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Name of the Organization : The Gauhati High Court
Name of the Exam : LDC-Cum-Typist Examination Aizawl Bench
Department : Non-Judicial Services
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Year : 2014
Website :
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LDC-Cum-Typist Examination Question Paper

Duration: 2 Hours
Total Marks: 100

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Opposite in Meaning Question

1. In each of the following question, a word printed in capital letters precedes four optional words or phrases. From these four optional words or phrases, pick the one most nearly opposite in meaning to the capitalized word. 10X1 = 10
a. exact
b. supportive
c. flexible
d. spineless

a. suspicious
b. mentally alert
0. corrupt
d. affluent

a. careful
b. matured
c. inexperienced
d. sympathetic

a. distant
b. near
c. non-transferable
d. insincere

a. liberate
b. imprison
c. scorn
d. traitor

a. impress
b. effect
c. seclude
d. astound

a. rash
b. desirable
c. painful
d. rude

a. afforded
b. inept
c. strengthened
d. busted

a. conservative
b prolegomenon
c. proclamation
d proscriptive

a. criticize
b. renounce
c. forbid
d. increase

Fill in the blanks Question

Fill in the blanks with the most suitable word from given options. : 10X1 = 10
1. The food smelt ——– —
a. heavy
b. smelly
c. heavenly
d. crazy

2. His —– –behaviour stunned us.
a. charming
b. awkward
c. rusty
d. brazen

3. The old man walked ——- —
a. gingerly
b mentally
c. flashin
d disgustingly

4. I never miss a cricket match. I ———– –fond of cricket since childhood.
a. has been
b. have been
c. will be
d. am

5. I am tired —– –this work.
a. with
b. of
c. by
d. to

6. You must apply —– –judge for pardon.
a. to
b. with
c. upon
d. for

7. I must dispense —– –your services.
a. of
b. with
c. in
d. at

8. There is no such magazine—–you mention.
a. that
b. as
c. which
d. none of the above

9. Ram has been missing—–24 hours.
a. for
b. since
c. by
d. till

10. The river flows —– –the bridge.
a. below
b. under
c. into
d. to

Select one word from the given options which is most appropriate substitution : 10X1= 10
1. Through which light cannot pass.
a. opaque
b. dark
0. dull
d. obscure

2. Fear of closed spaces
a. claustrophobia
b. agoraphobia
c. hallucination
d. obsession

3. A disease which spreads by contact.
a. infectious
b. contagious
c contiguous
d contextual

4. To give ones authority to others
a. intimidate
b. delegate
c. abdicate
d. desecrate

5. That which cannot be cured.
a. indivisible
b. incorrigible
c. incurable
d. invincible

6. The art of shooting arrows is:
a. apiary
b. archery
c. anthology
d. astronomy

7. The part of human body between the neck and the abdomen is
a. thorax
b. cardiac
c. viscera
d. renal

8. The study and science of speech sounds is:
a. physics phonetics
c. accentuation
d. nanography

9. An animal that is hunted and eaten by another
a. insect
b prey
c. pulmonary
d sedentary

10. The subject of a talk, piece of writing etc.
a. theme
b summary
c. brief
d testamentary

Idiom/phrase Questions

In these questions four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of that idiom/ phrase.
1. Bed of roses
a. Very soft bed
b. Dull life
d. Belong to
2. Full of joys Smell a rat
a. To act unfairly
b. To talk boastfully
c. To have reason to suspect
d. To discourage

3. To meet one’s waterloo
a. To die fighting
b To meet one’s final defeat
c. To meet with humiliation
d To meet a strong adversary

4. To fight tooth and nail
a. To make every effort to win
b. To fight cowardly
c. To fight heroically
d. To fight a losing battle.

5. Between the devil and the deep sea-
a. In a dilemma
b. A man who is drowning
c. To be evil tempered
d. A deep sea diver

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