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South East Central Railway Senior Clerk Question Paper :

Organisation : South East Central Railway SECR
Exam Name : Senior Clerk
Document Type : Question Paper
Year : 2024
Website :,4,2212,2271,2301,2533

South East Central Railway Senior Clerk Question Paper

Answer any 100 questions

1) Which of the following is NOT owned by Indian Railways?
(A) Delhi Metro
(B) Kolkata Metro
(C) Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd.
(D) None of the above

2) After the merger of the Railway Budget, what has been the major implication:
(A) Railways no longer has to prepare its Annual Statement of Receipts & Expenditure
(B) The Finance Ministry prepares the Railway Budget
(C) Railways no longer have to pay dividend to the Government
(D) None of the above

3) Vande Bharat Express was manufactured by:
(A) DLW, Varanasi
(B) RCF, Kapurthala
(C) ICF, Chennai
(D) RWF, Bengaluru

4) The Railway Budget has been merged with the General Budget w.e.f.
(A) 2016-17
(B) 2017-18
(C) 2018-19
(D) 2015-16

5) The dividend payable by Indian Railways after the merger of Railway Budget with General Budget is
(A) 2% of capital at charge of IR
(C) 1% of capital at charge
(D) A notional amount of 100 crores every year

6) Depreciation provides funds for
A) Repairs
B) Depreciation
C) Replacement
D) Renewals.

7) Which of the following is not depreciated
A) Plant and Machinery
B) Vehicles
C) Furniture
D) Land

8) Depreciation is calculated on
(A) Current assets
(B) Fixed assets
(C) Fictitious Assets
(D) Wasting Assets

9) The responsibility to watch that the expenditure incurred is not exceeded the Grant lies with whom?
(A) Railway Board
(B) Zonal Railways and Divisions/Units
(C) all of these
(D) none of these

10) Indian Railways is a
(A) Government owned organisation
(B) Departmental commercial enterprise
(C) Both A & B are correct
(D) None of these is correct

11) Capital transactions on IR mainly pertain to
(A) Earnings
(B) Earnings and working expenses
(C) Acquisition, replacement or renewal of assets
(D) None of these

12) Works financed from Development fund are
(A) passenger and staff amenities
(B) Unremunerative projects and safety
(C) Both A & B are correct
(D) Both are incorrect

13) Expenditure on renewals and replacements is financed from
(B) DF
(C) Capital
(D) Revenue

14) As per Article 266 of the Indian Constitution, all revenues of the Government flow into
(A) Public Account of India
(B) Contingency Fund of India
(C) Consolidated Fund of India
(D) All of these

15) All public moneys received for and on behalf of Government are credited to
(A) Public Account of India
(B) Contingency Fund of India
(C) Consolidated Fund of India
(D) All of these

16) For meeting unforeseen expenditure, pending authorization from Parliament, this fund is kept at the
disposal of President of India
(A) Public Account of India
(B) Contingency Fund of India
(C) Consolidated Fund of India
(D) All of these

17) Name the account under which IR transactions related to the Consolidated Fund, the Contingency Fund and the Public Account are accounted in the books of RBI
(A) Railway Fund
(B) Railway Safety Fund
(C) Special Railway Safety Fund
(D) None of these

18) Name the supreme statutory Audit Organization in India
(A) C&AG
(D) None of these

19) There are divisions in South East Central Railway
A) a.3
B) b.5
C) c.6
D) d.7

20) The online portal for activities of stores, Works and Tenders, Auction of material in Indian Railways.

Question Paper Pattern

** There will be no negative marking for a wrong answer.
** There are total 110 (100 + 10) questions in which 10 questions (optional) will be from Rajbhasha.
** First 100 attempted questions will be evaluated.
** All questions carry equal marks (1 mark each).
** Question Paper is set bilngual (i.e. in Hindi and English Languages)

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