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VIT Engineering Entrance Examinations VITEEE-2018 Physics Question Paper

Name of the University : VIT University , Vellore
Exam : VITEEE-2018 – VIT Engineering Entrance Examinations
Document Type : Sample Question Papers
Category or Subject : Physics
Website :
Download Model Question Paper :

VIT Engineering Entrance Exam Physics Question Papers

** VITEEE-2018 is a Common Entrance Exam and Eligible candidates can select the courses offered at VIT Vellore Campus, Chennai Campus, VIT-Bhopal and VIT-AP on the day of Counselling as per the order of merit and availability.

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Questions Pattern

** All Questions will be of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)
** Part –I – Physics
** Part-II – Chemistry
** Part-III-Mathematics / Biology
** Part-IV – English

Sample Questions Physics

1. If a force F = (2x + 3×2)î N acts along x-axis on an object and moves it from x = 2î m to x = 4î m, the work done is
A) 24 J
B) 68 J
C) 86 J
D) 142 J

2. A vessel contains 1 mol of O2 and 2 mol of He. What is the value of ‘CP/CV’ of the mixture?
A) 17/11
B) 71/45
C) 38/15
D) 46/15

3. Figure shows some of the electric field lines corresponding to an electric field. The figure suggests that
A) Ea>Eb>Ec
B) Ea=Eb=Ec
C) Ea=Eb>Ec
D) Ea<Eb=Ec

4. A carbon resistor has color code as, Red, Black, Blue and Gold. The resistance and tolerance values are
A) 20 MO ±5%
B) 20 MO ±10%
C) 20 kO ±5%
D) 20 kO ±10%

5. A small circular flexible loop of wire of radius r carries a current I. It is placed in a uniform magnetic field B. The tension in the loop will be doubled if
A) I is doubled
B) B is halved
C) r is doubled
D) Both B and I are doubled

6. What is the self-inductance of a coil when a change of current from 0 to 2 A in 0.05 s induces an emf of 40 V in it?
A) 1 H
B) 2 H
C) 3 H
D) 4 H

7. A light has the wavelength 6000 Å in air and 4500 Å in water. Then the speed of light in water will be
A) 5.0 ? 1014 m/s
B) 2.25 ? 108 m/s
C) 4.0 ? 108 m/s
D) 1.0 ? 108 m/s

8. In which of the following transitions in hydrogen atom will the wavelength be minimum?
A) n = 5 to n = 4
B) n = 4 to n = 3
C) n = 3 to n = 2
D) n = 2 to n = 1

9. One gram of Radium, with atomic weight 226, emits 4 ? 1010 particles per second. The half-life of Radium is
A) 4.6 ? 1010 s
B) 4.6 ? 109 s
C) 4.6 ? 1012 s
D) 4.6 ? 1014 s

10. The minimum number of NAND gates required to implement ¯ ¯ is
A) 3
B) 2
C) 6
D) zero

Note :
** PCME (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English) – 120 questions (Each 40 questions) & English 5 questions = Total 125 questions
** PCBE (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English) – 120 questions ( Each 40 questions) & English 5 questions = Total 125 questions
** No Negative marks for wrong answers

Selection Of VITEEE Question Paper

** Candidates are requested to give utmost attention during VITEEE Question paper selection (PCME / PCBE)

** Candidates appearing in PCME (Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics/English) is eligible for all the B.Tech. Degree programmes, as per the VITEEE ranking

** Candidates who have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology are eligible for B.Tech. Bio-engineering and B.Tech.Biotechnology programmes. They are also eligible for B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (Spec. in Bioinformatics) and Electronics and Communication with spl. in Biomedical Engineering but after joining, registering Mathematics as bridge course is mandatory.

Syllabus Physics

1. Laws of Motion & Work, Energy and Power :
Law of conservation of linear momentum and its applications. Static and kinetic friction – laws of friction – rolling friction – lubrication.
Work done by a constant force and a variable force; kinetic energy – work-energy theorem – power.

Conservative forces: conservation of mechanical energy (kinetic and potential energies) – non-conservative forces: motion in a vertical circle – elastic and inelastic collisions in one and two dimensions.

2. Properties of Matter :
Elastic behaviour – Stress-strain relationship – Hooke’s law – Young’s modulus – bulk modulus – shear modulus of rigidity – Poisson’s ratio – elastic energy. Viscosity – Stokes’ law – terminal velocity – streamline and turbulent flow – critical velocity. Bernoulli’s theorem and its applications.

Heat – temperature – thermal expansion: thermal expansion of solids – specific heat capacity: Cp, Cv – latent heat capacity. Qualitative ideas of Blackbody radiation: Wein’s displacement Law – Stefan’s law.

3. Electrostatics :
Charges and their conservation; Coulomb’s law-forces between two point electric charges – Forces between multiple electric charges-superposition principle. Electric field – electric field due to a point charge, electric field lines; electric dipole, electric field intensity due to a dipole – behaviour of a dipole in a uniform electric field. Electric potential – potential difference-electric potential due to a point charge and dipole-equipotential surfaces – electrical potential energy of a system of two point charges.

Electric flux-Gauss’s theorem and its applications. Electrostatic induction-capacitor and capacitance – dielectric and electric polarisation – parallel plate capacitor with and without dielectric medium – applications of capacitor – energy stored in a capacitor – Capacitors in series and in parallel – action of points – Van de Graaff generator.

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