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Unicus Critical Thinking Olympiad (UCTO) Sample Papers 2020-21 :

Organisation : Unicus Olympiads
Exam Name : Unicus Critical Thinking Olympiad (UCTO)
Document Type : Sample Papers
Year : 2020-21
Website :

Unicus Olympiads UCTO Sample Papers

The sample papers for all the subjects in Unicus Olympiads are designed by a team of experts.

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UCTO Class 10 Sample Papers

1. If in a certain code language, ‘LAP’ is coded as ‘KMZBOQ’, then how will ‘NOTE’ be written in that language?

Correct Answer: d

2.Read the following information carefully to answer the question that follows:
Nine professors – G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N and O are appear on a series of three panels. Each panel will consists of three professors and each professor will appear exactly once. The panel must be arranged according to the following conditions.

I. I and N must be on the same panel.
II. K and L must be on the same panel.
III. O and J cannot be on the same panel.
IV. M must appear on the second panel.
V. Either J or M or both must appear on the panel with H. If J and K appear on the 3rd panel, which of the following professors must appear on 2nd?

a) G
b) H
c) I
d) L

Correct Answer: b

3. B is the father of Q. B has only two children. Q is the brother of R. R is the daughter of P. A is the granddaughter of P and S is the father of A. How is S related to Q?
a) Son
b) Son-in-law
c) Brother
d) Brother-in-law

Correct Answer: d

4. Four pairs of coloured socks, namely. black, white, green and orange are mixed in a box. Each of the four blind friends A, B, C and D picks up a pair of socks from the box. None of them gets the right pair. A and C do not get any common colour. Likewise, B and D also have no colour in common. The pairs of A and B give a pair of white coloured socks. A doesn’t have any orange coloured socks and C doesn’t have any green coloured socks. A pair of green coloured socks can be obtained from the pairs of?
a) A and D
b) B and C
c) B and D
d) C and D

Correct Answer: a

5.Use the relationships defined below to solve the question:
(i) ‘P × Q’ means ‘P is the father of Q’.
(ii) ‘P * Q’ means ‘P is the sister of Q’.
(iii) ‘P + Q’ means ‘P is the brother of Q’.
(iv) ‘P – Q’ means ‘P is the mother of Q’.
(v) ‘P ÷ Q’ means ‘P is the son of Q’.
(vi) ‘P = Q’ means ‘P is the daughter of Q’. Which of the following means Z is the brother of X

a) Y ÷ Z – X
b) Z ÷ Y – X
c) Y = X – Z
d) X ÷ Y × Z

Correct Answer: b 1 Mark

6. A rat runs 20 m towards East and turns to the right, runs 10 m and turns to the right, runs 9 m and turns to the left, runs 5 m and then turns to left, runs 12 m and finally turns to left and runs 6 m. Now, in which direction is the rat facing?

a) South
b) West
c) East
d) North

Correct Answer: d

7. In the given question, is given a statement followed by three assumptions numbered I, II and III. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted, you have to consider the statement and the assumptions and decide which of the assumption(s) is/are implicit in the statement: Statement – The State Government has unilaterally increased octroi by 5% on all commodities entering into the State without seeking approval of the Central Government.

I. The State Government may be able to implement its decision.
II. The Central Government may agree to support the State Government’s decision.
III. The State Government may be able to earn considerable amount through the additional octroi.

a) All are implicit
b) I and II are implicit
c) None is implicit
d) II and III are implicit

Correct Answer: a 2 Marks

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