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UPSC National Defence & Naval Academy Exam Model Question Paper 2016

Organisation : Union Public Service Commission
Document Type : Question Paper
Year : 2016
Exam : National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination 2016

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National Defence & Naval Academy Exam :

Subject : General Ability Test
Time Allowed : Two Hours
Maximum Marks : 100

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Instructions :
** Immediately After The Commencement Of The Examination, You Should Check That This Test Booklet Does Not Have Any Un printed Or Torn Or Missing Pages Or Items, Etc, If So, Get It Replaced By A Complete Test Booklet.

** Please note that it is the candidate’s responsibility to encode and fill in the Roll Number and Test Booklet Series A, B, C or D carefully and without any omission or discrepancy at the appropriate places in the OMR Answer Sheet.
** Any omission/discrepancy will render the Answer Sheet liable for rejection.

** You have to enter your Roll Number on the Test Booklet in the Box provided alongside. DO NOT write anything else on the Test Booklet.
** This Test Booklet contains 120 items (questions). Each item is printed both in Hindi and English.

** Each item comprises four responses (answers). You will select the response which you want to mark on the Answer Sheet.
** In case you feel that there is more than one correct response, mark the response, which you consider the best. In any case, choose ONLY ONE response for each item.

** You have to mark all your responses ONLY on the separate Answer Sheet provided.
** See directions in the Answer Sheet.
** All items carry equal marks.

** Before you proceed to mark in the Answer Sheet the response to various items in the Test Booklet, you have to fill in some particulars in the Answer Sheet as per instructions sent to you with your Admission Certificate.

Part – A :
Spotting Errors :
Each question in this section has a sentence with three underlined parts labelled (a), (b) and (c), Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in any underlined part and indicate yºur response in the Answer Sheet against the corresponding letter i.e., (a) or (b) of (c). If you find no error, your response should be indicated as (d).

1. Being a day of national mourning the offices were closed 2. and the natiºnal flag flew half mast. No error.
2. If you are wanting to watch the birds nesting you must not let them see you. No error.
3. I asked him what had brought him there. No error.
4. The guards dare not to harm him. No error.
5. The Principal looks very worried his disciplinary action against some miscreants. No error.

Synonyms :
Each item in this section consists of a sentence with an underlined word of words followed by four words or groups of words.
1. Hospitality is a virtue for which the natives of the East in general are highly admired.
(a) Duty of a doctor
(b) Generosity shown to guests
(c) Cleanliness in hospital
(d) Kindness

2. House rent in cities like Mumbai or else has risen to astronomical figures beyond the reach of even high-salaried people
a) commercial
(b) Kindness
(c) planetary
(d) illogica

3. A nation’s development.
(b) Growing He was charmed of his own golden WINCE.
(c) Growing He Was Charmoured Of His own Golden Twice.
(a) very fond of
(b) concerned with
(c) obsessed with
(d) imbued with

4. Some journalists are guilty of indulging in yellow journalism.
(a) misrepresentation
(b) Vulgarization
(c) sensational reporting
(d) loud gesture

5. The culprit was sentenced by the Court. us
(a) acquitted
(c) calculating
(b) punished
(d) seasoned

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