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Name of the Board : Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
Exam : State Level Achievement Survey
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Subject : English
Std : VIII
Year : 2019
Website :

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan VIII Std Question Paper

Download Question Paper of Class VIII Std Puplic Exam Sample Question Paper 2019 is now available in the official website of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

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Model Questions

Section – A

Read the questions carefully and circle the correct option from question number 5 to 40
1. Write the name of the animal shown in the picture below. _______________________
2. Combine the two sentences meaningfully. Ravi did not come to school. Ravi was sick.
3. Complete the sentence in your own words. During rainy season, I_________________________________________________.
4. Describe the picture in one sentence.

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5. Choose the correct spelling.
a) hite
b) hight
c) height
d) hieght

6. One who foretells the future is an _____________ . a) acrobat
b) astrologer
c) astronaut
d) accountant

7. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
Varun has new shoes. He wore ____ to school today
a) it
b) them
c) theirs
d) its

8. Choose the word that best completes the sentence. The mill ________________ the grain into flour everyday. a) grinds
b) is grinding
c) has ground
d) would ground

9. Although his friends picked holes in his story, the author took it well and started working on a better draft. The underlined phrase means the same as __________. a) to oppose
b) to criticize
c) to appreciate
d)to overwhelm

10. Read the sentence given below and choose the answer to the question. Sanjana is as tall as her sisters, Gauri and Naina. Who is the tallest of the three sisters?
a) Sanjana
b) Gauri
c) Naina
d) Three sisters are of the same height

11. Choose the option that completes the sentence meaningfully. The room fell silent, ___________________, that there would be no water supply in the city for three days.
a) whereas the TV newscaster announced
b) when the TV newscaster announced
c) in case the TV newscaster announces
d) even if the TV newscaster announces

12. Since we did not know the precise meaning of many words, the teacher advised us to use the dictionary.
Identify the word which means the SAME as “precise” as used in the sentence above.
a) exact
b) similar
c) uniform
d) identical

13. Choose the option that completes the sentence meaningfully. The river Cauvery flows ______________ Karnataka. It caters _________ the farmers ________ the region it passes through.
a) in, to, from
b) to, in, from
c) from, to, in
d) to, from, in

14. Which of the following is correctly punctuated?
a) Salim said, What a beautiful bird it is!
b) Salim said, “What a beautiful bird it is?”
c) Salim said, “What a beautiful bird it is!”
d) Salim said What a beautiful bird it is?

15. Given below is a jumbled conversation between Hari and Aditya. Select the option with the correct sequence of the conversation. 1) Hari : Why are you waiting outside? Come in. When did you return from Mumbai? 2) Hari : Hi Aditya. How are you? 3) Aditya : Just this morning by Shatabdi Express. 4) Aditya : Fine, thanks.
a) 2-3-4-1
b) 1-4-3-2
c) 2-4-1-3
d) 3-4-2-1

16. Choose the correct option to complete this sentence. Soni wanted to be a good dancer. She _______ went to her dance class.
a) regularly
b) sometimes
c) rarely
d) never

17. Which sentence is incorrect?
a) Please remind me to post the letter.
b) Remind me to post the letter.
c) Remember me to post the letter.
d) Remind me later to post the letter.

18. What could be an appropriate question for the answer below?
Q: ______________________________________________
A: Yes, he completed the test on time
a) Does he complete the test on time ?
b) Shall he complete the test on time ?
c) Did he complete the test on time ?
d) Will he complete the test on time ?

19. Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.
The musical concert was ________________ suddenly due to rain.
a) called on
b) called in
c) called off
d) called at

20. The soldiers assembled on the ground for the march. After the march, they ___________.
Identify the antonym for the underlined word.
a) exercised
b) gathered
c) dispersed
d) practised

Section – B

21. Choose a complete and meaningful sentence.
a) Everyday the children went to the neighbour’s garden play to.
b) Everyday went the children to the neighbours garden to play.
c) The children went to neighbour’s garden to play everyday.
d) The neigbours garden is where the children went to play everyday.

22. Choose the appropriate words to complete the sentence meaningfully.
All the boys were ready to ___________ their mistakes, ___________ a few.
a) accept, expect
b) except, accept
c) accept, except
d) expect, except

23. Sanjana wrote a novel ___________ is ________ first and last as well.
Complete the sentence meaningfully.
a) which, she
b) her, which
c) she,which
d) which,her

24. Which of the sentences is grammatically correct?
a) Sarah is the attractive girl of all the sisters.
b) Mathematics is a tougher subject than other subjects.
c) Gujarat is the coolest in comparison to Bombay in winters.
d) Education is the more essential requirement in developing countries

25. Choose the correct word to complete the sentence meaningfully.
If everyone ____________ their paintings, we can move on the next activity.
a) will finish
b) is finishing
c) had finished
d) has finished

Read the passage and answer the questions 26 to 29.
“I now realise I have rope burns on my palms as a result of drawing water for hours,” says Irfan Ansari, “But I am glad we were able to bring the fire under control.” Ansari and his ‘fireman’ comrades Abdul Hannan and Waris Khan are the heroes of their hutment colony in Kasaiwada, Kurla.
26. Who can claim the compensation of Rs.1000 mentioned by the MLA, Mr. Nawab Malik? a) only those who helped to put out the fire
b) only those who lost their homes in the fire
c) only those who were taken to the hospital
d) only those firemen who came to put out the fire

27. What is the purpose of this passage?
a) to share different points of view on fire safety
b) to inform the reader about a life threatening event
c) to entertain us with a description of events that happen to firemen
d) to compare the different relief packages offered to victims of fire

28. What is the MAIN message that a reader can take away from this news story?
a) Quick thinking and hard work can save the day.
b) Help is often available when we need it the most.
c) Good fire fighting depends on the type of equipment used.
d) The authorities are quick to offer relief after disaster strikes.

29. In the passage, who gives an assurance or promise to the residents?
a) Niket Kaushik
b) Iqbal Husain
c) Nawab Malik
d) Irfan Ansari

Read the story and answer the questions 30 to 32.
One day, the father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country with the purpose of showing him how poor people live. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm that belonged to a poor family.

30. The boy said that his family was poor because of_____________________
a) lack of dogs
b) limited possessions
c) small swimming pool
d) low economic status

31. The father turned speechless because ______________________
a) his son talked for a long time
b) his son gave an immature reply
c) his son learnt about the city life
d) his son learnt a valuable lesson

32. What can be a title for the story?
a) Money can buy things.
b) Money leads to richness.
c) Money can’t buy happiness.
d) Money is the real happiness

Read the poster and answer the questions 33 to 35.
33. Ajantha is studying in 10th standard. Which of the following courses can she be enrolled now?
P. Craftsmanship courses
Q. Diploma in catering
R. Diploma in craftsmanship
S. B.Sc in Hotel administration
a) Only P b) P and S
c) P,Q and S d) P,Q,R and S

34. Bell institute assured 100% job guarantee. It means______________________
a) all students will get the job b) only 100 students will get the job
c) up to 100 students will get the job d) up to 100% students will get the job
35. Mohan completed his course in BELL institute. Which of the following can be a job that he would get on the basis of his qualification?
a) chef in a hotel b) cleaner in a hotel
c) baker in a cake shop d) cook in a roadside shop

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