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Organisation : Department Of State Educational Research And Training
Exam : State Level NTSE Examination
Paper: Scholastic Aptitude Test
Document Type : Model/Sample Question Paper
Year : 2014

Website :
Download Model/Sample Question Paper

DSERT Scholastic Aptitude Test Model Question Paper

Instructions to Candidates :
1. The Question Booklet containing 90 questions and the OMR answer sheet is given to you.
2. All questions are compulsory, each question carry one mark.

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3. During the examination,
Read the questions carefully.
Completely darken/shade the relevant oval against Question No. in the OMR answer sheet, using blue/black ball point pen. Do not try to alter the entry and not do any stray marks on OMR Sheet.

Ex: In an question paper if Sl. No. 3 is correct answer for Question No. 20, then darken OMR answer sheet using blue/black ball point pen as follows.
20. 1 2 3 4 (This is an example only)

4. If more than one oval is darkened for a given question, such answer is treated as wrong and no marks will be given.
5. The candidate and Room Supervisor should sign in the OMR sheet.

6. Candidate should return the OMR answer sheet only to the room supervisor before leaving the examination hall.
7. The calculator, mobiles and any other electronic equipment’s are not allowed inside the examination hall.

8. English version of the question paper will be considered as final, in case of any dispute arising out of variation in translation version.
9. In case of any dispute the opinion of the experts appointed by DSERT will be final.



1. Which of the following rays will cause more damage to human body ?
1) X – rays
2) y – rays
3) ß – rays
4) a – rays

2. The waxing and waning of sea is due to
1) Gravitational force
2) Rotation of the earth
3) Rotation of the moon
4) Planetary motion

3. r = 36,000 km, Ve = 11.2 km/sec and T = 24 hrs. These are related to
1) Rocket
2) Geo Stationary Satellite
3) Artificial Satellites
4) Moon Mission [Chandra Yaan]

4. Which one of the following material has more refractive index ?
1) Air
2) Water
3) Diamond
4) Clay

5. “Red Shift” is related to
1) Thamson effect
2) Doppler effect
3) Compton effect
4) Tyndall effect


1. The half-life of radio active 14C is 5760 years. In how many years 200 mg sample will reduce to 25 mg ?
1) 23,040 years
2) 17,280 years
3) 11,520 years
4) 5,760 years

2. Which of the following statement is correct ?
1) All isotopes are radio active
2) Alpha rays are negatively charged
3) Beta rays are not reflected by an electric field
4) Gamma rays are not reflected by magnetic field

3. The composition of nicrom alloy is
1) Cu, Ni, Cr
2) Fe, Ni, Cr
3) Al, Ni, Cr
4) Mn, Ni, Cr

4. The substance which are put into the blast furnace in the manufacture of iron
1) Iron ore, CaO, Ca(OH)2 and CaSiO3
2) Iron ore, Coke, Lime Stone and CaSiO3
3) Iron ore, Coke, Lime Stone and Hot air
4) Iron ore, CaO, Lime Stone and Hot air

5. The metals which liberate hydrogen gas with dilute hydrochloric acid as well as caustic soda solution are
1) Na and K
2) Zn and Al
3) Fe and Mn
4) Cu and Ag


1. An enzyme secreted by an endocrine gland which is present in an exocrine gland
1) Paratharmone
2) Thyroxin
3) Glucogon
4) Adrinalin

2. Which of the following activity is controlled by Medulla oblongata ?
1) Maintain balance of the body
2) Peristaltic movement in alimentary canal
3) Controlling body temperature
4) Facial expression

3. The tissue which is helpful for the movement of ovum in the Fallopian tube is
1) Columnar Epithelial Tissue
2) Ciliated Columnar Epithelial Tissue
3) Cuboidal Epithelial Tissue
4) Squamous Epithelial Tissue

4. Blur vision in Diabetic patients is due to
1) Decrease in the transparency of lens
2) Decrease in the transparency of aqueous humar
3) Decrease in the transparency of vitreous humar
4) Enlargement of pupil

5. The function of Nitrosomonos bacteria in Nitrogen cycle is to
1) Oxidise ammonium salts into nitrites
2) Oxidise nitrites into nitrates
3) Oxidise nitrites into ammonium salts
4) Oxidise nitrates into nitrites

6. Which of the following statement is correct that is related to phloem of plants ?
1) Phloem in pinus contains phloem fibres
2) Phloem in sunflower does not contain parenchyma
3) Phloem in cycas contains companion cells
4) Phloem in Maize does not contain parenchyma

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