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All posts from Assistant Engineers Electrical Model Question Paper : Karnataka Power Corporation

Name of the Organisation : Karnataka Power Corporation Limited
Post : Assistant Engineers
Subject : AE – Electrical
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Website :
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Karnataka Power Assistant Engineers Electrical Model Paper

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Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd., (KPCL) a Government of Karnataka Undertaking, is a premier and professionally managed power Generation Company. Optimum generation from existing plants and speedy commissioning of new plants extends immense professional opportunities for competent and qualified personnel.
Note :
** Hyd-Kar Candidates applying for Non Hyd-Kar posts also, should submit separate applications and furnish the post code and application number in Hyd-Kar application.
** Candidates applying for more than one post will have to choose the same exam centers.
** Application will not be accepted through post, personal delivery, courier or any other mode.

Sample Question

1. Consider two coils having self inductance of 20 mH and 15 mH. If the effective inductance is 50 mH when connected in series aiding, what is the equivalent inductance when they are connected in series opposing?
A. 20 mH$
B. 15mH
C. 10mH
D. None of these

2. Which of the following is the reason for not using a Wheatstone bridge for precision measurement?
A. Errors are introduced because of thermo-electric emfs
B. Errors are introduced because of resistance of connecting leads
C. Both A and B$
D. None of these

3. Which of the following strategies can be used to increase the sensitivity of a potentiometer?
A. Reducing the length of potentiometer wire
B. Decreasing the current in the potentiometer wire$
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

4. what is the current through a DC voltmeter when it measures half full scale in the range of 100V, given that the voltmeter has a sensitivity of 1000 O/V
A. 50 mA$
B. 100 mA
C. 500 mA
D. None of these

5. Capacitive transducers are normally used for which of the following?
A. Intermediate measurements
B. Static measurements
C. Dynamic measurement$
D. None of these

6. Which of the following is true with thermocouples?
A. They are a widely used as temperature sensor for measurement and control
B. They can convert a temperature gradient into electricity
C. Both A and B$
D. None of these

7. Which of the following give the right order of their sensitivity (from highest to lowest) among the three types of temperature transducers?
A. Thermistors, thermocouples, RTDs
B. RTDs, Thermistors, thermocouples
C. Thermistors, RTDs, thermocouples$
D. None of the above

8. What is the primary purpose of using bifilar winding in some of the wire-wound resisters?
A. To reduce inductance of winding$
B. To increase inductance of winding
C. To increase thermal stability
D. None of these

9. What is the change in the resistance of a metal strain gauge when it is exposed to a strain of 10-5? Assume that it has a strain factor of 2.5 and a nominal resistance of 150 ohms.
A. 3.75×10-3 ohms$
B. 3.75×10-5 ohms
C. 2.5 x 10-3 ohms
D. None of these

10. Which of the following differentiate thermistors from from resistance temperature detectors (RTDs)?
A. Thermistors are generally made of ceramic or polymer, while RTDs use pure metals
B. RTDs are useful over larger temperature ranges, while thermistors typically achieve a higher precision within a limited temperature range
C. Both A and B$
D. None of these

11. What is the change in the units of capacitance if we increase the units of I and V 200 times?
A. Zero$
B. 200 times
C. 400 times
D. None of these

12. A particular single phase energy meter operating 230 V, 50 Hz supply made 2760 revolutions in 3 hours with a load of 20 A. What is the meter constant?
A. 100
B. 150
C. 200$
D. None of these

13. The traditional analog wattmeter which consists of a pair of fixed coils, known as current coils, and a movable coil known as the potential coil belongs to which of the following types?
A. Electrolytic instruments
B. Electrodynamic instruments$
C. Potentiometer
D. None of these

14. What is the current required to deflect the meter movement to full scale if the sensitivity of the meter is 25000 O/V
A. 40 µA$
B. 25 µA
C. 400 µA
D. None of these

15. Which of the following is not an energy source?
A. Potentiometer$
B. Solar Cell
C. Generator
D. Leclanché cell

16. What is the resistance of a 2000 O/V meter which is used to measure the resistance on 200 V scale?
A. 20 ohms
B. 10 ohms$
C. 0.1 ohms
D. None of these

17. Consider a single phase wattmeter operating on 230 V and 5 A and 400 as the constant in revolutions. If it made 2000 revolutions in 5 hours, what is the power factor of the load (rounding off to two decimal places)?
A. 0.87$
B. 0.43
C. 0.98
D. None of these

18. What is Hysteresis in an instrument?
A. A typical mark of hysteresis is that the output does not change even if a given input alternately increases and decreases
B. A typical mark of hysteresis is that the output forms a loop, if a given input alternately increases and decreases$
C. A typical mark of hysteresis is that the output changes based on the changes in temperature, even if a given input does not change
D. None of these

19. Consider a resistance strain gauge fastened to a steel member which is subjected to a stress of 150 N/mm2. Given that the modulus of elasticity of steel is 2×105 N/mm2 and the gauge factor of the strain gauge is 4, what is the percentage change in resistance?
A. 0.2
B. 0.3$
C. 0.4
D. None of these

20. What is the sensitivity of a voltmeter using 0 to 10 mA meter movement?
A. 100 ohm/V$
B. 200 ohm/V
C. 10 ohm/V
D. None of these

General Instructions

a. Applicants should be Indian Citizens.
b. Candidates who are still awaiting the result of the qualifying examination on the last date fixed for submitting applications need not apply.

c. If, at any point of time it is found that the candidate has given false information he/she will not only be disqualified from further stages of recruitment but also liable for appropriate legal action.

d. Number of vacancies indicated in this notification is provisional which may increase or decrease depending upon the actual need. KPCL reserves the right to cancel this recruitment process in part or full at any stage without assigning any reason.

e. The candidates who are in service shall submit a No Objection Certificate from their employer at the time of document verification in original, failing which their candidature will be rejected.

f. The candidates may please note that normally there may be large number of applications being submitted on the last day, which may lead to heavy network traffic, resulting in delay/non-submission of the online application. Therefore candidates are requested to submit their online applications early without waiting for the last day. The organization is not responsible for any failures in submission of online applications in time.

g. Any representation or correspondence regarding the recruitment process will NOT be entertained. All relevant information on recruitment will be made available in the KPCL website from time to time.

h. No application will be accepted through post, personal delivery, courier or any other mode.

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