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Name of the Organization : The Gauhati High Court
Name of the Exam : Private Secretary for Kohima Bench
Department : Non-Judicial Services
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Year : 2017
Website :
Download Model Question Paper :

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Private Secretary for Kohima Bench Question Paper :

English Language Proficiency :
Directions (Q. Nos.1 to 10): In each of the following questions, a sentence contains a blank space, Choose the best option from (A), (2), (C) and (d) so that it completes the sentence in the most meaningful and grammatically appropriate manner.

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1) It was common knowledge that the Manager had Committed a fraud. Just to , the Manager was now lying through his teeth.
(A) admit it
(B) save his own skin
(C) reaffirm it
(D) make hay while the sun shine

2) The rioting crowd had reached very close to Nancy’s house. Nancy’s brother Somehow managed to avoid this crowd and reached home
(A) Simply
(B) in silent
(C) in a jiffy
(D) quicker

3) I have been so busy with work that I have not yet to arrange my things in my new house.
(A) tried
(B) seemed
(C) attempting
(D) gotten around

4) I am hosting a party at my house tomorrow evening. I you can make it on time.
(A) knew that
(B) hope that
(C) wishes that
(D) desire

5) They work hard not because of the . . ., but because of their inner urge.
(A) desire
(B) drive
(C) energy
(D) incentive

6) His background had made him So docile.
(A) Famous
(B) lucrative
(C) rich
(D) humble

7) It is for everyone to abide by the laws of the land.
(A) expected
(B) obligatory
(C) meant
(D) optional

8) He is a hard worker, his quality of work is not of a desirable level.
(A) Despite
(8) Because
(C) Although
(D) Somehow

9) In spite of repeated instructions, he the same mistakes.
(A) Commits
(B) detects
(C) Corrects
(D) imitates

10) From Mumbai to Burma is a
(A) nearby
(B) distance
(C) a far cry
(D) far away

11)His father won’t be able to leave for Delhi until they had arrived.
(A) until they arrive
(B) until they will arrive
(C) until they will have arrived
(D) no improvement

12) They cooked a conspiracy to overthrow the monarch.
(A) created conspiracy
(B) fabricated conspiracy
(C) hatched a conspiracy
(D) no improvement

13) They felt humiliated because they realised that they had cheated.
(A) had been cheating
(B) are to be cheated
(C) had been cheated
(D) no improvement

14) Julian would have been looked smart in traditional clothes.
(A) was looked
(B) Would be looked
(C) would have looked
(D) no improvement

15) The summer has set out, and the days are getting warm.
(A) set up
(B) set in
(C) set off
(D) no improvement

16) No sooner saw the tiger than I ran away.
(A) No sooner I had seen
(B) No sooner did I See
(C) As soon as I saw
(D) no improvement

17) The teacher has instructed all of us to finish the work by tomorrow, isn’t it?
(A) has she?
(B) didn’t she?
(C) hasnt she?
(D) no improvement

18) Bad habits must be nipped at the bud
A) nipped off the bud
(B) nipped in the bud
(C) nipped on the bud
(D) no improvement

19). It is no good to cry over spit milk.
(A). It is no good crying
(B) It is of no good to cry
(C). It is off no good crying
(D) No improvement

20). He enjoys to tell stories to children.
(A) how to tell stories
(B) telling stories
(C) to narrate stories
(D) No improvement

21) Alemla purchased the very good of all the cosmetics kept in the shop.
(A) the better
(B) the very better
(C) the best
(D) No improvement

22) Galileo said that the earth revolved around the sin.
(A) has revolved around the sun.
(B) was revolving round the sun.
(C) revolves round the sun.
(D) No improvement

23) He is having a lot of money.
(A) is having lots of
(B) has lot of
(C) has a lot of
(D) No improvement

24) I have not written any fetter to him since his father had died,
(A) died
(B) was dead
(C) has died
(D) No improvement

25) A lot depends on your early brought up in the family.
(A) bringing up
(B) bringing on
(C) upbringing
(D) No improvement

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