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Name of the Organisation : R.E.D. Group of Schools
Exam : Scholarship Cum Admission Test
Class: Class – XI
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Website :
Download Sample /Model Question Paper :

Red Schools Scholarship Cum Admission Test

** Download Sample Papers for Admission cum Scholarship Test From the above pdf links

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Class – XI Sample Question

1. If 9 1 of a number is 4 more than is 10 1 , then number is –
(a) 300 (b) 260
(c) 460 (d) 360
2. If x% of x is 25, x will be –
a) 50 (b) 40
(c) 60 (d) 500

English :
Direction : Choose the word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the given words.
3. CHIDE :
(a) scold (b) rebuke (c) praise (d) reprimand

4. Fidelity :
(a) disloyality
(b) dependability (c) Suitability (d) commitment

Mathematics :
5. If sin x + cosec x = 2, then (sin10x + cosec10x) is equal to –
(a) 3 (b) 0 (c) 1 (d) 2
6. The hypotenuse of a right traingle is 10 cm and radius of the inscribed circle is 1 cm. The perimeter of
the traingle is –
(a) 15 cm (b) 22 cm (c) 24 cm (d) 18 cm

Science :
7. The magnetic field lines inside a long current carrying solenoid are nearly –
(a) Circular (b) Parabolic (c) Straight (d) Elliptical

8. An AC generator is connected to an electri appliance. In 10 revolutions of the armature the current in the appliance changes direction –
(a) 5 times
(b) 10 times
(c) 20 times
(d) 40 times

Social Science :
9. An example of indirect taxes is

(a) Income Tax
(b) Corporate Tax
(c) Estate Tax (d) Entertainment Tax
10. Which academy supports food security programme ?
(a) Academy of Development (b) Academy of Crop Science
(c) Academy of Food Security (d) Academy of Grain Science

Marking Scheme for Scholarship Test

1. For Class 6th to 11th and 12th Commerce : +1 for correct answer, 0 if not attempted and –0.25 in all other cases.
2. For Class 12th Science : +2 for correct answer, 0 if not attempted and –0.5 in all other cases.

Syllabus For Class XI

** Verbal & Non Verbal, General Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Figure Matrix, Analogies, Classification, Series, Pattern Perception, Coding-Decoding, Problem solving, Puzzles, Clock, Calendar, Blood Relation, Ranking, Cube & Dice, Directions, Venn diagram, Inserting missing character, Alphabetical test, Mathematical operations, Mirror and water images, Spotting out embaded figures.

Physics :
** Electric current & its magnetic effects, Reflection and refraction of light, human eye, sources of energy, natural resources.

** Chemical reactions, metal & non-metals, carbon compunds, periodic classification of elements, acid, bases and salts.
** Our environment, life processes, control & co-ordination in animals & plants, reproduction, heridity and evolution.
** Number System, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Probability, Coordinate Geometry, Mensuration.

S. Sci. :
** Power sharing, Federalism, Resources & development, Development, Making of the global world, Forest and wild life resources, democracy and diversity, sectors of Indian economy, Gender Religion & caste, Water resources, Print culture & modern world, Agriculture, Money and credit, Popular struggle & movements, Political parties, Mineral & energy resources, globalisation. The nationalist movements in Indo China, Outcomes of democracy,Challenges to democracy, Manufacturing Industries, Life line of National Economy, Nationalism in India, Consumer rights, Novels, Society & History.

** Vocabulary, Tense, Determiners, Narrations, Prepositions, Phrasal verbs, Reading skills and Sentence sequencing, Modals, Idiom, Phrases, Sentences, Subject verb agreement, Voices, Reported speech, Punctuation, Clauses,Error spotting. Part of speech – Preposition, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Conjunctions, Interjections, Adverb.

Offline Registration Form :
** For Registration, you have to submit the Registration Form duly filled-up at least two days before the date of Admission Test along with the required documents, photographs and the Registration Fee of Rs.500/-.

** You are requested to obtain your Admit Card from the school at the time of your Registration.
** Your Admit Card will be a proof of your Registration and will entitle you for appearing in the test.

** In exceptional cases, if you are not able to obtain the admit card two days prior to the test then you can report in the school campus two hours before the start of the test for obtaining the admit card and depositing the Registration Fee on the day of the test itself.

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