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Unicus English Olympiad (UEO) Sample Papers 2020-21 :

Organisation : Unicus Olympiads
Exam Name : Unicus English Olympiad (UEO)
Document Type : Sample Papers
Year : 2020-21
Website :

Unicus Olympiads UEO Sample Papers

The sample papers for all the subjects in Unicus Olympiads are designed by a team of experts.

The aim of Unicus sample papers is to give the students a familiarity with the syllabus covered. Also, it will tell the pattern followed and the marking scheme which can help the students prepare nicely for the exam.

UEO Class 11 Sample Papers

1. Choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/phrase: Not likely to be easily pleased
a) Fastidious
b) Infallible
c) Fatalist
d) Communist

Correct Answer: a

2. Find the proper order for the four sentences and mark accordingly:
1: The lions used to be widely found in Africa and Asia.
P: There are special forest zones set aside for wildlife in various countries.
Q: Indiscriminate killing by hunters has been the cause of this drastic fall in their number.
R: Today they are a relatively rare species.
S: If the species survives at all, it will be only in national parks.
6: No hunting is permitted in such reserved areas.

a) Q S P R
b) R S P Q
c) S R P Q
d) R Q S P

Correct Answer: d

3. Punctuate the following sentence: great god I would rather be a pagan than such a christian wrote wordsworth.
a) ‘Great God! I would rather be a Pagan than such a Christian,’ wrote Wordsworth
b) “Great God! I would rather be a Pagan than such a Christian,” wrote Wordsworth.
c) “Great God! I would rather be a Pagan than such a Christian”, wrote Wordsworth.
d) Great God! I would rather be a Pagan than such a Christian, wrote Wordsworth.

Correct Answer: b

4. Choose the most suitable option to fill in the blank: Son: I failed, father. I don’t understand how. Father condemned: __________
a) Well, never mind. Try again next year.
b) Well, I do! You are lazy.
c) Perhaps there has been a mistake.
d) You really care that you should pass.

Correct Answer: b

5. Fill in the blank with the correct option: The earliest known Greek _______ are Mycenaean, written on clay tablets, and ________ records, but cannot be _________ literature
a) runics, document, termed
b) writings, document, termed
c) document, register, termed
d) transcripts, classify, termed

Correct Answer: b

6. Read the passage and answer the question: In front of the house, there was a beach. Peter liked to stretch on the sand when the sun was warming it. From the back door of the house, he would walk along a path as far as the sand, and stand at the water’s edge looking at the sea. When nothing very interesting was happening on the water, he would go down on his knees and take a handful of sand.

Through his fingers ran the stand until only small stones and shells were left. Then, with a large sweep of his arm and with as much strength as he could muster, Peter would throw the shells away as far as he could.

At other times, he would go on his back and gaze up at the clouds, his hands idly searching the sand at his sides. He never stopped playing with the sand and feeling it run through his fingers, however much he was absorbed by the changes in the clouds. Occasionally, some fishing boats came close enough to the beach for Peter to see what the fishermen were doing.

Then with his hands clasped, he would look and look, while his whole body moved with the boat from side to side. When the fisherman drew in their nets or cast them into the water, Peter would do the same with an imaginary net of his own his place on the beach. On this small beach, Peter had a world of his own.

When nothing interesting was happening on the water, Peter would______________.

a) take a handful of sand and let it run through his fingers
b) watch the fishing boats
c) pretend to be a fisherman by playing with his imaginary net
d) go back to the house

Correct Answer: a

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