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FIIT JEE National Talent Search Examination Language Question Paper 2018 :

Name of the Organisation :FIIT JEE Ltd
Name of the Paper : National Talent Search Examination – Language Question paper
Year : 2018
Document Type : Question Paper
Subject : English
Website :

NTSE Stage II Language Question Paper

JEE aspirants.Along the way to realization of this vision, we went beyond merely coaching for IIT-JEE. We actually started to make a difference in the way Students think and approach problems.

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Question Paper of FIIT JEE National Talent Search Examination – Language 2018 Stage II Question Paper and Answer key is now available in the official website of FIIT JEE Ltd.

Download Question Paper :

Model Questions

Directions (1 – 5): Read the following passage and answer the questions based on it. Choose the most appropriate answer.
It is taken for granted by the advocates of oriental learning that no native of this country can possibly attain more than a mere smattering of English. They do not attempt to prove this. But they perpetually insinuate it. They designate the education which their opponents recommend as a mere spelling-book education. They assume it as undeniable that the question is between a profound knowledge if Indian and Arabic literature ad science on the one side, and superficial knowledge of the rudiments of English on the other. This is not merely an assumption, but an assumption contrary to all reason and experience

1. The writer feels that the advocates of oriental learning are
(A) cautiously open to the idea of English education
(B) aware of the tyranny of English education
(C) irrational in their views about English education
(D) aware of the politics of English education

2. Which of the following ideas does the writer have a problem with?
(A) Some natives are proficient in discussing complex topics
(B) Knowledge of English is pitched against that of Indian and Arabic literature
(C) Foreigners can read and enjoy some of the difficult English writings
(D) Learning English for an Indian can be easier than learning Greek for an Englishman.

3. The foreigner discussed in the passage is
(A) an Arab
(B) a Greek
(C) an Indian
(D) an Englishman

4. Which of the following sentences best captures the main argument of the writer?
(A) Many Indians are capable of using English like any Englishman
(B) Learning English is as difficult as learning any other foreign language
(C) The importance of English education needs to be recognized by the supporters of oriental learning
(D) An Indian can learn English in half the time taken by an Englishman to learn Greek

5. According to the author, it is easier for
(A) Indians to have a profound knowledge of Arabic literature and science than learn English
(B) Indians to learn Sanskrit than for Englishman to appreciate Greek literature
(C) foreigners to learn Indian language than for Indians to learn foreign languages
(D) Indians to appreciate English literature than for Englishmen to appreciate Greek literature

Directions (6 – 10): Everyday new careers and professional opportunities emerge. No matter how much each career option excites you, will have to prioritize and choose the best option for yourself. Your personality, interests, abilities, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses will help you to decide the most viable option for you. The following exercises are important for career planning, and following these will ensure that you are on the right track.
Self-assessment: The entire process of career planning should be ideally done in conjunction with your career counselor, so that you have professional help at every step. A trained career counselor can help you identify a variety of professions in which you can excel. Remember to keep your list of possible professions long, so that your confidence in yourself does not wane.

6. Career planning is an activity that requires
(A) analyzing one’s personality, interests, abilities, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses
(B) working hard at your studies, acquiring new skills as you move along in life and involving yourself in culture/sports activities
(C) following three important steps in consultation with one’s career counselor, and making a plan that may work.
(D) understanding and being aware of the fact that whatever the consequences of one’s planning the truth about asking a plan is that it may not work

7. This passage may be summarized as
(A) ‘In career planning, it is important to involve oneself in cultural/sports activities as much as working hard or acquiring new skills.’
(B) ‘Before making a career choice, one should learn to prioritize career options and use one’s personality, interests, abilities, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses to plan and decide the most viable option.‘
(C) ‘In choosing a career, it is important not to allow anyone to tell us that we are good for nothing, because our personality, interests, abilities, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses will help us decide the most viable career options for ourselves.’
(D) ‘A good career choice results when you follow traditional professions and move along a well-planned path.’

8. Self—analysis is considered an important part of self-assessment because
(A) soul searching helps us to judge our abilities, honestly and helps us understand our career options better.
(B) we are the best judge of our abilities, strengths and weaknesses and self-analysis will enable others to analyze our abilities accurately.
(C) by the time we grow up, we may end up working in professions that neither we nor our parents know about today.
(D) each one of us has career options, and it is important to first identify them, and then work hard to attain them.

9. A trained career counselor can help us
(A) do self-analysis, so that we are honest with ourselves.
(B) decide whether to be a florist, teacher, counselor, doctor or sales executive, so that we can be a salesman if we cannot be a doctor.
(C) identify our talents, because each one of us has several talents, and it is important to first identify them, and then work hard to develop them.
(D) identify different professions that will help us use our abilities, because a trained professional can help us prioritize an choose the option that is most viable for us.

10. An important point highlighted in the passage is that
(A) only a trained counselor can help you make the right career choice
(B) it is our abilities, strengths and weaknesses that help us succeed in our career.
(C) there is not much use of making a plan – very few people get their plans fulfilled.
(D) many people do not get to pursue the career of their choice because circumstances, ideas and people change.

