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GDC All India GPAT Entrance Test 2020 Question Paper :

Organisation : GPAT Discussion Center
Exam : All India GPAT Entrance Test 2020
Document Type : Question Paper
Year : 2020
Website :

GDC All India GPAT Entrance Test Question Paper

Download Question Paper of All India GPAT Entrance Test 2020 Question Paper is now available in the official website of GPAT Discussion Center

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1. This question paper contains 12 pages. Please check all pages and report discrepancy if any.
2. Write your roll number, your name at specified locations.
3. Use only HB pencil for darken the circle in the answer Sheet.
4. Darken only one answer CIRCLE for each question as shown.
5. If you want to change the answer, ERASE completely the already darken CIRCLE with eraser and then make a fresh mark.
6. There are total 125 question carrying 500 marks.

7. Marking Scheme:
a) For each correct answer, you will be awarded 4(four) marks.
b) For each wrong answer, you will be deducted – 1 (Negative one) marks.
c) Multiple answers to a question will be treated as a wrong Answer.
d) For each un-attempted question, you will be awarded O(Zero) marks.
8. Rough work can be done on the question paper itself.
9. You are requested to switch off the mobile phones.
10. You will not be allowed to have in possession of any blank paper, log tables, charts, Calculator in the examination hall.

Download Question Paper :
Grand Test 1 :
Grand Test – 2 :


1. Lactose can’t be used as diluents in case of which of the following drug
(a) Ciprofloxacine
(b) Sulfonamide
(c) Quinolones
(d) Tetracyclines

2. Non aniline sulfonamide is
(a) Sulfadoxine
(b) Sulfadiazine
(c) Sulfamethoxazole
(d) Mafenide acetate

3. Which sulfonamide is used for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
(a) Sulfadoxin
(b) Sulfamethopyrazine
(c) Sulfadiazine
(d) Sulfasalazine

4. All flouroquinolones have fluorine at 6thposition and piperazine at 7th position except-
(a) Ciprofloxacine
(b) Pefloxacine
(c) Ofloxacine
(d) Sparfloxacine

5. Because Trimethoprim enters many tissue has a larger Vd than sulfamethoxazole, therefore for obtaining optional synergistic,which will be the correct dose ratio-
(a) Sulfamethoxazole 5: Trimethoprim 1
(b) Trimethoprim 5: Sulfamethoxazole 1
(c) Sulfamethoxazole 5: Trimethoprim 1/5
(d) Trimethoprim 5: Sulfamethoxazole 1/5

6. Which of the following statements are correct
[P] Floroquinolones antibacterial action is due to digesion of DNA by exonuclease, whose production signalled by damaged DNA.
[Q] Negative supercoiling occurs in ‘A’ subunit of DNA gyrase.
[R] Triple sulfa is the combination of sulfadiazine, sulfomerazine and sulfadimidine.
[S] In quinolones and sulfonamide, the excretion is mainly through glomerular filtration.
(a) P and S
(b) P, R, S
(c) P and Q
(d) All

7. Which one of the following drugs specifically inhibits calcineurin in the activated T-Lymphocytes
(a) Daclizumab
(b) Prednisone
(c) Sirolimus
(d) Tacrolimus

8. Match the following-
[P] PenicillinG [1] Benzylpenicillin
[Q] Penicillin V [2] Phenoxy methyl penicillin
[R] Penicillin F/I [3] Pent-2 enyl penicillin
[S] Penicillin K [4] n- Heptyl penicillin
[T] Penicillin X [5] p-hydroxy benzyl penicillin
(a) P[1] Q[2] R[3] S[4] T[5]
(b) P[2] Q[1] R[4] S[5] T[3]
(c) P[1] Q[2] R[5] S[3] T[4]
(d) P(1) Q[2] R[4] S[5] T[3]

9. Which of the following drug/drug combination is correct regarding it Banned state in India
[P] Fixed dose combination of penicillin and Macrolide antibiotics is banned in India
[Q] Neomycin containing antidiarrhoeal formulation
[R] Oral use for streptomycin
[S] Chloramphenicol with any other drug for internal use
[T] Tetracycline with vitamin C Choose correct option
(a) P, Q, R, S
(b) Q, R, S, T
(c) P, Q, S, T
(d) ALL

10. An aminoglycoside antibiotics preferred as drug of choice of tularaemia and plague on hydrolysis with methanolic hydrochloric acid Lgiven
(a) Streptidine + streptose +N-methyl glucosamine
(b) Streptidine+ methylstrepto biosaminido dimethylacetate
(c) Streptamine+ streptose dimethyl acetal+N-methyl glucosamine
(d) Streptamine+ streptose+ N-methyl glucosamine


11. Which of the following statements about tetracyclines is false?
(a) They are teratogenic
(b) They cause photosensitivity
(c) Enhanced absorption if taken with food
(d) They can inhibit matrix metalloproteinases

12. All of the following antibacterial agents act by inhibiting cell wall synthesis EXCEPT
(a) Carbapenems
(b) Monobactams
(c) Cephalosporins
(d) Nitrofurantoin

13. Which of the following set of statement regarding Tyrothricin is correct
(a) Mixture of gramicidin and Tyrocidin
(b) Responsible for uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation
(c) Belongs to glycopeptide antibiotics
(d) Blocks protein synthesis by binding with 23s fraction of 50s ribosome.
(a) a & c
(b) a & b
(c) b & c
(d) a & d

14. Find the cephalosporin pair not available in India
(a) Cefactor and Cefoxitin
(b) Cephaloxin and Cefoxitin
(c) Cephalothin and Cefoxitin
(d) Cephalothin and Cephaloridine

15. The tetracycline derivative – Tigecycline are derivatives of ……….. and can only be administered via which route 3
(a) Minocycline, Oral
(b) Minocycline, Topical solution
(c) Minocycline, Rectally
(d) Minocycline, Intravenous

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