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ICICI Bank Sample Test :

Bank : ICICI Bank
Exam : Entry Level Job
Document Type : Sample Test
Location : India
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Entry Level Job Sample Paper :

Selection Process :
** At ICICI Bank, the selection process aims at getting applicants who are likely to succeed at various roles in the Bank.

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** The end eavour is to select people who have a high service orientation, are passionate about their career goals, and who display integrity and ethics in all engagements.

Depending on the level of recruitment, the selection process consists of following combinations:
** Aptitude Tests
** Group Discussion (This method is primarily used for campus selection process)
** Psychometric Profiling
** Personal Interview

Aptitude Tests:
Designed for entry level jobs in the Bank, the aptitude test aims to assess basic aptitude of applicants including Numerical, Verbal comprehension, logical reasoning and basic checking abilities.

Group Discussion:
Based on case studies, the group discussions are mainly conducted to judge applicants on their analytical thinking, approach to hypothetical building around business situations and the ability to break down complex problems to arrive at simple solutions.

Psychometric Profiling:
A questionnaire – based psychometric tool that assesses the typical or preferred behaviour of individuals in work settings. Applicants are required to complete the questionnaire before they appear for the interview. This tool gives us a better understanding of the applicant and is not used for elimination of applicants.

Personal Interview:
All applicants are expected to go through the interview round, which is the final step in the selection process.

Tips :
How to do well in the aptitude tests:
** Since the tests are based on numeric and verbal ability, it is advisable that applicants practice basic mathematics and verbal comprehension skills.
** Before the actual test, you will be given practice examples to try – make sure you ask questions if anything is unclear at this stage.
How to do well in Interviews:
** Punctuality is important, never be late on the big day. Try to reach 15 min before the actual schedule.
** Assemble all necessary papers like resume, mark-sheets etc, one day prior to the interview.
** You must prepare yourself for the interview and gather information that may be useful in the interview.
** Brushing up on your academics, past work experience is certainly helpful.
** Professional dressing always helps create a good impression.
** During interview always be enthusiastic. Focus on your positive achievements and views.
** Maintain eye contact with everyone on the panel and not just the panelist who asked the question.

Directions: Choose the best word from the given options to complete
the sentence.
1. Passing gravy through a ________removes lumps.
a. Mixture
b. Sieve
c. Tap
d. Cap

2. The politician’s poor behaviour was overlooked because of his ________.
a. Selfishness
b. Reluctance
c. Resistance
d. Charisma

3. The latest novel in the series opened with a _________ of the previous books.
a. Syntax
b. Signage
c. Symphony
d. Synopsis

4. Salt is a __________ ingredient in the preparation of any type of food.
a. Indicative
b. Cheerful
c. Outstanding
d. Vital

Directions: Each of the questions below is followed by two statements, labeled (1) and (2), in which certain data are given. In these questions you do not actually have to compute an answer, but rather you have to decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient for answering the questions. Using the data given in the statements plus your knowledge of mathematics and everyday facts (such as the number of days in a month), you are to blacken the box on the answer sheet under:

A. If statements (1) ALONE is sufficient but Statement (2) alone is not sufficient to answer the question asked.
B. If statement (2) ALONE is sufficient but statement (1) alone is not sufficient to answer the question asked.

C. If BOTH statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are sufficient to answer the question asked, but NIETHER statement ALONE is sufficient.
D. If EACH statement is sufficient by itself to answer the question asked.

E. If statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are NOT sufficient to answer the question asked and additional data specific to the problem are needed.

1. How much did Seema weigh before she started dieting?
1. She now weighs 63 kilos
2. Seema lost 9 kilos

2. If x and y are numbers, which weighs more: x blue marbles or y red marbles?
1. x = 5 y
2. Red marbles weigh 1 gram each
3. Are there more than 200 pages in the book?
1. John reads at 7 pages an hour
2. There are 500 pictures in the book with at least one picture per page

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