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Name of the Organization : U.V.Patel College of Engineering
Name Of The Exam : B.Tech Marine Engineering Common Entrance Test
Document type : Model Question Paper
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Common Entrance Test Question Paper :

UVPCE, Ganpat University XXX 2012

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This is a model question paper, the final paper will be of similar level of difficulty or slightly different Intend to test basic concepts and competence. Write Code No. on each page in the given space

Instructions to the Candidate : Maximum time allowed 1.5 hours
1. No calculators or mobile phones allowed.
2. Keep your admit card for viewing by the invigilator. Start writing only when asked to do so by the invigilator.

3. This booklet contains 9 printed pages. Check if any page is missing or not printed properly.
4. All answers to be written within the space provided with each question.

5. This paper has four sections. All questions are compulsory and must be answered in English only.
6. Use black or blue pen only for writing answers.

7. No candidate will be allowed to leave the room within first 45 minutes and last 10 minutes.
8. Do not exchange writing material (e.g. pen, paper, etc.) with any other candidate. If you need something, raise your hand to get attention of the invigilator.

9. Advise : Spend about 30 minutes on each section.( Do not spend too much time on one

Section 1 English :
Q1. Make Sentences (10 Marks)
Word Write a sentence using the given word. (proper spelling and grammar)
Q2. Against the word given in column 1, write its opposite in Column II (10 Marks)
Q 3. In column II write the past tense of words given in column I (10 Marks)

Q 4. In column II write the correct spelling against the word given in column I (10 Marks)
Q 5 Read the text given below,

Section 2 Physics
Q 1 Out of the four given options only one is correct. v (tick) only one A, or B, or C, or D.
Q 2 Write equation (formula) to represent (5 Marks)

Q 3 In short – write the basic deference between the following pair of terms (20 Marks)
Question 4 (5 marks) (1.5 marks for each and .5 marks for all correct answers)
Laws of Motion, Transfer of heat, physical states and properties, etc :

Section 3 Chemistry
Q 1. Short answer questions (15 Marks)

Write few words to describe each of the following within the given spac
Q2 Balance the following Equations : (10 marks)

Q 3 Out of the four given options only one is correct. v (tick) only one A, or B, or C, or D.
(Molecular weight, chemical formula, name of chemical from the given chemical formula,
simple facts of chemical properties experienced in life)

.1 Given ______________
.2 Chemical Formula for ____________
.3 __________ is the formula for ___________________
.4 Which gas is produced when- ____________.
.5 ———- water _________

Section 4 Mathematics – (You can use the last page for calculations)
Q1-3 Questions on Basic Geometry and trignometry
Q 4 State the formula for
Q 5 – Physcal units & conversions

Q 6 Calculate within the given space (Basic arithmatic) (show calculation for each): 20 marks (4 for each) 5 questions on simple arithmetical solutions (questions)
Averages; Percentage; Proportions; Requiring simple addition, multiplication, and division; Concept of speed, time

Q 7 Solve the equation (simple Algebra) (10 Marks/ 2 marks each)
Five questions on simple algebra (solving simple equations, finding values of x from given equations, expanding, multiplications, divisions, factors

Ship Safety and Environment Protection Syllabus :
Unit 1 :
Marine Environment :
** Marine Environment awareness, marine ecology, seas & coastal areas, discharges to sea & their environment impact, accidental & operational discharges, emission to air from ships, other pollutions, proactive measure to control pollution & maintain environment.

** Precautions to be taken to prevent pollution of Marine Environment : During Bunkering, loading/ discharging oil cargo, tank cleaning, pumping out bilges & knowledge of construction & operation of oil pollution equipment in Engine Room & on other specialize ships.

** Responsibilities under the relevant requirement of the International Convention for the prevention of Pollution from ships Annex-I, II, III. IV, V & VI.

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