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Organisation : Central Board Of Secondary Education
Exam : English Communicative
Document Type : Sample Question Papers
Category or Subject : Class IX

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English Communicative Sample Question Paper :

Classes IX & X :
Code No. : 101
General Instructions :
1. All questions are compulsory
2. You may attempt any section at a time
3. All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order

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Section – A :
Reading – 20 Marks
1. Read the poem given below and complete the summary by filling in the appropriate word. Supply only one word for each blank. 5 Marks
When Mebula Ramsandra
Was three years old
His mother told him, that if he wanted
To be a big strong man
He’d have to drink all his milk —
And he did.
When Mebula Ramsandra
Was five years old
His teacher told him

A young Mebula Ramsandra was advised by his mother to consume (a) _________ if he wanted to be big and strong. At the age of five his teacher warned him that if he didn’t put in (b) _______ work, he wouldn’t be able to go to Grammar School. When he was in his teens, he was told that he would have to go to University to be a lab (c) _________. After ten years his job application was rejected because he was (d) _______. Surely the man on the other side of the telephone was (e) __________.

2. Read the passage and complete the sentences given below. –  5 Marks
Massage can be a natural tranquilliser. It has been used in virtually every culture throughout history to relieve aches and pains, unknot tense muscles, and help the body– and the mind– to relax. There are several types of the massage, but the most popular are Oriental massage and Swedish massage. The chief difference between them is that some of the strokes in Swedish massage are designed to stimulate a rather than to relax the body.

1. Besides relieving pain, massage also (a) ________________________________________.
2. While the oriental massage focuses on (b) ____________________________________. some aspects of the Swedish massage are meant for (c) ______________________________.
3. Many people associate massage with pleasure, thinking that it is useful only for (d) ________.
4. To identify painful muscles and knots, masseurs should have knowledge in (e) ____________.

Q3 Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow by choosing the answers from the given options. 5 Marks
“It scares me,” said Jack Hills, an astronomer at New Mexico’s Los Alamos National Laboratory. “It really does.” He and the rest of the world had good reason to be worried. Astronomer Brian Marsden, at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics had just announced that a newly discovered asteroid 1.6 km wide was headed for Earth and might pass as close as 48,000km in the year 2028. “The chance of an actual collision is small,” Marsden reported, “but not entirely out of the question.”
1. The world had reasons to worry because…………………….
a. it could come to an end
b. it would be hit by an asteroid
c. it might be hit by an asteroid
d. the astronomers had predicated a definite collision

2. The news that soon came as a relief was that………………….
a. there was no asteroid
b. the asteroid would disintegrate in space
c. it would cross the earth at a safe distance
d. it would be too small to cause harm

3. The asteroid XF11was discovered when…………………………..
a. Jim Scotti observed the sky
b. Scotti saw it through a telescope
c. Marsden discovered it through the computer
d. Jack Hills observed the sky

4. The astronomer, described the asteroid as standing out “like a sore thumb” because………………
a. it was not a pleasant sight
b. it was noticeable in an unpleasant way
c. it was threatening and ugly
d. it had become huge as it neared the earth

5. The word in the second paragraph that means disaster is………………….
a. collision
b. dubbed
c. catastrophe
d. danger

Q4. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow by choosing the answer from the given options: 5 Marks Coded Messages
Arabic mathematicians made tremendous contributions to cryptanalysis — the science of decoding scrambled messages. Their interest stemmed partially from their religion.
The holy Koran contains revelations made by the Prophet Mohammed. The text contained dictated messages that the Prophet had received from the archangel Gabriel. However, these revelations were not necessarily placed in the order in which the Prophet had received them. To deduce the order of the revelations and place them in chronological context, Muslim scholars determined that some passages contained words coined more recently, and some contained words that were older.

1. The art of deciphering scrambled messages has its roots in………………
a. cryptanalysis
b. Arabic language
c. religion
d. Mathematics

2. The Holy Koran documents the messages of …………………..
a. The Prophet Mohammed
b. Archangel Gabriel
c. Arabic hymns
d. Muslim Scholars

3. Placing the text of Koran in a sequential order was done……………..
a. by determining the chronological order of events
b.with the help of Arabic mathematicians
c. by using the frequency of modern and ancient words
d. by breaking the cryptic code contained in the messages

4. Al-Kindi’s contribution has been acknowledged in the field of……..
a. encrypting messages
b. cryptanalysis
c. language analysis
d. preparing a manuscript

5. The word in the last paragraph that means ‘coding of a clear text’ is…………
a. deciphering
b. encrypted
c. revelation
d. scrambled

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