Directions (11 – 15): If the fact of the fire did not immediately penetrate my consciousness, the heat of the blast did and soon propelled me from my seat. All around me, there was a confusion of upended tables, overturned chairs, bodies pitched toward the door of the dining room, and the sounds of broken glass and crockery. Fortunately, the windows toward open by an enterprising diner. I remember that I rolled sideways through one of these window frames and fell onto the snow and was immediately aware that I should move aside to allow others to land as I had – and it was in that moment that my altruism was finally triggered.
11. The passage describes
(A) the heat and smoke that was generated by the sudden fire.
(B) the effect of the blast on unsuspecting hotel guests
(C) the loss of crockery, glass and bodies in the accident
(D) the layout of the college quadrangle, surrounded by bare oaks ad elms and sycamores

12. The dazed expression on people’s faces was caused by
(A) the blow to their heads
(B) the heat generated by the blast
(C) the suddenness and extent of damage caused by the impact of the blast
(D) the impact of broken glass and crockery being hurled around in the confusion

13. The words in the passage that suggest there was a blast include
(A) fire, heat, confusion, overturned and chaos
(B) blazed, dazed, heroic, succumbed and paralysis
(C) broken glass, cuts, bruises and sycamores
(D) rescue, quadrangle, altruism, triggered and heat

14. ‘The blaze lit up the escaped diners with a light greater than any other that could be produced in the night’ can be paraphrased as
(A) ‘The fire set all the escaped diners ablaze.’
(B) ‘The light that set the escaped diners on fire was from a divine night fire.’
(C) ‘The night sky was lit by such brightness that one could see the blaze clearly.’
(D) ‘The fire burned in such a way that the writer could see the escaped diners clearly.’

15. The word altruism here means
(A) ‘the act of rolling across a window.’
(B) ‘a sudden movement triggered by a blast.’
(C) ‘selfless concern for the well being of others.’
(D) ‘the dazed feeling generated by an accident.’

Directions (16 – 17): The following five sentences come from a paragraph. The first and the last sentences are given. Choose the right order in which the three sentences (PQR) should appear to complete the paragraph.
16. S1- A man who possesses a strong will and firm determination finds all difficulties solved.
S5- It is therefore, the man who labuors hard with a strong resolution and an unshaken will, who achieves success and makes his fortune.
P. Such a man goes on working hard and even if he fails he is never downcast.
Q. In turn failures make him all the more determined and resolute and he persists in his task till he attains the desired success.
R. To him there are a thousand ways open to steer clear of all dangers and difficulties.
Choose from the options given below:

17. S1– Film theory is an academic discipline that aims to explore the essence of cinema and provides conceptual frameworks for understanding a film’s relationship to reality, other arts, individual viewers, and society at large.
S5– Film review, on the other hand, is the way in which critics assess a film’s overall quality and determine whether or not they think the film is work recommending to viewers.
P Film theory incorporates various aspects of filmmaking, including analysis and review.
Q One way of analyzing films is by the shot-by-shot analysis, though that is typically used only for small clips or scenes.
R Film analysis is the process of analyzing a film in terms of mise-en-scene, cinematography, sound and editing.
Choose from the options given below:
(1) PQR
(2) QRP
(3) PRQ
(4) RQP

Directions (18-19): The following questions have the second sentence missing. Choose the appropriate sentence from the given options to complete it
18. A. A few months ago I went to Princeton University to see what the young people who are going to be running our country in a few decades are like.
B. ______________________________________________________________________
C. I went to sleep in my hotel room around midnight, and when I awoke, my mailbox was full of replies – sent at 1:15 a.m., 2:59 a.m., 3:23 a.m.
1. One senior told me that she went to bed around two and woke up each morning at seven; she could afford that much rest because she had learned to supplement her full day of work by studying in her sleep.
2. As she was falling asleep she would recite a math problem or a paper topic to herself; she would then sometimes dream about it, and when she woke up, the problem might be solved.
3. Faculty members gave me the names of a few dozen articulate students, and I sent them e-mails, inviting them out to lunch or dinner in small groups.
4. Young people say up late replying to their emails and indulging in social networking.

19. A. We are usually inclined to look upon bad temper as a very harmless weakness.
B. ______________________________________________________________________
C. And yet all religious texts condemn it as one of the most destructive elements in human nature.
(A) This shows that we lack judgement
(B) Often work pressure creates bad temper
(C) Bad temper harms human relationship
(D) We speak of it as mere infirmity of nature, perhaps a family failing

Directions (20-29): Fill in the blank with the most appropriate option from the given alternatives.
20. We are trying to _______ correct information and dispel wrong information that is being circulated.
(A) raise
(B) foster
(C) cultivate
(D) disseminate

21. When we decided to move, my mother wanted a place with a _______ outside every window to keep potted plants.
(A) balcony
(B) ledge
(C) curtain
(D) stained glass

22. While Dinesh can never acquire a choir boyish innocence, he has _______ and seems to know that an entire nation’s sporting image stands on the team’s sportsmanship.
(A) mellowed
(B) discarded
(C) plummeted
(D) flipped

23. The construction of identity (for both men and women) is _______ by culture, nationality, class and historical differences.
(A) inferred
(B) interlocked
(C) influenced
(D) instigated

24. While we believe that BMI is a standard in measuring the fat in our body, there is a growing _______ among scientists that it may not be the best tool to do so.
(A) concord
(B) consensus
(C) congruous
(D) confluence

25. Under the new rule, the civic body can take _______ action against the violators by imposing a fine.
(A) punitive
(B) vindictive
(C) pejorative
(D) diminutive

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