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CBSE Academic Class XII Sculpture Sample Question Paper 2021-22

Name of the Board : Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Class : XII STD
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Subject : Sculpture
Term : 1 and 2
Year : 2021-22
Website :

CBSE XII Sculpture Question Paper

CBSE Students can download the Sculpture Sample Question Paper Term 1 and 2 for the year 2021-22 from the website of CBSE Academic.

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Sample Question Paper For CBSE XII Sculpture

Section-A :
1. Where did the origin of Rajasthani painting style originate?
A). Kishangarh
B). Mewar
C). Jaipur
D). Jodhpur

2. Name the painter of Rajasthani painting Maru Ragni.
A). Nihalchand
B). Nainsukh
C). Sahibdin
D). Dana

3. A postal stamp was issued by the Indian government based on which famous
Rajasthani painting?
A-Chaugan player
B-Maru Ragini
C-Radha BaniThani
D- Krishna on swing

4. What’s the Sub- School of Rajasthani Painting ‘Radha (Bani- Thani)’.
A). Mewar
B). Bikaner
C). Chamba
D). Kishangarh

5. Name the painting of Basohli School of art.
A). Krishna with the Gopis
B). Radha Krishna looking at mirror
C). Chaugan Players
D). Dancing Shiva

6. Nainsukh is a painter of which Sub school?
A- Kangra
C -Basoli

7. Where is the Pahari School’s Painting ‘Nanda Yashoda and Krishna going to Vrindavan with Gokul resident ‘ stored?
A). National Museum, New Delhi
B). Dhumimal Art Gallery
C). Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
D). National Museum of Modern Art, New Delhi

8. Who was the author of Ain-i- Akbari?
A- Abdusamad
B-Abul Hasan
C-Abul Fazal
D-Abul Raza

9. Name the school of Pahari Art.
A. Kota
B. Kishangarh
C. Bikaner
D. Kangra

10. In which reign was the Mughal painting ‘Kabir and Raidas’ painted?
A). Jahangir
B). Akbar
C). Shahjahan
D). Provincial Mughal

11. Name the painter of Mughal painting ‘Krishna lifting Mount Govardhana’.
A). Nooruddin
B). Miskin
C). Nandlal Bose
D). Ramgopal Vijayvargiya

12. Which style flourished in Golconda?
A- Deccan style
B- Mughal style
C- Pal style
D- Jain style

Section B-Application Based
13. Who is considered as the Father of Mughal Art?
A- Aurangzeb
B- Shahjahan
C- Akbar
D- Jahangir

14. Name the painter of the Mughal painting ‘Marriage Procession of Dara Shikoh ‘
A). Ustad Mansoor
B). Abul Hassan
C). Miskin
D). Haji Madni

15. Sahibdin was a courtier painter of Mewar, name the painting of your course painted by him?
B-Radha (BaniThani )
C- Chaugan players
D- Krishna on swing

16. Mention the sub -school of Deccani Painting ‘Chand Bibi playing polo’.
A). Hyderabad
B). Golconda
C). Bijapur
D). Ahmednagar

17. What is the style used in Kangra Paintings?
A- European style
B- Systematic Design
C- Nayak and Nayika Bheda
D-Symbolic Design

18. Which subject was painted the most in Basohli style?
C-Nayikabhed/mughda nayika
D-Religious books

19. By what names are the Rajput style paintings also known?
A- Mughal style
B-Pahadi style
C- Gujarati style
D- Rajasthani or Hindu style

20. During which Mughal emperor’s rule, maximum numbers of Portrait paintings were painted?
D- Yusuf-Adil Shah

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