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Narayana Group Aarambh NTSE Class X Sample Paper 2020 :

Organisation Name : Narayana Educational Institutions
Examination : Aarambh – National Talent Scholarship Exam NTSE 2020
Document Type : Sample Papers
Year : 2020
Class : Class X
Website :

Narayana Group Class X Aarambh Sample Paper

Download the question paper of Class X Aarambh – National Talent Scholarship Exam NTSE 2020 from the official website of Narayana Educational Institutions.

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IQ – Mental Ability

1. If ADARSHI is codded as 53, SCHOOL is codded as 66 then the word STUDENT will be codded as
(1) 90
(2) 97
(3) 89
(4) 96

2. If in any code language CLERK is coded as AHYJA how is JOB coded in that language.
(1) HKW
(2) HKV
(3) HKU
(4) None

3. At 3.40, the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock form an angle of
(2) 125º
(4) 135º

4. What was the day of the week on, 26th August, 1886?
(1) Sunday
(2) Monday
(3) Thursday
(4) Friday

Direction (Q. 12 & Q. 13 ) : Read the following information carefully and answer the questions that follow

A + B means A is the son of B ; A – B means A is the wife of B ; A × B means A is the brother of B ; A ? B means A is the mother of B and A = B means A is the sister of B.
12. What does P = R + Q mean ?
(1) P is the aunt of Q
(2) P is the daughter of Q
(3) P is the niece of Q
(4) P is the sister of Q

13. What does P = R ? Q means ?
(1) P is the aunt of Q
(2) P is the sister of Q
(3) Q is the niece of P
(4) Q is the daughter of P

14. Starting at the bottom of a 15-foot hole, a bug crawls up 3 feet each day but slips down 2 feet each night. When will it emerge from the hole?
(1) 14th day
(2) 15th day
(3) 12th day
(4) 13th day

15. Four friends Manoj, Happy, Pradeep & Raju want to cross a bridge. Manoj takes 1 minute to cross the bridge, whereas Happy takes 3 minutes, Pradeep takes 7 minutes and Raju takes 10 minutes to cross the bridge.

However it’s late at night and they can’t cross the bridge without a flashlight. They only have one flashlight and the bridge is strong enough to support the weight of only two persons at once. When two friends cross the bridge they walk at the slower person’s rate.

How quickly the four can cross the bridge?
(1) 20 minutes
(2) 22 minutes
(3) 24 minutes
(4) 28 minutes


21. Two pieces of metal when immersed in liquid have equal upthrust on them, then
(1) Both pieces must have equal weight
(2) Both pieces must have equal densities
(3) Both pieces must have equal volume
(4) Both are floating to the same depth.

22. When an object is placed in front of a mirror, the image formed is inverted. The mirror must be
(1) Plane
(2) Concave
(3) Convex
(4) Either plane or convex

23. An inverted image can be seen in a convex mirror,
(1) under no circumstances.
(2) when the object is very far from the mirror.
(3) when the object is at a distance equal to the radius of curvarture of the mirror.
(4) when the distance of the object from the mirror is equal to the focal length of the mirror.

24. The value of g is maximum
(1) at poles of earth
(2) at equator of earth
(3) in a mine
(4) at a high hill

25. In the setup shown here, the spoon is being electroplated with silver. Which of these BEST describes how the electroplating takes place ?
(1) Silver particles float from the silver block to the silver spoon.
(2) Electrical energy is converted to matter and deposited on the spoon.
(3) Silver nitrate loses silver to the spoon but gains it again from the silver block.
(4) The spoon loses particles and in return, receives silver particles from the silver block.

26. On Electrolysis of copper sulphate solution
(1) Thickness of cathode terminal increases
(2) Thickness of cathode terminal decreases
(3) Thickness of anode terminal increases
(4) None of these

27. Mark incorrect option
(1) A force is applied to an object in the direction of its motion, the speed of object will increase.
(2) A force is applied to an object in the opposite direction of its motion, the speed of object will decrease.
(3) A force can change shape and size of a body.
(4) Direction of motion of any body may change when net force acting on the body is zero.

28. A block of mass 5 kg with dimension 2 × 3 × 4(m) respectively. The ratio of minimum to maximum pressure it exerts on the change in orientation is
(1) 1 : 4
(2) 4 : 1
(3) 1 : 2
(4) 2 : 1

29. A train accelerates from 20km/h to 80 km/h in 4 minutes . How much distance does it cover in this period? Assume that the tracks are straight.
(1) 5 km
(2) 10 km
(3) 5/3 km
(4) 10/3 km

30. Which velocity-time graph represents the motion of a body initially moving with uniform deceleration (retardation) then a constant speed followed by uniform acceleration?
(1) Graph (a and b)
(2) Graph (c)
(3) Graph (d)
(4) Graph (e)

Download Class X Sample Paper :

Answer Key :


36. Which of the following is a non metal?
(1) Tungsten
(2) Mercury
(3) Graphite
(4) Platinum

37. Jute fibre is obtained from the _______ of the jute plant.
(1) stem
(2) root
(3) fruit
(4) leaves

38. Water is a universal
(1) solution
(2) solvent
(3) solute
(4) both (1) & (2)

39. The density of water is maximum at
(1) 40º C
(2) 4º C
(3) 14º C
(4) 24º C

40. Which of the following has more heat content ?
(1) 10 g of ice at 0º C
(2) 10 g of water at 0º C
(3) both have same heat content
(4) their heat content cannot be compared

41. Latent heat of vaporisation is used to
(1) overcome the forces of attraction between molecules in solid state.
(2) increase the kinetic energy of molecules in liquid state.
(3) overcome the forces of attraction between molecules in liquid state.
(4) increase the kinetic energy of molecules in vapour state.

42. Amorphous solids
(1) are more flexible at higher temperature
(2) include glasses
(3) do not have specific melting point
(4) all of the above

43. Rate of diffusion of a gas is
(1) directly proportional to its density
(2) directly proportional to its molecular mass
(3) directly proportional to the square root of its molecular mass
(4) inversely proportional to the square root of its molecular mass

44. Dry ice on heating produces
(1) liquid CO2
(2) liquid water
(3) gaseous CO2
(4) water vapour

45. Water was taken in four beakers labelled as I to IV. To these beakers, the following substances were added.
Beaker (I) Common salt
Beaker (II) Alum
Beaker (III) Potassium nitrate
Beaker (IV) A few drops of barium chloride and a few drops of dilute H2SO4.

After sometime, the contents of the beakers were filtered. The contents of which beaker will leave residue on the filter paper.
(1) Beaker
(2) Beaker (II)
(3) Beaker (III)
(4) Beaker (IV)

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