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Name of the Organisation : R.E.D. Group of Schools
Exam : Scholarship Cum Admission Test
Class: Class – XII
Subject : Medical & Non Medical
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Website :
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Red Schools Scholarship Cum Admission Test

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Class-XII Medical Sample Question

Sample Paper of Scholarship cum Admission Test for Class-XII Medical :

Part 1 – Physics

1. A projectile is launched with a speed of 10 m./s at an angle 60? with the horizontal from a sloping surface of inclination 30? . The range R is (Take g=10 m/s2)
(a) 4.9 m
(b) 13.3 m
(c) 9.1 m
(d) 12. 6 m

2. An insect crawls up a hemispherical surface very slowly. The coefficient of friction between the insect and the surface is 3 1 . If the line joining the centre of the hemispherical surface to the insect makes an angle ? with the vertical the maximum possible value of ? is given by
(a) cot3
(b) tan 3
(c) sec 3
(d) cosec 3

3. An ideal massless spring S can be compressed 1 m by a force of 100 N in equlibrium. The same spring is placed at the bottom of a frictionless inclined plane inclined at 30? to the horizontal. A 10kg block M is released from rest at the top of the incline and is brought to rest momentarily after compressing the spring by 2m. If g= 10 m/s2 , what is the speed of mass just before it touches the spring ?
(a) 20m/ s
(b) 30m/ s
(c) 10m/ s
(d) 40m/ s

4. In a two block system an initial velocity v0 with respect to ground is given to block A.
(a) The momentum of block A is not conserved.
(b) The momentum of system of blocks A and B is conserved.
(c) The increase in momentum of B is equal to the decrease in momentum of block A
(d) All of the above

5. A rigit body rotates about a fixed axis with variable angular velocity equal to t , at the time t, where  are constants. The angle through which is rotates before it stops.

Part 2 – Chemistry

6. A mixture of NO2 and N2O4 has a vapour density of 38.3 at 300 K. What is the number of moles of NO2 in 100 g of the mixture
a) 0.043
b) 4.4
c) 3.4
d) 0.437

7. Which of the following is not a water softener?
a) Calgon
b) Permutit
c) 2 3 Na CO
d) 2 4 Na CO

8. In group IVA or 14 of the extended form of the periodic table with increase in atomic numbner, the metallic character:
a) Ge > Pb > Sn
b) Ge > Sn > Pb
c) Pb > Ge > Sn
d) Pb > Sn > Ge

9. A light whose frequency is equal to 6×1014 Hz is incident on a metal whose work function is 2eV (h = 6.63×10-34 Js, leV = 1.6 × 10-19J). The maximum energy of electrons emitted will be.
a) 2.49e V
b) 4.49 eV
c) 0.49 eV
d) 5.49 eV

10. The IUPAC name of the following is:
a) 3 – aminohept -5-enoic acid
b) 5-aminohex-2-ene-carboxylic acid
c) 3-amino-? – heptenoic acid
d) 5- aminohept-2-enoic acid

Part 3 – Biology

11. Protein portion of enzyme is called :-
a) Co-factor
b) Apoenzyme
c) Co-enzyme
d) NAD

12. Which one of the following is not a living fossil?
a) Peripatus
b) King crab
c) Sphenodon
d) Archeopteryx

13. Fruit of mustard is
a) Siliqua
b) Achene
c) Nut
d) Cypsella

14. Which of the Amino acid is in zwitterionic form :-
a) H —CH—COOH 3N R +
b) H —CH—COO 3 N – R +
c) H —CH—COOH 2N R
d) H —CH—COO 2 N – R

15. The theory of random genetic drift was proposed by :
a) Sewall Wright
b) Hardy-Weinberg
c) R A Fisher
d) Mayer

Marking Scheme for Scholarship Test

1. For Class 6th to 11th and 12th Commerce : +1 for correct answer, 0 if not attempted and –0.25 in all other cases.
2. For Class 12th Science : +2 for correct answer, 0 if not attempted and –0.5 in all other cases.

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