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Benchmark Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Sample Question Paper :

Name of the Organisation : Benchmark Six Sigma Pvt. Ltd.
Exam : Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam
Subject : Background,Analyse,Define,Measure,etc
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
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Benchmark Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Sample Paper

You can begin your business excellence journey with Benchmark by starting with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, following up with a program of relevance; Most people take up Black Belt soon.

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Seen by many as a life changing program, this program shall change the way you look at processes, excellence and improvement and help you carry out projects


1. What does Six Sigma methodology focus on?
Yield Improvement
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Improved Speed of Delivery
All of the above

2. Choose the correct statement – The number of standard deviations that fit between the mean and the specification limits________
Are the same as the Sigma level for the process
Decrease with increase in standard deviation
Both a and b
Neither a nor b

3. Which if the following statements in NOT True
Standard Deviation decreases as variation in process decreases
Sigma Level decreases with the increase in standard deviation
Sigma Level decreases with increase in defects
Sigma Level is independent of the variation in a process

4. Which of the following is not a Design Methodology?

5. A DMAIC project is usually initiated when
The problem has a known solution
The problem has a known cause
The problem is chronic
The problem is short lived

6. Who is credited as the father of Six Sigma
Mikel Harry
Bill Smith
Larry Bossidy
Jack Welch

7. A view of Balanced Scorecard can help:
i). Provide a view of lagging indicators only
ii). Choose a project that is critical to the organization
iii). Understand the strategy of a company
iv). Understand which metrics are trending Red
i, ii and iii
ii, iii and iv
i, iii and iv
i, ii, iii and iv

8. The 8th waste in Lean is
Underutilized Human Potential
Over Processing

9. Hiring process in an organization needs a hiring supervisor to send an approval email with an excel attachment for approvals from 3 levels up. Post the email approval, the hiring supervisor creates the hiring request on an online recruitment portal and requires approval from the same 3 levels up. This is an example of:
Non Value Added Process Steps
Low Sigma Level Process
A diligent hiring supervisor
Value Added Process Steps

10. Which of the following statements is NOT true for a perfect normal distribution?
Median and Mean are never the same
It is symmetrical about the mean with 50% of the distribution to the left of the mean and 50% of the distribution to the right of the mean.
It has a single central peak at the mean of the data
A taller, tighter curve means smaller standard deviation


1. Which of the following is not a change management tool?
Stakeholder Analysis
Force Field Analysis
Reduction in Force
SWOT Analysis

2. The financial benefit calculation technique that uses the difference between the present value of the future cash inflows and the present value of cash outflows is called
Net Present Value
Cost Benefit Ratio
Return on Investment
Internal Return Rate

3. Which of the following is not a step of the Define Roadmap:
Generate and Select Project Ideas
Create a Project Charter
Create SIPOC and Process Map
Document solutions and benefits

4. Which of the elements of the Project Charter is of most interest to the Leadership?
Problem Statement
Goal Statement
Process Boundaries
Business Case

5. Which of the following statements is NOT True about a Project Charter?
It is created at the beginning of the project and should not be modified again
It outlines the scope and the boundaries of the project – what is expected from the project
It clarifies what is expected of the team
It outlines the Problem and the Goal statement

6. Which of the following questions is not a part of the problem statement
What is happening?
When did the problem start?
Where is the problem happening?
What is the solution?

7. Which of the following tool helps you identify internal and external customers?
Force Field Analysis
Voice Tools

8. Kaizen is used for making continuous improvements when
The problem is small scale
The cause of the problem is known
There is a need for quick improvement
All of the above

9. The acronym SMART stands for
Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound
Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timebound
Specific, Measurable, Audacious, Relevant, Timeless
Specific, Mischievous, Attainable, Realistic, Timebound

10. Which of the following is not an outcome of the Define phase
Completed Project Charter
Critical Xs
Overview Flow Chart


1. Which of the following statements is NOT true about Attribute Data:
Attribute Data can be changed into Continuous Data, whenever required
Attribute Data cannot be made continuous even if measured at regular intervals
Attribute data can be counted, ranked or sorted but not added, subtracted or averaged
describes a named attribute of a process

2. Select the logical sequence of various steps followed in the Measure phase of a DMAIC project.ew question!
Writing the Operational Definition – Measuring Baseline Capability – Measurement System Analysis – Developing a Data Collection Plan
Writing the Operational Definition – Developing a Data Collection Plan – Measurement System Analysis – Measuring Baseline Capability
Developing a Data Collection Plan – Measuring Baseline Capability – Measurement System Analysis – Writing the Operational Definition
Any sequence can be followed

3. VOC- Room is too hot. If the temperature is more than 24, it will be hot and less than 18 will be too cold. Why can we not keep it at 21? What is the LSL, USL and the Target?
18, 24, 21
24, 18, 21
18, 21, 24
Cannot be said

4. Select the correct statement while considering AAA:
Team Reproducibility is higher than Appraiser Repeatability
Team Accuracy is lower than Repeatability and Reproducibility
Appraiser Repeatability is lower than Team Accuracy
Appraiser Repeatability is lower than Team Accuracy

