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Professional Examination Board MCA Entrance Test Sample Question Paper :

Organisation : Professional Examination Board
Exam : Entrance Test
Paper: Master of Computer Applications MCA Entrance Test
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Year : 2014

Website :
Download Model/Sample Question Paper :

PEB MCA Entrance Test Question Paper

Download Question Paper of Master of Computer Applications MCA Entrance Test Sample Question Paper is now available in the official website of Professional Examination Board.

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1. This Question Booklet has six subjects
Hindi – Q. Nos. 1-15
English – Q. Nos. 16-30

Environment – Q. Nos. 31-45
General Knowledge – Q. Nos. 46-60
Science – Q. Nos. 61-80
Mathematics – Q. Nos. 81-100

2. This Question Booklet contains 100 questions numbered from 1 to 100 and each question carries 1 mark. All questions are compulsory. There is no negative marking.

3. Tally the number of pages along with the number of questions printed on the cover page of the Question Booklet. Also check that Question Booklet contains the questions of all relevant subjects as required and stated above and no repetition or omission of questions is evident.

4. If any discrepancy is found in the Question Booklet, the same can be replaced with another correct Question Booklet.
5. In the Question Booklet, all the questions are printed in Hindi and English both versions except questions related to language of Hindi or English.

6. Use of any type of calculator, mobile phone or any other electronic equipment’s and log table, etc., is strictly prohibited.

Model Questions

1. The equations
x+2y+3z= 1
x- y+4z=O
2x+ y+ 7z= 1 have

(A) Only one solution
(B) No solution
(C) Only two solutions
(D) Infinitely many solutions

2. For positive numbers x,y, z, the value of the determinant is
(A) 0
(B) -1
(C) 1
(D) log 3

3. The centre of a circle passing through the points (0, 0), (1 ,O) and touching the circle x2+y2=9is
(A) 3/2,1/2
(B) 1/2,-2
(C) 1/2,3/2
(D) 1/2,1/2

4. Perpendicular tangents to the circle x2+y2 =,£I: meet at a point P. Then the locus of point P has the equation
(A) x2+ Y’ = -‘a2
(C) x2 + y2 = 3tY
(8) x2 + r= 2a2
(0) x2 + y2 = 4;

5. One of the limit point of the coaxial system of circles containing x2+ Y-6x-6y+4=0, , x2+ y2- 2x – 4Y + 3 = 0 is
(A) (1,’-:1)
(C) (-1,2)
(D) (1,-2)

6. The locus of the centre of circle which cuts the circles XJ.+ ‘I + 2g;x+ 2f;y + c; = 0, (i = 1,2) orthogonally is
(A) an ellipse
(B) another circle
(C) the radical axis of given circles (0) a conic

7. The mid-point of the chord intercepted on the line 4x- 3y + 4 = 0 by the parabola y=8x, is
(A) (5,3)
(B) (5, ~)
(C) (!,3)

8. The polar of a Point with respect to f = 4axtouches x2 = 4by. then the locus of this point is:
(A) a circle
(B) an ellipse
(C) a parabola
(D) a rectangular hyperbola

9. The line x +Y=~,i$ a normal to the parabola f =8XCi~the point : .
(A) (18.-12)
(B) (2.4)
(C) (4.2)
(D) (3.3)

10. The curve represented by x= a (cosh 9 +sinh 9), y= b (cosh 9 – sinh 9) is:
(A) a hyperbola
(B) an ellipse
(C) a parabola
(D) a circle

11. In Simpson 1/3 rule, we approximate the integrated over every pairs of adjacent sub intervals by curves of degree:
(A) 0
(B) 1
(C) 3
(D) 2

Rules for Admission to Master of Computer Applications MCA :
Admission rules :
(1) Approved intake capacity available in various professional educational institutions shall be available on the website ( of the Competent Authority conducting counselling.

(2) If permission is granted to any new institution or the number of seats in any existing institution are varied or permission to start second shift in existing institution is granted by he appropriate authority on or before 30th June of that year, the same may be incorporated in counselling of that year, provided that the institution gets the affiliation from the respective University and have a permission from the State Government, however in case of any change in the number of sanctioned seats of the existing institutes, the condition to get re-affiliation from the respective university, shall not apply

1.4.2 Reservation of seats:
16%, 20% and 14% of the seats of MP seats are reserved for candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Other Backward Classes (excluding Creamy ayer) OBC categories respectively in Government institutions, institutions declared autonomous by the State government, Government Aided Institutions and Self financing Autonomous institutions.

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