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Organisation : Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre VSSC
Recruitment Name : Technical Assistant
Document Type : Previous Question Paper
Year : 2021
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VSSC Technical Assistant Question Paper

1. What is the refrigerant in a car air conditioner

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2. On a car radial tyre, speed symbol is given as V. It is rated for a maximum speed of
a.180 km/ h
b.190 km/ h
c.210 km/ h
d.240 km/ h

3. OEM tyre 180/ 60 R16 is changed to 200/ 50 R16. What will bethe actual speed if speedometer reads 90 km/ h?
a.87.8 km/ h
b.92.3 km/ h
c. No change
d. Data insufficient

4. Value of (4p – 3q)2 is
a. 16p2 – 9q2
b. 16p2 – 9q2 + 24
c. 16p2 – 9q2 – 24pq
d. 16p2 + 9q2 – 24 pq

5. Arrange the following IC engines in increasing order of thermal efficiency
1. four-stroke petrol engine
2. high-speed truck diesel engine
3. wo-stroke petrol engine
4. low-speed large diesel engine

6. It is necessary to maintain the valve clearances to
a. increase the speed at which the valves move up and down
b. reduce the resistance to sliding that occurs between cam and tappet
c. allow for lengthening of the valves owing to heat
d. make the crankshaft turn smoothly

7. A clutch is usually designed to transmit a torque which is
a. Equal to the maximum engine torque
b. 80% of the maximum engine torque
c. 150% of the maximum engine torque
d. None of these

8. What resistance must be connected to a 15 Ohm resistance to get effective resistance of 6Ohm?
a.9 Ohm
b.21 Ohm
c.16 Ohm
d.10 Ohm

9. If a petrol engine is to be converted to run on natural gas, the spark timing has to be
a. Maintained the same
b. Advanced
c. Retarded
d. None of the above

10. 18/8 stainless steel contains
a.18% vanadium, 8% chromium
b.18% nickel, 8% chromium
c.18% tungsten, 8% nickel
d.18% chromium, 8% nickel

11 For engine oil, when temperature rises
a. Viscosity increases, surface tension decreases
b. Density decreases, surface tension increases
c. Viscosity and surface tension decrease
d. Viscosity and density increase

12. Falling liquid droplets are spherical, because of
a. Gravity
b. Air flow over droplet
c. Viscosity
d. Surface tension

13. Arrange the following batteries in ascending order of energy density
1 Nickel – metal hydride
2 Lithium ion
3 Nickel – Cadmium
4 Lead acid
a.2, 1, 3, 4
b.3, 4, 2, 1
c.4, 3, 1, 2
d.4, 1, 3, 2

14. In a catalytic converter HC, CO and NO gases are controlled by
a. oxidizing catalyst for NO and CO and reducing catalyst for HC
b. oxidizing catalyst for HC and CO and reducing catalyst for NO
c. Reducing catalyst alone
d. Oxidising catalyst alone

15. The maximum value of the expression Sin x + Cos x is
a. 1/√2
b. 1
c. 2
d. √2

16. Which among the following materials is used as a solid lubricant?
a. Calcium chloride
b. Graphite
c. Calcium carbonate
d. Copper sulphate

17. The indicated power of a four-stroke engine (in W) is equal to
(P = Mean effective pressure in N/m²,
L = Length of stroke in metres,
A = Cross-sectional area of the piston in m² /and
N = Speed of engine in revolutions per second (r.p.s)
a. PLAN /2
c. 2 × PLAN
d. PLAN /4

18. A solid circular cylinder is rotating about its own axis. If its length is increased by 5%, thepercentage increase in the mass moment of inertia is

a. 10%
b. 2.5%
c. 0%
d. 5%

19. The spark plug gap between the electrodes in a modern turbocharged SI engine is about
a. 0.2 mm
b. 0.8 mm
c. 1.2 mm
d. 1.6 mm

20. Condition that results in large quantities of HC in exhaust is
a. High temperature combustion
b. Incomplete combustion
c. Low temperature combustion
d. High temperature exhaust

Selection Process of Technical Assistant

The selection process consists of (1) written test and (2) skill test. The written test consists of 80 Multiple choice questions. (The syllabus for written test shall be curriculum based.)
Duration: 90 minutes.
There will be negative marking of 0.33 for each wrong answer & 1 mark for correct answer.
Pass Criteria: For UR – 32/80 marks.
The ratio for skill test is 1:5 with a minimum of 10 candidates.
Skill Test: Will be of qualifying nature only. The minimum marks required for qualifying the skill test is 50/100 marks for UR candidates and 40/100 marks for reserved categories.
** From amongst the candidates who qualify in the skill test, empanelment will be done in the order of marks obtained in the written test. In case of a tie in written scores, the academic scores of the notified qualification shall be the tie-breaker.
** Please note that the qualification prescribed for the posts advertised is the minimum requirement and the same does not automatically make the candidates eligible for selection.

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