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CBSE Academic Class XII Dance – Bharatnatyam & Manipuri & Mohiniyattam & Odissi Sample Question Paper 2016

Name of the Board : CBSE Academic
Class : XII STD
Subject : Dance – Bharatnatyam & Manipuri & Mohiniyattam & Odissi
Year : 2015-16

Website :
Download Bharatnatyam Sample Question Paper :
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Bharatnatyam & Manipuri & Mohiniyattam & Odissi Sample Question Paper :

Time allowed : 3 hrs.
Max marks :30

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General instructions :
1. Attempt ANY FIVE questions.
2. Please write down the serial number of the question before attempting it.

Dance – Bharatnatyam :
Code No. : 057
1. a) Describe two folk forms of Tamilnadu. (2.5+2.5)
b) Give a brief sketch of Yakshagana
2. Write a brief life sketch of Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale highlighting her contribution to Bharata Natyam. (5)
3. Mention the aspects of dance covered in the Abhinayadarpan. Detail the hastamudras mentioned therein. (1+4)
4. Differentiate between
a) Natyadharmi and Lokadharmi
b) Sthayibbava and Sancharibhava
c) Tandava and Lasya (1.5+1.5+2)
5. Describe the Rasa theory of Bharata. Give a detailed description of either Shringara Rasa or Hasya Rasa. (2+3)
6. Define the following
a) Theerumanam
b) Thaalanga
c) Avartana
d) Arangetram
e) Korvai (1+1+1+1+1)
7. Write a Korvai in two avartanas of the aditaala (chatushra jaati Triputa taala). (5)

Dance – Manipuri:
Code No. : 060
1. Write the story of origin of dance according to Natya Shastra.
2. What you know of Kaliya Daman from the story of Krishna?
3. What is Haittaraoba festival of Manipuri? What kinds of dance are performed in this and who arethe performances?
4. What is Goshtha Leela of Manipuri? Name a Dance composition compulsorily performed in this leela.
5. Give an example each from Lasya and Tandava of Manipuri dance. What is the justification of calling them Lasya or Tandava?

Dance – Mohiniyattam :
Code No. : 062
1. Give a brief history on Indian Traditional Dance drama. 3
2. Briefly mention the acquaintance of myths and legends in Mohiniyattam. 2
3. Give a brief history of archeological reference related to Indian dance. 5
4. Elaborate on RASA and which rasa is predominant in Mohiniyattam. Give examples. 5
5. Tulat are the distinctive aspects of Mohiniyattam especially in respect to Kathakali and Bharatanatyam. Elaborate on its technique. 6
6. Give a brief history of acquaintance with other desired and folk forms prevalent in Kerala. 5
7. Who are the Gurus and Chief Experts of Mohiniyattam of both past and present? 4

Dance – Odissi :
Code No. : 059
1. Write a short note on MAYURBHANJ CHHAU. 6
2. Give a life sketch of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra and write about his contribution to Odissi.
3. What are the different areas/topics covered in ABHINAYA-DARPANA? 6
4. Define the four aspects of ABHINAYA. 6
5. a) Name the nine RASAS. 3
b) Write a short note on SHRINGAR RAS. 3
6. Write a note on Smt. Sanjukta Panigrahi’s contribution to Odissi Dance. 6
7. What do you understand by the terms: NATYADHARMI and LOKADHARMI? Which of the two is more relevant to Indian classical dance? 6
8. a) write the STHAYI UKUTA of EKTALI 2
b) Write the notation of only the first line of BATU/ STHAYI. 4

Physical Education :
Answer the Question :
1. What is planning in games and sports? (1)
2. Write one objectives of adventure sports? (1)
3. Define Anorexia Nervosa? (1)
4. What is a good posture? (1)
5. What are Food Supplements? (1)
6. What is Osteoporosis? (1)
7. Your grandmother has severe pain in the legs. Name the test you will suggest to measure her lower body strength particularly legs? (1)
8. Write one physiological change due to ageing? (1)
9.Define the term Sports Medicine? (1)
10. What is a parabola? (1)
11. Define intrinsic Motivation? (1)
12. Illustrate the differences between Iso-Kinetic and Iso-metric exercises? (3)
13.What is scoliosis? Mention any two corrective exercises for it. (3)
14. What is an eating disorder? Mention its types and explain each. (3)
15. Illustrate the differences between Intramural and Extramural tournaments? (3)
16. What is a knock out tournament? Mention any two disadvantages of knock out tournaments? (3)

17. Sports are good for all ages. It is good for children to enhance their physical activity if they take part in organized sports and games and good for senior citizens to remain healthy. However, the sports activities should be appropriate for the children and motivation hould be provided to the elders.(3)

18. Write in brief about any three physiological factors determining speed? (3)
19. Describe the considerations in meal intake which should be taken before, during and after the competition? (3)
20. Define motor development? Discuss in detail the factors that affect motor development in children? (3)

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