5. The pull down menu for AAA in Minitab is
Stat > Quality Tools > Create Attribute Agreement Analysis Worksheet
Stat > Quality Tools > Gage Study > Attribute Gage Study (Analytic Method)
Stat > Quality Tools > Attribute Agreement Analysis
Stat > Quality Tools > Gage Study Type 1

6. In context of Measurement System Analysis, which of the following statements is NOT true:
Measurement System Variation can be caused by Variation due to Operator or Variation due to Gage
Measurement System Variation should be as large as possible
Measurement System Variation should be as low as possible
Variation due to Gage could be classified as accuracy error, precision error, stability error or linearity error

7. In an inspection of 200 projectors, 5 defects are found in 3 projectors and remaining projectors have no defects. What is the DPU and Zlt?
0.050, 1.66
0.1, 1.31
0.025, 1.97
0.20, 0.91

8. Which of the following statements about the Process Capability and performance Indices is NOT true:
Cpk is always higher than Ppk
Pp can be greater than or equal to Ppk
Cp can be greater than or equal to Cpk
Ppk is always higher than Cpk

9. A dye manufactures 10mm diameter bolts. If the bolt dimensions are more than +/- 0.01mm, they do not fit. The standard deviation measured is 0.05 and the mean is 10mm. What is the Sigma Level (zlt)?
Cannot be calculated

10. Considering the various Sigma Level calculations, arrange in the most plausible ascending order:
ZST, ZLT, ZEnt, Zgoal
ZLT, ZST, Zgoal, ZEnt
ZEnt , ZST, ZLT, Zgoal
ZLT, ZEnt , ZST, Zgoal


1. Which of the following tools will you use to identify critical Xs:
Trend Chart
Force Field Analysis
Control Chart

2. A tool that can help identify the root causes of a problem is:
Delphi Technique
5 Whys

3. VA/NVA Analysis, FMEA, Cycle Time Analysis use ______ as a primary input:
Critical Xs
Top Down Chart
Process Map
Ishikawa Diagram

4. Which measure of central tendency is the most preferred for a data set which has extreme values:

5. If alpha = 2% and beta = 20%, then probability of Type I error is:

6. In an FMEA analysis, the customer have rated the severity as 9; occurrence is 5 and detection is 5. The measured Risk Priority Number (RPN) is:

7. A pizza outlet wants to compare if their delivery time is less than the standard delivery time of 30 min. The standard deviation the population is not known; data is normally distributed. Which statistical test can be used:
1 sample sign
1 sample Z
1 sample T

8. Which of the following tools can help you list all potential Xs:
Ishikawa, Process Map, Affinity Diagram
Box Plot, Histogram, Scatter Diagram
Problem Definition Tree, QFD, Goal Means Diagram
Control Chart, PDCA, Mistake Proofing

9. The correlation coefficient between Y (effect) and X (cause) is found to be r = – 0.95. What is the appropriate inference:
Since r is negative, the X is not critical
The X is critical
The variables have direct/positive correlation
The variables have weak correlation

10. Noise variables are input variables that impact the output variable Y but are difficult, impossible or we choose not to control. Which of the following is NOT an example of Noise variable:
Raw Material for a product
Legal Regulations
Ambient Temperature


1. Which of the following statements is True for a Resolution III design:
The main effects are aliased with second order interaction effects
The second order interaction effects are aliased with the third order interaction effects
All effects can be estimated without any confounding or aliasing
There are no main effects but only third order interaction effects

2. In developing a statistically significant model during the analysis phase of Design, the Pareto of Standardized Effects showed in the figure below, which order will you remove the statistically insignificant terms in:

3. 5 meat softeners are to be tested in a cooking experiment to be completed in a short time. 5 different heat settings and 5 different chefs are considered as noise factors. Which of the following is the most effective tool to be used in this case?
Randomized Design
Non Randomized Design
Randomized Design with Center Point
Latin Square Design

4. Which of the following is not a deliverable of Improve Phase?
List the various possible solutions
Evaluate the Alternative Solutions
Handover the revised documents to Process Owner
Optimize the alternative solutions

5. A factor 5 design with 8 runs is a
Resolution IV design
Resolution III design
Resolution V design
Resolution VI design


1. Door Ajar warning in a car and wipers of a car switching on when it rains are examples of which type of Mistake Proofing techniques respectively
Warning, Shutdown
Warning, Control
Control, Shutdown
Control, Warning

2. Which is the most preferred method of ensuring process control:
Visual Control
Statistical Process Control

3. Which of the following are a part of the project hand off meeting to the Process Owner:
Sign off by process owner
Control Plan
Sharing best practices with the process owner
All of the above

4. Control charts show:
Only random variation
Only non-random variation
Random and non-random variation
Different types of variation depending on the type of process

5. A stable process has only common cause variation. A control chart depicts non-random variation via:
Points lying outside the control limits
Points lying outside the specification limits
Sudden shifts in averages
Wide swings

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