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UKPSC Computer Staff Data Entry Operator Exam Sample Question Paper 2014

Organisation : UKPSC/Uttarakhand Public Service Commission
Exam : Computer Staff Data Entry Operator Exam
Year : 2014
Document Type : Sample Question Papers

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Computer Staff Data Entry Operator Exam Sample Question Paper :

Part – I :
Computer Science :
1. Which of the following is not used as secondary storage ?
(a) Semiconductor memory
(b) Magnetic disk
(c) Magnetic drum
(d) Magnetic tape

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2. MICR system is used in which of the following field ?
(a) Bank
(b) Hotel
(c) Hospital
(d) House

3. The disadvantage of dynamic RAM over static RAM is
(a) Higher power consumption
(b) Variable speed
(c) Need to refresh the capacitor charge every once in two milliseconds
(d) Higher bit density

4. Which of the following codes needs 7 bits to represent a character ?
(b) BCD
(d) Gray

5. Which one of the following is not a client-server application ?
(a) Internet chat
(b) Web browsing
(c) E-mail
(d) Ping

6. The hexadecimal number A23F is represented in binary by
(a) 1010 0010 0011 1110
(b) 1010 0100 0011 1111
(c) 1010 0010 0011 1111
(d) 1111 0011 0010 1010

7. Error detection at the data link level is achieved by
(a) Bit Stuffing
(b) Hamming Codes
(c) Cyclic Redundancy Codes
(d) Equalization

8. Which of the following is single user operating system ?
(a) MS-DOS
(b) Unix
(c) OS/2 (d) None

9. Plasma Panel is
(a) Input Device
(b) Output Device
(c) Memory Device
(d) Communication Device

10. Baud means
(a) The number of bits transmitted per unit time.
(b) The number of bytes transmitted per unit time.
(c) The rate at which the signal changes.
(d) None of the above

11. www uses protocol
(a) FTP
(b) HTTP
(c) WBC
(d) MTP

12. Which of the following is an example of an optical disk ?
(a) Digital Versatile Disk
(b) Magnetic Disk
(c) Memory Disk
(d) Databus Disk

13. To access a mainframe or super computer, users often use
(a) Terminal
(b) Node
(c) Desktop
(d) Hand held

14. Which is the fastest memory ?
(a) CD-ROM
(b) RAM
(c) Registers
(d) Cache

15. A name or number used to identify a storage location is called
(a) Byte
(b) Carry bit
(c) Record
(d) Address

16. A ______ acts like a translator between the device and programs that use the device.
(a) Interpreter
(b) Device driver
(c) Compiler (d) None of these

17. A storage area used to store data to compensate for the difference in speed at which different units can handle data is
(a) Memory
(b) Accumulator
(c) Buffer
(d) Address

18. What is the name of the arrangements where several central processing units share one memory ?
(a) Multitasking
(b) Multiprogramming
(c) Concurrent programming
(d) Multiprocessing

19. A page fault occurs
(a) when the page is in the memory.
(b) when the page is not in the memory.
(c) when the process enters the blocked state.
(d) when the process is in the ready state.

20. A tree structured file directory system
(a) is not essential when we have millions of files.
(b) is a much debated unnecessary feature.
(c) allows easy storage and retrieval of file names.
(d) none of the above

21. What is shell ?
(a) It is hardware component.
(b) It is a part of compiler.
(c) It is a tool in CPU scheduling.
(d) It is a command interpreter.

22. Which of the following is most likely to use an embedded OS ?
(a) Computerized life-support system
(b) Macintosh computer
(c) Desktop PC
(d) None of the above

23. In a GUI, the window that is currently in use is called as
(a) Top window
(b) Active window
(c) Framed window
(d) None of the above

24. Multiprogramming is
(a) writing two or more programs at a time.
(b) using more than two programs to solve a problem.
(c) processing of two or more programs at the same time.
(d) None of the above

25. An assembler in computer is a
(a) Program
(b) Language
(c) Hardware
(d) Person

26. Unix and its software are written in highlevel language
(a) C
(b) PL/1
(c) Ada
(d) None of these

27. The operating system manages
(a) Memory
(b) Processor
(c) Disk and I/O devices
(d) All of the above

28. Cryptographic technique is used in
(a) Pooling
(b) Job scheduling
(c) Protection
(d) File management

29. Modulation is the process of
(a) sending a file from one computer to another.
(b) converting digital signal to analog signal.
(c) converting analog signal to digital signal.
(d) echoing every character that is received.

30. FDDI is a
(a) Ring Network
(b) Star Network
(c) Mess Network
(d) Bus Based Network
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