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Organisation : Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)
Post : Chartered Accountant (CA)
Exam : Common Proficiency Test (CPT)
Document Type : Model Test Paper
Location : India
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CA CPT Model Test Paper :

Section-A: Fundamentals of Accounting:
1. RPC Ltd. follows the written down value method of depreciating machinery year after year by applying the principle of:
a) Comparability
b) Convenience
c) Consistency
d) All of the above.

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2) A change in accounting policy is justified
a) To comply with accounting standards
b) To ensure more appropriate presentation of the financial statement of the enterprise.
c) To comply with the law.
d) All of the above.

3. Purchases book records:
a) All cash purchases
b) All credit purchases of goods & Assets
c) All credit purchases of goods in trade only.
d) None of the above

4. A Bank Reconciliation Statement is prepared to know the causes for the different between:
a) The balances as per cash column of Cash Book and the Pass Book.
b) The balances as per bank column of Cash Book and the Pass Book.
c) The balances as per bank column of Cash Book and balances as per cash column of Cash Book.
d) None of the above

5) In the absense of any provision in the partnership agreement, profits and loss are shared:
a) In the ratio of capitals.
b) Equally
c) In the ratio of loans given by them to the partnership firm.
d) None of the above

6) Fundamental acoounting assumption is:
a) Materiality
b) Business Entity.
c) going Concern
d) Dual aspect.

7) Which of the following errors are nor revealed by the Trial Balance?:
a) Compensating errors.
b) Errors of commission
c) Wrong balancing of an account.
d) Wrong totalling of an account

8) Which of the following are of capital nature?:
A) purchase of goods.
b) Cost of repairs
c) Wages paid fof installation of machinery
d) Rent of a factory.

9) Loss on issue of debentures is treated as :
a) intangible asset
b) Current liability
c) Other non-current/ current assets
d) None of the above

10) Dividende are usually paid as a percentage of:
a) Authorizes share capital
b) Net profit
c) Paid up capital
d) Called up capital

11) Profit or loss on revaluation is shared among the partners in _____ ratio.
a) Old Profit Sharing
b) New Profit Sharing
c) Capital
d) Equal

12) The owner of the Consignment inventory is:
a) Consignor
b) Consignee
c) Trade Receivables
d) None.

13) The Parties to Joint Venture is called:
a) Co-Ventures
b) Partners
c) Principal & Agent
d) Friends

Common Proficiency Test Instruction :
** Common Proficiency Test is an entry level examination for admission to the Chartered Accountancy Course. A 10th Passed student can register for CPT Course by filling in the prescribed registration form along with the requisite fee. A student who has passed higher qualifications than 10th class such as B.Com, M.Com, LL.B., ICWA, CS, MBA is also, in the first instance, to appear and pass CPT Examination to join the Chartered Accountancy Course.

CPT Examination is objective type test comprising of 4 subjects which are :
(a) Fundamentals of Accounting – 60 marks,
(b) Mercantile Laws – 40 marks,
(c) General Economics – 50 marks and
(d) Quantitative Aptitude – 50 marks.

** The CPT Examination is held twice a year on a Sunday in the months of June and December every year. A student to be eligible to appear in the CPT Examination must have been registered for the CPT Course with Board of Studies of the Institute on or before 1st October, 2008 for December Examination and must have passed 12th Class Examination or already appeared in 12th Class Examination of a recognized Board.

** The Examination Form is available on payment of Rs. 400/- (inclusive of the examination fee) in the 1st week of October 2008 for the December Examination from all Regional /Branch Offices of the Institute in the country.

** Candidates have option to opt for English or Hindi language as medium, for the purpose of question papers booklet while answer sheets are in English Language only. Each student who appears in the CPT Examination is issued a Result Card within two weeks of the declaration of results. No Pass Certificate as such is issued to CPT pass students.

** A candidate securing 70% and above marks is declared to have passed with Distinction. A candidate securing a minimum of 60% marks in order of merit up to 10th Rank are included in the Merit List and Merit Certificate to such candidates are also issued.

** A candidate who is not satisfied with the result of his appearance in the CPT Examination can apply for verification of his answer sheets in accordance with Regulation 39(4) of the CA Regulations 1988 within a month of the declaration of the result by making a request under his signature along with a fee of Rs. 200/- by way of Demand Draft drawn in favour of Secretary, ICAI, Payable at New Delhi.

** Though all efforts are made to inform the outcome of the verification within 3-4 weeks of the receipt of the request letter of the student, however, no assurance could be given and the candidates are advised to submit the Examination Form for the next Examination within the prescribed date, if they so wish.

For any further enquiry relating to examination matters you can write to :
Senior Joint Secretary (Exams.)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India,
ICAI Bhawan,
C-1 Sector-1
Noida 201 301.
Telephone No. 3054806 (D) 3989398 Ext.806,
Fax 0120-3054843/841,
E-mail :

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