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Organisation : Nagaland Staff Selection Board NSSB
Exam Name : CSRE
Document Type : Question Paper
Year : 2022
Website :

NSSB CSRE Question Paper

1. In how many different ways can the letters of the word ‘LEADING’ be arranged in such a way that the vowels always come together?
(A) 120
(B) 720
(C) 360
(D) 460

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2. From the given option, what should come in place of question mark (?) in the following series.
bce, cdf, deg, efh, ‘?’.
(A) def
(B) efg
(C) fgi
(D) fhi

3. Which one of the following shortcut keys to create a new folder in the windows operating system?

4. A smaller triangle is having three sides. Another big triangle is having sides exactly double the sides of the smaller triangle. Then what is the ratio of Area of Smaller triangle to Area of the bigger triangle ?
(A) 1:5
(B) 3:2
(C) 2:3
(D) 1:4

5. — is a device that uses magnetic field to read input characters.

6. By —— key you can capture screen of current desktop.
(A) Shift+Ctrl
(B) Ctrl + V
(C) Shift+Ctrl+W
(D) Printscreen

7. Two tailors X and Y are paid a total of 550 per week by their employer. If X is paid 120 percent of the sum paid to Y, how much is Y paid per week?
(A) 250
(B) 450
(C) 225
(D) 365

8. CAD stands for:
(A) Computer Animated Design
(B) Complete Algorithm Debugger
(C) Computer Aided Design
(D) Complex Auxiliary Design

9. How many such consonants are there in the following arrangement each of which immediately preceded by a numerical?
S74AGHK #5QR % 23DF*LM6 BE 8 @ISPV8
(A) One
(B) Two
(C) Three
(D) Four

10. Which of the following is/are video conferencing Software(s)?
(A) Skype
(B) GoToMeeting
(C) Zoom
(D) All of these

11. In Excel, tiny charts placed in single cells are
(A) Spark Lines
(B) Pivot Tables
(C) Slicer
(D) Data Tray

12. Anil buys a calculator for 600 and sells it to Vikash at 10% profit. Vikash sells it to Chandan for 5% profit. Chandan after using it for certain time, sells it to Dinesh at a loss of 20%. For how much Chandan sell the calculator to Dinesh.
(A) 600.2
(B) 344.5
(C) 554.4
(D) 924

13. Which of these keys combination in Windows Operating System is used as a shortcut for ‘Print’ ?
(A) Ctrl + P
(B) Alt + Z
(C) Shift + Q
(D) F1 + W

14. Complete the below given series from the following given alternatives: P5QR, P4QS, P3QT, —– P1QV
(A) P2QU
(B) P2QW
(C) P2QZ
(D) PQ2U

15. Direction: In the question given below, two signs in equation have been interchanged. Find out these two signs to make the equation correct using (BODMAS).
(A) + and –
(B) X and +
(C) + and –
(D) ÷ and +

Instructions To Candidates for CSRE

1. Candidates will be admitted to the Examination Hall/Room on production of their Admit Card and Original ID such as EPIC/Aadhaar/Driving License with a view to establish the true identity of the candidate.
2. Candidates shall reach the venue of examination at least 30 minutes in advance and admission will be refused to a candidate who is late by 10 minutes from the start of the examination.
3. No candidate shall be permitted to leave the Examination Hall/Room until the time for the examination is over or until permitted to do so but not until the half of the allotted time.
4. Candidates must use a BLUE/BLACK ball point pen ONLY to make entries on the OMR Answer Sheet.

5. The candidates should not bring any articles (other than those specified above) such as books, notes, loose sheets, mobile phones, pagers, digital diaries, calculators, smart watches, etc. inside the Examination Hall/Room. Any candidate found in possession of the said articles will be liable to be de-barred from applying all future examinations to be conducted by the Board.

6. After receiving the Test Booklet with OMR inserted, the candidates may pull out the OMR Answer Sheet and fill in the necessary details. However the candidates are not allowed to break open the seal of the Test Booklet until the invigilator informs them to do so.

7. Mark carefully your Roll Number, Paper Code, Booklet Code and Booklet Series on the OMR Answer Sheet and signature at the appropriate place. Write your Roll Number and Name on the Question Booklet. In the absence of the Roll Number, Question Booklet Number and Question Booklet Series on the OMR Answer Sheet, it may NOT be evaluated and it may be cancelled.

8. The entire Test is of Objective Type Questions comprising 100 questions.
9. Candidates must check that the Question Booklet contains 100 multiple choice questions. If any discrepancy found, report to the invigilator immediately.
10. Candidates will also keep in mind that there is negative marking for (-0.33%) every wrong answer i.e 0.66 marks.
11. Rough work may be done on the space provided in this Question Booklet, but not on the OMR Answer Sheet.

12. In the event of a mistake made in marking the Roll Number in the OMR Answer Sheet or the OMR Series the candidates will not be given a new OMR Answer Sheet but he/she will be allowed to use whitener or correcting fluid for correction of the Roll Number and the Booklet Series only.

13. Change of answer will not be permitted in the OMR Answer Sheet. Using of correcting fluid (of any sort) will be treated as wrong attracting negative marking.

14. The candidates must abide by such instructions as may be specified on the cover of the Answer Paper or instructions to candidates given at the back of the Admit Card. If a candidate fails to do so or indulges in improper conduct, he/she will render himself/herself liable to expulsion from the examination or such other punishment as the Board deemed fit to impose.

15. At the end of the Test, candidates must submit the OMR Answer Sheet to the invigilator on duty. Candidates shall be allowed to take their Question Booklet only after the end of the examination session.
16. Any candidate found to be intoxicated with alcohol and/or psychotropic substances will be expelled from the Examination Hall/Room.
17. Examination centre once opted cannot be changed.

Download Question Paper

Test Duration: 3 Hours
Total Questions: 100
Total Maximum Marks: 200

CSRE 2022 Question Paper here :

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