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Him Academy Admission Test IX Question Paper

The Counselling for admission may be conducted to assess the level of learning of the student in the subjects of study of the previous class.
Time : 2½ hrs.
Maximum Marks : 80

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Class IX Sample Paper

Section A – English

M.M. : 20
Q.1. Read the given passage carefully and answer the question that follow:
Eagles are birds of prey. The Tawny Eagle is a large bird of prey which is about 62 to 72 cms in length and has a wingspan of 165–185cms. It usually weighs 1.6 to 2.4 kgs. Like all other eagles, it belongs to the family Accipitridae.
It mostly breeds in many parts of Africa, both north and south of Sahara Desert and across the tropical region from south-western Asia to India. It lays one to three eggs in a stick nest in a tree, crag or on the ground. Throughout its range, it favours open dry habitats like semi-desert, desert, steppes or savannah plains.

a) What is the length of the Tawny Eagle and how much does the wingspan measure?
b) To which family does the Tawny Eagle belong?
c) In what kind of habitat are these eagles found?
d) In which regions do the Tawny eagles mostly breed?
e) Describe the appearance of the Tawny eagle.

Q.2 Write a paragraph in about 60-80 words: (Any one)
a) A Visit to a Zoo
b) The Importance of Newspapers. [5]

Q.3 Write a letter to your father expressing your happiness on being selected as the captain of School Cricket Team.
Write an application to your Principal requesting him to grant you full scholarship. [6]

Q.4 Fill in the blanks with-ing,-en or–ed form of verbs given in brackets.
a) The ____________vase was thrown in the dustbin. (break) b) Anamika was good at____________. (sketch) c) ____________is what she enjoys the most. (sing) d) The____________man was rushed to the hospital. (injure) [4]

Section C – Mathematics

[M.M. 20]
Q.1. a) The multiplicative inverse of
b) Find the value of x in the linear equation: 2x –13 = 7
c) Find square root of 256.
d) Complete the identify: a2 – b2 [4×1=4]

Q.2. a) Find the product (2P + 1) (4P + 3)
b) Find the area of a rhombus whose diagonals are of lengths 20cm and 8.2cm.
c) Find any three rational number between 1 4 and 1 2 .
d) Solve for y:
8y + 4 = 3 (y –1) + 7
e) Find the cube root of 64. [5×2=10]

Q.3. a) Find the height of a cylinder whose radius is 10cm and the total surface area is 2420 cm2.
b) Find the side of a cube whose surface area is 600cm2.

Section D – Science

[M.M. 20]
1 mark questions :
Very short answer type question :
Q.1 Write the name of two soft metals which can be cut with a knife.
Q.2 Which liquid metal is used for making thermometers?
Q.3 Which part of the cell contains organelles?
Q.4 Which optical instrument will you use to study cell?
Q.5 Write the name of sound producing organ in humans.

2 mark questions :
Q.6 A pendulum oscillates 40 times in 4 seconds. Find its time period and frequency.
Q.7 Write the name of force acting on a plastic bucket containg water held above ground level in your hand. Why the force acting on the bucket do not bring a change in its state of motion?
Q.8 Write any two sources which causes air pollution.
Q.9 Does any part of our body vibrate when we speak? Write the name of the part.
Q.10 Write any two musical instruments which produces sound by vibrating string.

5 mark questions :
Q.11 a) Write six differences between metals and non-metals. [3]
b) Explain why chloroplast is found only in plant cell? [2]

Syllabus for IXth class

Class IXth : Mathematics, Science, English and Hindi.
English : Reading comprehension, Article writing, Grammar
Maths : Rational Numbers, Linear equations in one variable, Squares and square roots, cubes and cube roots,Algebraic Expressions and Identities, Mensuration.
Science : Cell-structure and functions, Materials, metals and non-metals, Force and Pressure, Sound, Pollution of air and water. Chemical effects of Electric Current.

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