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Organisation : Maharashtra Ex-Servicemen Corporation Ltd (MESCO)
Exam : Soldier Technical
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
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Sample Question Paper – Soldier Technical :

PART – I :
General Knowledge :
(10 X 2 = 20 MARKS)

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Choose the correct answer:
01. Who among the following was associated with abolishing ‘Sati’ in India ?
(a) Lord Canning
(b) Lord Hastings
(c) Lord William Bentick
(d) None of these

02. Where is Gol Gumbaz located ?
(a) Andhra Pradesh
(b) Maharashtra
(c) Karnataka
(d) Gujarat

03. Durand Cup is associated with which sport?
(a) Hockey
(b) Football
(c) Cricket
(d) None of these

04. The Tigris river mainly flows through which Country ?
(a) Turkey
(b) Syria
(c) Iraq
(d) Iran

05. Who won the nobel peace prize in the year 2014?
(a) Sanjaya Rajaram
(b) Kamal Bawa
(c) Richard Attenborough
(d) Kailash Satyarathi

06. Who is the author of the book Shakuntalam ?
(a) Surdas
(b) Kalidas
(c) Vishnu Sharma
(d) None of these

07. Which Country’s Prime Minister resides in 10-Downing Street ?
(a) America
(b) Japan
(c) United Kingdom
(d) None of these

08. By how much time ‘Indian Standard Time’ is ahead of ‘Greenwich Mean Time’?
(a) 5 Hours
(b) 6 Hours
(c) 5 1/2 Hours
(d) None of these

09. The last emperor of the Mughal Dynasty was :
(a) Akbar
(b) Nasiruddin Shah
(c) Bahadur Shah Jafar
(d) Babar

10. 2016 Olympic games will be played at :
(a) Rio-de-Janero
(b) Paris
(c) New York
(d) Tehran

Choose the correct answer: 15 x 2 = 30 Marks
11. Which of the following is not an electromagnetic wave :
(a) Gamma ray
(b) Light ray
(c) X-ray
(d) Cathode ray

12. Following is not a Vector :
(a) Linear momentum
(b) Electric field
(c) Kinetic energy
(d) Acceleration

13. What is the source of radiant Energy of the Sun?
(a) Explosion
(b) Nuclear Fusion
(c) Nuclear Fission
(d) None of these

14. What is the mass of an electron?
(a) 1/1850 gm
(b) 0.1 gm
(c) 9.1×10-28 gm
(d) None of these

15. What is the CGS Unit of intensity of a magnetic field?
(a) Gauss
(b) Dyne
(c) Coulomb
(d) None of these

16. When a stone is whirled around at the end of a string and is rotated, what is the pull of the string called?
(a) Centrifugal Force
(b) Friction Force
(c) Gravitational Force
(d) None of these

17. When a wave travels from one medium to another, the quantity which will not change is?
(a) Amplitude
(b) Frequency
(c) Speed
(d) Wavelength

18 Which of the following will generate electric current?
(a) Diode
(b) Transistor
(c) Dynamo
(d) Motor

19. What is the unit of luminous efficiency of an electrical bulb?
(a) Watt
(b) Lumen
(c) Lumen / Watt
(d) Lux

20. Tyndall effect is associated with which property of light?
(a) Scattering of light
(b) Dispersion
(c) Suspension
(d) None of these

21. What is the SI unit of Potential Difference?
(a) Coulomb
(b) Ohm
(c) Volt
(d) Ampere

22. On which factor buoyancy depends for a given body?
(a) Weight
(b) Density
(c) Volume
(d) None of these

23. In which zone of the earth does air exist?
(a) Stratosphere
(b) Intermediate Zone
(c) Troposphere
(d) None of these

24. On which factor buoyancy depends for a given body ?
(a) Weight/
(b) Density
(c) Volume
(d) None of these

25. In which zone of the earth does air exist ?
(a) Stratosphere
(b) Intermediate zone
(c) Troposphere
(d) None of these

Biology :
Choose the correct answer:- (15 x 2 = 30 Marks)
26. In laboratory nitrogen is prepared by –
(a) NH4CO3
(b) NH4Cl & NaOH
(c) NH4Cl &NaNO3
(d) CaCl2 & NaOH

27. Nessler’s reagent is –
(a) KHgI4
(b) K2HgI4
(c) KHgI4
(d) KHg4I

28. The gas used in extinguishing fire is –
(a) SO2
(b) NO2
(c) CO2
(d) H2

29. Fill in the blank of the equation Na2CO3 + 2HCl ………. +CO2 + H2O
(a) NaCl
(b) Na2Cl2
(c) 2NaCl
(d) HCl

30. Reduction involves –
(a) Gain of electrons
(b) Gain of Protons
(c) Loss of electrons
(d) Loss of protons

31. Treatment of Rabies was discovered by –
(a) Lord Lister
(b) Ronald Ross
(c) Louis Pasteur
(d) Edward Jenner

32. Organisms which consume only other animals are called………….
(a) Carnivores
(b) Omnivores
(c) Herbivores
(d) None of these

33. The edible portion of cauliflower is –
(a) Leaf
(b) Root
(c) Stem
(d) None of these

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