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Name of the Board : Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)
Exam: JEE Main 2020
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Subject : Sample Questions for Section on Numerical Value-Chemistry & Numerical Value-Physics
Year : 2020
Website :

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JEE Main 2020 Sample Question Paper

The Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India has entrusted the responsibility of conducting Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Main) to the NTA from 2019 onwards.

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1. Immediately fill in the particulars on this page of the Test Booklet with only Blue / Black Ball Point Pen provided by the Board.
2. The Answer Sheet is kept inside this Test Booklet. When you are directed to open the Test Booklet, take out the Answer Sheet and fill in the particulars carefully.
3. The test is of 3 hours duration.
4. The Test Booklet consists of 90 questions. The maximum marks are 360.

5. There are three parts in the question paper A, B, C consisting of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics having 30 questions in each part of equal weightage.Each question is allotted 4 (four) marks for correct response.
6. Candidates will be awarded marks as stated above in instruction No. 5 for correct response of each question. ¼ (one fourth) marks ill be deducted for indicating incorrect response of each question.No deduction from the total score will be made if no response is indicated for an item in the answer sheet.

Download Question Paper :
Chemistry :
Physics :

Numerical Value-Chemistry

Sample Questions for Section on Numerical Value-Chemistry :
Q.1: The hardness of a water sample (in terms of equivalents of CaCO3) containing 10–3M CaSO4 is : (molar mass of CaSO4 = 136g/mol).
Answer : 100 ppm

Q.2: 50mL of 0.5M Oxalic Acid is needed to neutralize 25mL of sodium hydroxide solution. The amount of NaOH in 50mL of the given sodium hydroxide solution is ______________.
Answer : 2g

Q.3: The standard electrode potential Eº and its temperature coefficient (dEº/dT)p for a cell are 2V and –5×10–4 VK–1 at 300K respectively. The cell reaction is Zn(s) + Cu2+(aq)? Zn2+(aq) + Cu(s). The standard reaction enthalpy (?rHº) at 300K is _________________ kJ/mol (F= 96485 C mol-1)
Answer : -414.9

Q.4: In the following reaction sequence, the mass percentage of carbon in the major
product P is______________. OH- 2C6H5CHO + CH3COCH3 P Heat
Answer : 87.18%

Q.5: The number of monochlorinated product obtained on chlorination of 2 methylbutane is_________.
Answer : 4

Numerical Value-Physics

Sample Questions for Section on Numerical Value :
Q.1: A particle moves in the x-y plane under the influence of a force such that the linear momentum Is P(t) = A [ î cos kt – j sin kt ]
Where A and k are constants. The angle in degrees between force and momentum is_________.
Answer : 90

Q.2: A power line lies along the east – west direction and carries a current of 10 A. The force per meter due to earth’s magnetic field of 10-4 T is 10-X N/m. The value of x is_____________.
Answer : 3

Q.3: The sun’s disc subtends an angle of 10-2 rad at the earth. The radius of curvature ( in meters) of the mirror which will produce on a screen an image of the sun 2 cm in diameter is____________.
Answer : 4

Q.4: The binding energy of deutron (1H2) is 1.15 MeV per nucleon and an alpha particle ( 2He4 ) has a binding energy of 7.1 MeV per nucleon. Then in the reaction 1H2 + 1H2 ? 2He4 + Q
The energy Q released in MeV is __________
Answer : 23.8

Q.5: Light of wavelength 0.6 mm from a sodium lamp falls on a photo cell and causes the emission of photoelectrons for which the stopping potential is 0.5 V. With light of wavelength 0.4 mm from a mercury lamp the stopping potential is 1.5 V. Then, the work function in eV of the photocell surface is____________.
Answer : 1.5

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