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Organisation : Aditya Engineering College
Exam : MBA Semester End Examinations
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Year : 2018
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AEC MBA Semester Examinations Question Paper

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PART – A Answer any FOUR questions
PART – B Compulsory All Questions Carry Equal Marks
All parts of the questions must be answered at one place only

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Business Research Methods

Time: 3 hours Max.
Marks: 60
Part – A :
1 a “Defining a Research problem properly and clearly is a crucial part of a research study” -discuss CO1 [6M]
b Discuss What do you mean by hypothesis? Explain the procedure of developing good hypothesis and list out statistical tools available for testing. CO1 [6M]

2 a Define Sampling. How will you conduct test pertaining to comparison between Sample mean and population mean? CO2 [6M]
b Compare and contrast various scaling techniques and show appropriate statistical tools that can be used for analysis. CO2 [6M]

3 a What is report writing? Discuss the layout of a research report covering all relevant aspects. CO3 [6M]
b Discuss about various steps involved in drafting a research report. CO3 [6M]

4 a What is Chi-Square test? Explain its importance in statistical analysis. CO4 [6M]
b Classify parametric and non parametric tests. CO4 [6M]

5 a Enumerate and explain the steps in cluster analysis CO5 [6M]
b Explain the Bivariate and multivariate statistical techniques in detail CO5 [6M]

6 a Enumerate and explain about ethics in Research and ethical behavior of research. CO1 [6M]
b Distinguish between questionnaire and interview schedule CO1 [6M]

7 a Explain the different types of Research designs CO2 [6M]
b Describe the application of ANOVA as a statistical tool in data analysis

Part – B :
Case Study [12M]
The ability to come up with business idea can be transformed into a viablebusiness where ideas supported by feasibility and a business plan can be sold to interested investors firms, and interested parties for a lump sum or a management contractor, are as agreed business ideas, if introduce at the righttime, when demand for search service are a product introduced by the ideas is expected to surge, can lead to a very profitable business. Business ideas are always available through different sources; however it’s the application applied on these ideas, and timing makes all the different in failure orsuccesses.

a Explain why you think Babu and Hari should conduct market research before starting their business. What could they find outby researching their Market? [6M]
b Describe some methods the Babu and Hari could use to learn more about the potential customers, competitors and business locations. [6M]

Human Resource Management

Part – A :
1 a What are the main functions of HRM in an industrial organization? Discuss briefly? CO1 [6M]
b “A policy is a guide to take decisions” Discuss the statement andvarious kinds of policies? CO1 [6M]

2 a Critically discuss various sources of recruitment? CO2 [6M]
b What is management development? Describe any four techniques of management development? CO2 [6M]

3 a Explain Goal Setting and MBO approach to performance appraisal? CO3 [6M]
b Explain HRP process? CO2 [6M]

4 a Explain the concept of Career Development? CO3 [6M]
b Explain the statutory and non statutory welfare measures? CO4 [6M]

5 a Explain Job Design and Evaluation? CO4 [6M]
b Discuss the cross cultural problems? CO1 [6M]

6 a List the safety provisions under the Factories Act, 1948? CO5 [6M]
b Explain any two methods of incentive payments system? CO4 [6M]

7 a Explain any two workers participation schemes in India? CO5 [6M]
b Explain the machinery for settlement of industrial disputes? CO5 [6 M]

PART – B :
A Heavy construction equipment manufacturer has its corporate headquarters in a large city in south India with several plants located invarious parts of the country. Every year the company hires about 50 college graduates to the position of management trainees. The training period is nine months.

Questions :
a If you were given this assignment, how would you proceed?
b Determine the reasons why trainees are leaving the organization?

Production & Operations Management

Part – A :
1 a Define production and operations management and write its functions CO1 [6M]
b Explain how POM is evolved historically CO1 [6M]

2 a Explain different manufacturing styles in production process? CO1 [6M]
b Define production planning and control. Explain its function? CO2 [6M]
3 a Discuss the job and batch manufacturing systems in PPC. CO2 [6M]

b What is the importance of plant location? Explain the factors influencing the plant location CO2 [6M]
4 a Describe the objectives and importance of plant layout. CO3 [6M]
b What do you mean by work environment? Explain the factors affecting worker performance. CO3 [6M]

5 a Explain Juran’s quality trilogy and its 14 principles CO4 [6M]
b What is quality circle? Discuss the benefits and limitations ofquality circles. CO3 [6M]

6 a Discuss the ISO 9000:2000 clauses and coverages CO4 [6M]
b What are the requirement for efficient management of stores? CO5 [6M]

7 a Explain techniques for new product development and design. CO4 [6M]
b Define inventory and elaborate on inventory control techniques CO5 [6M]

Part – B :
8 CASE STUDY [12M] :
Alpha a four-wheeler company is a leading company in the south manufacturing chassis of bus/lorry in 600 acres of land with 3000employees. The annual production capacity of the plant is 6000 chassis; The market research department projected its future demand to be 2.5 times the present capacity of the plant.
Questions :
a What do you suggest to Alpha company about this problem ?
b What is suitable layout for Alpha company to extend?

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