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MCPE Model Question Paper For GD Officers :

Part A (Total Marks 45):
1. Indian Tide Tables gives tidal prediction for:
(a) Indian ports
(b) Indian and selected foreign ports
(c) Indian major ports
(d) Indian major and foreign ports

2. If pulse length of radar is 20 us, the range discrimination will be:
(a) 2000 yards
(b) 1640 yards
(c) 3280 yards
(d) 1200 yards

3. Which one of the following is not an adjustable error in a sextant?:
(a) Perpendicularity
(b) Centering error
(c) Side error
(d) Collimation error

4. Sun’s tide raising force is about________% that of the moon:
(a) 45 %
(b) 50 %
(c) 55 %
(d) 60 %

5. A pilotage claim becomes time-bar if it is not forwarded and submitted within _______ months:
(a) 6
(b) 12
(c) 32
(d) 24

6. While fixing a ship by two bearings of a single object, with a time interval between observations, the point of intersection of the transferred position line and the _______ position line is the ship’s position at the time of _______ observation:
(a) Second, first
(b) Second, second
(c) First, first
(d) First, second

7. While altering your ship’s course to port in a foggy weathers. You will sound signals:
(a) Two shot blasts
(b) Two short blasts in addition to the sound signals as applicable in restricted visibility
(c) Two prolong blasts
(d) Two prolong blasts in addition to ……

8. Which one of the following is not a search pattern?:
(a) Rectangular
(b) Circular
(c) Expanding square
(d) Intercepting

9. A sector is to be searched, using normal sector search between bearing of 180degree and 260 degree and to a depth of 200 miles. If the track spacing is 24, the number of aircraft required will be:
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 5

10. Sector Search is mainly used:
(a) by FPVS
(b) by aircraft
(c) if low probability of contact at the start is needed.
(d) number of ships but no aircraft available.

11. A crude oil with less then 10 API will definitely:
(a) Float
(b) Sink
(c) Evaporate
(d) None of these

12. The effect of current and wind on the movement of ‘oil spill’ is approximately:
(a) 100 % & 3 %
(b) 100 % & 30 %
(c) 50 % & 30 %
(d) 50 % & Nil

13. As a general rule, dispersants are capable of dispersing most liquid oils,liquid, water in oil emulsions with viscosities less then:
(a) 0 – 12000 c st
(b) 5000 – 10000 c st
(c) more then 2000 c st
(d) Less then 2000c st

14. ISRR stands for ______________

15. Who is the Chairman of ‘NMSARB:
(a) DG Shipping
(b) DGCG
(c) PD(ops) at CGHQ
(d) DDG CG.

16. In case of a ‘SAR‘ mission, “A shore unit can never be ‘OSC’ is a___statement”.:
(a) Correct
(b) Incorrect
(c) Not acceptable
(d) None of these

17. The headquarter of the IMO is located at:
(a) London
(b) Geneva
(c) Paris
(d) New York

18. Entry of any vessel, other than specifically engaged, is prohibited within _______ meters of an oil rig:
(a) 500 mtrs
(b) 1 Nm
(c) 5 Nm
(d) 1000 mtrs.

19. The extent of continental shelf is from:
(a) Base line to 24 Nm
(b) Base line to 200 Nm
(c) Base line to minimum 200 Nm
(d) Base line to 12 Nm

20. Which of the following do not have financial powers?:
(a) DGCG
(b) DDG

21. Total number of ‘ASEAN’ member countries is:
(a) 10
(b) 11
(c) 12
(d) 13

22. Public mess traps under the charge of officer’ mess should be reflected in the audit sheet as:
(a) Liability
(b) Assets
(c) Not be reflected at all
(d) None of these

23. The validity of money warrant is:
(a) financial year
(b) calendar year
(c) assessment year
(d) none of these

24. For the purpose of ‘ROR’ a sea plane is mostly considered as:
(a) a power devoir vessel
(b) A WIG
(c) A hovercraft
(d) None of these

25. The term ‘prolonged blast’ means a blast of:
(a) 2.4 seconds
(b) 3-5 seconds
(c) 4-6 seconds
(d) 3-6 seconds

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  1. If pulse length of radar is 20, the range discrimination will be?

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