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Organisation : Board of School Education Haryana
Exam : HTET Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test
Document Type : Sample Questions
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BSEH Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test Sample Questions


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1. Due to an extended winter break, the school management arranges for classes during holidays, What will be your reaction as a teacher?
(i) Protest and not take classes.
(ii) Request reconsideration of decision.
(iii) Tell students to prepare on their own.
(iv) Accept it as your responsibility.

2. In your class you find that some students cannot understand a topic because of the wide gap in their previous knowledge. What would you do?
(i) Arrange extra classes to help them.
(ii) Ask the parents to arrange help at home.
(iii) Continue with your classes.
(iv) Seek Principal’s help.

5. Select the most appropriate word to fill in the blanks in the given sentence.
“The story that the mountaineer_________ was very exciting.”
(i) explained
(ii) narrated
(iii) repeated
(iv) revealed

6. If you reach the school late, your Principal ___________ angry.
(i) will be
(ii) was being
(iii) has been
(iv) is being

7. The place value of zero in 1341.01 is –
(i) Hundreds
(ii) Tens
(iii) Units
(iv) Tenths

8. Which of the following numbers is divisible by 2,4,6 and 8.
(i) 534800
(ii) 543888
(iii) 534810
(iv) 542316

9. The taste buds for bitter taste are present at the –
(i) centre of tongue.
(ii) back of tongue.
(iii) tip of tongue.
(iv) edges of tongue.

10. Which part of the plant evaporates water?
(i) Stomata.
(ii) Fruit.
(iii) Branch.
(iv) Root.


1. Raja, a student of your class, is very tense due to the acne on his face. What will you do?
(i) Ignore him.
(ii) Tell him that it is normal and is due to hormonal changes.
(iii) Tell him to go to a doctor as it is a medical problem.
(iv) Scold and tell him not to waste time on these issues.

2. Twelve year old Radhika has begun to imitate the style of talking of her teacher. This form of behavior is known as –
(i) compensation
(ii) transference
(iii) sublimation
(iv) egocentrism

5. Select a word opposite in meaning to the underlined word to complete the given sentence:
When the enemy attacks a country, its army …………. it with all its might.
(i) defeats
(ii) fights
(iii) defends
(iv) repels

6. Select the word with the correct spelling to fill in the blanks in the given sentence:
I………………..a letter from my grand father.
(i) recieved
(ii) received
(iii) resieved
(iv) recived

7. The weight of a 3 month old baby is 6.08 kg. This is 190% of her weight at birth. What was her weight at birth?
(i) 3.2 kg
(ii) 3.02 kg
(iii) 2.3 kg
(iv) 2.03 kg.

8. A star has a diameter of approximately 0.5 that of Earth and mass of 0.1 that of Earth. The force experienced by a body of mass 1 kg. on the surface of that star compared to that on Earth is greater by factor:
(i) 0.2
(ii) 0.4
(iii) 0.8
(iv) 1

9. The relative atomic masses of many elements are not whole numbers because –
(i) elements are mixtures of isotopes.
(ii) elements are mixtures of isobars.
(iii) elements have fractional absolute masses.
(iv) all elements are not in gaseous state.

10. After vigorous exercise, a person may experience pain in muscles due to-
(i) break down of glucose and release of energy.
(ii) accumulation of Pyruvic acid.
(iii) formation and accumulation of Lactic Acid.
(iv) formation of ethyl alcohol.

11. One of the possible reasons for the absence of pompous buildings in the Harappan cities was –
(i) Low living standard of the Harappan people.
(ii) absence of class distinction in the Harappan society.
(iii) absence of a monarchical system of government.
(iv) scarcity of requisite material necessary for their construction.

12. Which climatic region has the least temperature range?
(i) Equatorial region
(ii) Monsoon region
(iii) Tropical region
(iv) Tundra region


1. According to modern concept of teaching, teacher should play mainly the role of a –
(i) Philosopher
(ii) Friend
(iii) Facilitator
(iv) Instructor

2. Characteristic of creativity is Originality is
(i) Originality
(ii) Fluency
(iii) Flexibility
(iv) All of above

4. Dowry, though ……… by law, has grown to monstrous……..after four decades of legislation.
(i) Abolished, Practice
(ii) Prohibited, Proportions
(iii) Affected, Evil
(iv) Rebuked, Image

6. Who is one of the ‘University Wits’ ?
(i) Christopher Marlowe
(ii) Ben Jonson
(iii) John Webster
(iv) George Chapman

8. Which of the following is not a characteristic tool of the Neolithic Age
(i) Celts or Polished Axe
(ii) Handaxe
(iii) Ring Stone
(iv) Saddle Quern

9.. The word ‘Geography’ was first used by
(i) Ptolemy
(ii) Eratosthenes
(iii) Aristotle
(iv) Herodotus

10. Chemical substance in foods are called
(i) Fatty acids
(ii) Nutrients
(iii) Proteins
(iv) All of these

11. The book ‘Poverty of Philosophy’ was written by
(i) K.R. Popper
(ii) M. Ginsberg
(iii) Karl Marx
(iv) Max Weber

12. Who established the first experimental laboratory of Psychology in Germany ?
(i) William James
(ii) Wilhelm Wundt
(iii) John Watson
(iv) Ivan Pavlov

13. From whom do we get immunity ?
(i) Brother
(ii) Sister
(iii) Mother
(iv) Father

14. The main objectives of Book-Keeping are
(i) Complete Recording of Transactions
(ii) Ascertainment of financial Effect on the Business
(iii) Analysis and Interpretation of data
(iv) (1) and (2) both

15. The current gain for a transistor in common emitter configuration is 59. If the emitter current is 6.0 mA, the collector current will be
(i) 0.1 mA
(ii) 5.9 mA
(iii) 6.1 mA
(iv) 6.0 mA

16. Number of atoms present in 224 dm3 of oxygen gas is
(i) 6.0 x 1023
(ii) 1.2 x 1023
(iii) 5.0 x 1224
(iv) 1.2 x 1025

21. Deficiency of copper in the body causes
(i) Pallagra
(ii) Anemia and damage to CNS
(iii) Influenza
(iv) Xeroplasma

22. If n(A) = 3, n(B) = 6, then minimum and maximum values of n(A U B) are
(i) 3, 9
(ii) 6, 9
(iii) 3, 6
(iv) 0, 9

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