technology Model Question Paper 2021-22

Name of the Organisation : Department of Post University Education, Karnataka
Exam : I PUC Information Technology
Subject : Information Technology
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Website :

Karnataka I PUC Information Technology Model Question Paper

Department of Post University Education, Karnataka Information Technology Model Question Paper I PUC for the year 2021-22.

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Karnataka I PUC Information Technology Model Question

I. Four Alternatives are given for each of the following questions Choose the correct alternative & write the complete answer along with its Question number and alphabet
1. There are 19 books in the IT section, but we need at least 20. Please put __________ extra book there.(Use Articles)
a) An
b) The
c) A
d) No article needed.

2. ________are legal regulations to control cybercrimes.
a) Cybercrime
b) Cyber laws
c) Plagiarism
d) Copyright

3. Copyright is denoted by___________ symbol.
a) ©
b) ®

4. _______ Shortcut key in the keyboard is used for taking screenshots.
a) Print screen Key
b) Screenshot Key
c) Ctrl+P
d) Print Key

5. You can use_______ and _________ as watermarks in a document.
a) Text and Image
b) Audio and Video
c) Smart art and Clipart
d) None

6. These are set of slides distributed as hard copies to an audience during a presentation
a) Slide Master
b) Speaker Note
c) Handout Master
d) Notes Master

7. Rules option is available in _______
a) Edit
b) Go
c) Actions
d) Tools

8. ________ Topology is redundant and considered expensive.
a) Star
b) Bus
c) Mesh
d) Ring

9. ________tag indicate the version of HTML used.

10. _________ Tag is used to make text visually bold.
a) <mark> and </mark>
b) <b> and </b>
c) <u> and </u>
d) <i> and </i>

II Answer any TEN of the following questions.
11. Define Cross Selling with an example.
12. Change the following sentences to the future continues tense.
a. We will make a work plan for the new employees.
b. I am meeting Kushaal and Raaj today.
13. Define Plagiarism. List any 2 online plagiarism detection services.
14. Define single level list and Multi level list?
15. Explain the purpose of Watermark.
16. Explain the purpose of Goal Seek in spreadsheet software.
17. Explain the procedure to update workbook properties in spreadsheet.
18. Explain the purpose of Slide master.
19. Explain the advantages of using headers and footers in a presentation.
20. List the different message formats in email messaging software.
21. Explain Client-Server networks.
22. Explain briefly about Star Topology.
23. Explain the purpose of Hub.
24. Explain HTML.
25. List any three popular web browsers.

III. Answer any SIX of the following questions.
26. Write down the importance of computers in today`s world.
27. Explain Trademark with an example.
28. Differentiate between Cyber Crime and Cyber Laws.
29. Explain the procedure for sorting data in a table in word processing software.
30. List the various options available for wrapping text.
31. Explain the purpose of workbook properties. Explain the procedure to update workbook properties.
32. Explain the purpose of lookup function with an example.
33. Write down the guidelines to make effective presentation.
34. Explain the procedure to customize slide master with an example.
35. Explain the procedure to sort messages using multiple criteria.

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