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All posts from B.Ed Commerce Model Question Paper 2016 : Sido Kanhu Murmu University

Organisation : Sido Kanhu Murmu University
Exam : B.Ed
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : Commerce
Year : 2016 – 2017

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Set I :
Set II :
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Commerce Model Question Paper :

Subject : Commerce (Set-I)
Full Marks : 80
Paper : CEC Time : 03 hours

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i. Candidates are required to give your answer in own words and sentences.
ii. All questions contain equal marks. Answer any five out of ten questions.

SET – I :
Answer All the Questions :
1. What do you understand by Commerce? Write down its importance.
2. Define Business. What are its characteristics?
3. Give the meaning of Company. Write down the characteristics of a company.
4. What do you understand by e-commerce? What are the limitation of e-commerce?

5. What is Banking? Write the functions of Banking in detail.
6. Explain the concept of Business. What are the different types of business activities?
7. Write down the main features of partnership.

8. Explain in detail the warehousing services.
9. What are the causes of Business Risk?
10. What do you understand by marketing? What are the functions of marketing?

SET – II :
Answer all the questions :
1. Define Banking? Explain different types of banks.
2. What is e-banking? Discuss the use of e-banking?
3. What do you understand by business? What is difference between business and profession?

4. Discuss the importance of Finance?
5. Write down the functions of commercial Banks.
6. Give the meaning of e-commerce. What are the benefits of e-commerce?
7. Explain the concept of Business Ethics.

8. What do you mean by marketing? What are the importance of marketing?
9. What is company? Write down the features of company?
10. Define company. Write down the different types of company.

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