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CBSE Academic Class XII Psychology Sample Question Paper 2022-23

Name of the Board : Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Class : XII STD
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Subject : Psychology
Year : 2022-23
Website :

CBSE XII Psychology Sample Question Paper

CBSE Students can download the Psychology Sample Question Paper for the year 2022-23 from the website of CBSE Academic.

Psychology Sample Question Paper

1. Jasleen is high on critical thinking and can manipulate symbols to solve numerical problems. She is also high on the ability to understand one’s own feelings, motives and desires. Which of the following intelligences are displayed by Jasleen?
i. Spatial
ii. Logical-mathematical
iii. Interpersonal
iv. Intrapersonal
a. i and ii
b. ii and iii
c. i and iii
d. ii and iv

2. Ryan believes that he is very good at football. Therefore, he has a high ___ as far as sports is concerned.
a. Self -esteem
b. Self – efficacy
c. Self- motivation
d. Self- control

3. According to the behaviourists, personality of an individual is the result of ___.
a. Unconscious motives and conflicts
b. Response of an individual to the environment
c. Early childhood experiences
d. A relationship of the individual to her/his environment

4. Which of the following would a humanistic psychologist not use to explain an individual’s behaviour?
a. Innately good
b. Goal – directed and adaptive
c. Self – actualised
d. Balance among three competing forces

5. Which of the following are the dimensions of stress?
i. Intensity
ii. Duration
iii. Predictability
iv. Vulnerability
a. i , ii and iv
b. i, iii and iv
c. ii, iii and iv
d. i, ii and iii

6. Imran feels disappointed when he is not able to do everything perfectly, leading him to push himself to achieve unrealistically high standards. Identify the cause of his stress.
a. Social Pressure
b. Conflict
c. Frustration
d. Internal Pressure

7. Sonali was questioned by her senior when her performance started to decline. She admitted that she was not eating regularly and her sleep was disturbed. Moreover, she could not concentrate on work and felt overburdened. Identify the effects of stress being indicated here.
i. Emotional
ii. Behavioural
iii. Cognitive
iv. Physiological
a. i and ii
b. ii and iii
c. iii and iv
d. i and iv

Which of the following is/are true about psychological disorders in the middle ages?
i. Demonology and superstition were used as explanations of psychological disorders.
ii. Mental anguish and conflict were considered as reasons for psychological disorders.
iii. Disturbed interpersonal relationships were emphasised to explain mental disorders.
iv. There was emphasis on deinstitutionalisation for people with psychological disorders.
a. Only i is true.
b. i and ii are true.
c. Only iii is true.
d. ii and iv are true.

Download CBSE XII Psychology Question Paper

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