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V-SAT Sample Question Paper Vignan’s Scholastic Aptitude Test VSAT :

Organisation : Vignan’s Foundation for Science, Technology and Research
Exam Name : Vignan’s Scholastic Aptitude Test V-SAT VSAT
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Year : 2021
Website :

V-SAT Sample Question Paper

1. Which of the following viruses devoid of protein coat and their body constituted by only RNA
A. Tobacco mosaic virus
B. Potato spindle tuber virus
C. Blue tongue virus
D. Influenza virus

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2. Human beings can not swim by birth, unless learning in the life time. Frogs can swim by birth. Why?
A. In the humans, lungs are solid & in frogs lungs are hollow
B. In the humans, lungs are hollow & in frogs lungs are solid
C. In the humans, lungs are filled with alveoil & in frog lungs are hollow
D. None of the above

3. The sequence of development of embryo sac is
A. archesporial cell -> sporogenous cell -> megaspore mother cell -> megaspore -> embryosac
B. archesporial cell -> sporogenous cell -> megaspore -> megaspore mother cell -> embryosac
C. sporogenous cell -> archesporial cell -> megaspore -> megaspore mother cell -> embryosac
D. sporogenous cell -> archesporial cell -> megaspore mother cell -> megaspore -> embryosac

4. Binary fission in Paramecium occurs during which of the following?
A. Enough food is available
B. Temp is available
C. Environmental conditions are favourable
D. Enough water is available

5. Nucloside is the combination of
A. Sugar + phosphate B. Sugar + base
C. Phosphate + base D. Sugar + phosphate + base
6. How many Barr bodies are found in the human karyotype AA+XO ?
A. One B. Two C. Three D. Zero

7. Mesokaryon is a
A. True nucleus present at the centre of the cell
B. Nucleus having condensed chromosomes in interphase and the chromosomes without histones
C. Primitive nucleus not having envelop around it
D. Extra chromosomal DNA present in cytoplasm

8. The characteristic feature of cardiac muscles is
A. Fatigue
B. Rythimicity
C. Sarcolemma
D. Neurilemma

9. If the base sequence in a strand of mRNA is – CCU AGG GGG UAG, what would be the sequence on the non-template strand of DNA?

10. Blood of hexapods is
A. Red in colour
B. Green in colour
C. Blue in colour
D. Colour less

11. Which of the following is a vulnerable species?
A. Red panda
B. Antelope cervicapra
C. Dodo
D. Podophyllum

12. Protonema is
A.An organ with diploid cells
B.Juvenile gameetophyte of Moss
C.Formed from the zygote
D.Sporohyte of Moss

13. If the skin of Earthworm dries, what happens to the Earthworm?
A. Dies due to the failure of nutrition
B. Dies due to the failure of respiration
C. Dies due to the failure of excretion
D. Dies due to the failure of reproduction

14. Correctly match the plants with the types of roots they have. Use the codes given below.
( i ) Viscum a. Pneumatophores
( ii ) Rhizophora b. Complete parasite
( iii ) Taeniophyllum c. Green roots
( iv ) Cuscuta d. Partial parasite
A. ( i ) – d ; ( ii ) – c ; ( iii ) – a ; ( iv ) – b
B. ( i ) – b ; ( ii ) – a ; ( iii ) – c ; ( iv) – d
C. ( i ) – d ; ( ii ) -a ; ( iii ) -c ; ( iv ) – b
D. ( i ) – d ; ( ii ) – a ; ( iii ) – b ; ( iv ) – c

15. Match the following
I. Bacillus P. Pneumonia casuing bacteria
II. Coccus Q. Escherichia
III. Spirillum R. Acetobactor
IV. Plemorphic S. Beggiota
A. I-Q: II-R : III-S : IV-P
B. I-R : II-S : III-Q : IV-P
C. I-Q : II-P : III-S : IV-R
D. I-P : II-Q : III-S : IV-P

Important Instructions of VSAT

1. Immediately fill in the particulars at the bottom of this test booklet with blue/black ball point pen. Use of pencil is strictly prohibited.
2. A separate OMR answer sheet is provided along with this test booklet. When you are directed to open the test booklet, take the OMR answer sheet and fill in the required particulars carefully.
3. The CODE for this booklet is E. Make sure that the CODE on the OMR Answer Sheet should be marked as that on this booklet.
4. Immediately on opening the booklet, please check for (i) the same booklet code (A/B/C/D/E) on the top of each page (ii) serial number of the questions (1-120) (iii) the number of pages (iv) correct printing.
5. The test is of 2.30 hours duration.
6. The test consists of 120 Questions. The maximum marks are 120.

7. There are 4 sections in the question paper. Each question carries 1 mark for correct answer and there is no negative marking for incorrect answer.
Section I – BIOLOGY (30 Marks) consists of 30 questions (1 to 30).
Section II – PHYSICS (30 Marks) consists of 30 questions (31 to 60).
Section III – CHEMISTRY (30 Marks) consists of 30 questions (61 to 90).
Section IV – ENGLISH / APTITUDE (30 Marks) consists of 30 questions (91 to 120).

8. Candidates will be awarded marks as stated in instruction No.6 for correct response to each question. Marks will not be awared for unattempted / unmarked questions on the answer sheet.
9. No candidate is allowed to carry any textual material,printed or written, bits of papers, blank papers, mobile phone, any electronic device, etc., except the hall ticket, ball point pen, HB pencil, eraser and sharpner inside the examination hall/room.
10. Rough work is to be done in the space provided at the bottom of each page, on pages 2 and 21 to 24 in the test booklet only.
11. On completion of the test, the candidate must hand over the test booklet along with OMR answer sheet to the Invigilator in the room/hall.
12. Do not fold, mutilate or make any stray marks on the OMR answer sheet.

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