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Indian National Junior Science Olympiad – INJSO 2017 Question Paper : Homi Bhabha Centre For Education

Name of the Centre : Homi Bhabha Centre For Science Education
Name Of The Exam : Indian National Junior Science Olympiad – INJSO 2017
Name Of The Subject : Junior Science
Document type : Sample Questions Papers
Year : 2017

Website :
Download Sample Question Paper :

Indian National Junior Science Olympiad – INJSO Question Paper :

Duration: 3 Hours
Maximum marks: 90
Instructions :
** Please write your roll number on top of this page in the space provided.
** Please use only black or blue pen to write your answers in the Answer Sheet provided. Please do not use a pencil.

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** Before starting, please ensure that you have received a copy of this Question paper containing a total of 20 pages (20 sides on 10 sheets including the first 2 cover pages for instructions and values of physical constants).

** In section A, there are 30 multiple choice questions with 4 alternatives, out of which only 1 is correct. You get 1 mark for every correct answer and – 0.25 mark for every wrong answer.
** In Section B there are 12 questions of total 60 marks.

** For Section A, you have to indicate the answers on page 3 of the Answer sheet by putting a “×” in the appropriate box against the relevant question number, like this Marking a cross means affirmative response (making your particular choice). Do not use tick mark or any other signs to mark the correct answers.

** For each of the 12 questions in Section B, a separate page has been provided in the Answer sheet, with the particular question number indicated in the top left hand corner. One additional page for answering those questions have also been appended, in case of necessity.

** A blank page have been provided in the Answer sheet, for rough work.
** Please write the answers in the answer sheet only.
** Calculator(s) and mobile phone(s) are not allowed.
** The Answer Sheet must be returned to the invigilator. You may take this Question paper with you.

Section A :
Questions 1 to 30 are Multiple Choice questions with every correct answer carrying 1 mark and every wrong answer carrying – 0.25 mark.
1. In an old Sherlock Holmes movie, a criminal kept a 12.5 cm long knife (mass 1 kg), in a 15 cm thick book (excluding thickness of the covers) with a spring trap. The spring has 25 turns each of 1 mm thickness. The spring is fixed at the back cover and the knife presses the spring to its maximum when the front cover is closed so that the turns touch each other. The design is such that if the book is held in front of the body and opened, the knife gets detached from the spring and hits the reader (Sherlock Holmes in this case). Unstretched length of the spring is equal to thickness of the book. However, Sherlock Holmes was too smart and hence he opened the book in such a way that the knife flew vertically upwards. All the energy of the spring is given to the knife, which just reached the ceiling, at a height of 5 m from the tip of the knife and got stuck there. Calculate the spring constant which satisfies the equation F = – kx.
a) 160/9 N/mm
b) 40/9 N/mm
c) 40 N/mm
d) 6.4 N/mm

3. A black dot has a mass of about one femto gram. Assuming that the dot is made up of carbon only, calculate the approximate number of carbon atoms present in the dot.
a) 1 × 108
b) 5 × 1010
c) 5× 107
d) 1× 1011

4. Among the following, the third ionisation energy is highest for which one of the following elements?
a) Boron
b) Magnesium
c) Aluminium
d) Beryllium

5. In a hypothetical situation, a cell was found to lack rough endoplasmic reticulum. Which one of the following activities was all likely absent in this cell?
a) Transcription
b) Translation
c) Synthesis of secretory proteins
d) Manufacture of fat molecules or lipids

6. In a laboratory, a plane mirror and a student move with velocities as shown in the figure. X and Y components of the velocity (in m/s) of the image (of the student), as seen by the student, are respectively
a) – 2.5(2+v3), Zero
b) – 5, (5v3 – 2.5)
c) – 5(2+v3), Zero
d) – 5(1+v3), Zero

7. In liver transplantation, the first three months after transplantation is when the patient requires the most care and post-surgery monitoring. Which of the following statement is most suitable up to three months for a patient who has undergone liver-transplantation recently?
a) She will require no drugs but only care and follow ups.
b) She will be treated with immunosuppressive drugs only.
c) She will be treated with antibiotics only.
d) She will be treated with combination of immunosuppressive drugs and antibiotics.

8. While driving on a level road at 72 kmph, Vinayak observes the traffic signal turning red, the (white) stopping line being 52 m away from the front end of his car. Immediately he applies the brakes that decelerate his car at 4 m/s2. How far from the stopping line will the front end of Vinayak’s car be after 6 seconds?
a) Zero
b) 2 m
c) 4 m
d) 6 m

9. When a mixture of 60mL of carbon monoxide and 40mL of oxygen is sparked, mixture A is obtained. Mixture A is passed through aqueous potassium hydroxide to yield mixture B. The volumes of mixtures A and B respectively are
a) 70mL,10mL
b) 40mL,20mL
c) 60mL,20mL

10. A convex mirror of radius of curvature 12 cm has its principal axis horizontal. A simple pendulum with a tiny bob is oscillating in front of the mirror such that centre of mass of the bob is 12 cm away from the mirror along the principal axis. Amplitude of oscillation is 3 cm and there is practically no damping. Length of the pendulum is sufficiently large and the plane of oscillation is such that the bob moves practically along the principal axis of the mirror. Path length of the image of the bob formed by the mirror is …..
a) 4 cm
b) 2 cm
c) 0.7 cm
d) 8 cm

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