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IOA International Science Olympiad Grade 9 Sample Paper 2019 :

Organisation : International Olympiad Academy
Exam : International Science Olympiad
Document Type : Sample Paper
Class : Grade 9
Year : 2019
Website :

IOA Science Olympiad Sample Paper

International Science Olympiad Grade 9 Sample Papers 2019

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Science Olympiad Grade 9 Sample Paper

Foundation: (2 Points)
1. Water is different from other substance because
(A) It is more dense as a solid than a liquid
(B) It is less dense as a solid than liquid
(C) It is more dense as a gas than a liquid
(D) It is less dense as a solid than a gas

2. Carbon burns in oxygen to form carbon dioxide. The properties of carbon dioxide are
(A) Similar to carbon
(B) Similar to oxygen
(C) Totally different from both carbon and oxygen
(D) Much similar to both carbon and oxygen

3. A motorist travelling at 10 ms–1 can bring his car to rest in a braking distance of 10m. In what distance could he bring the car to rest from a speed of 30 ms–1 using the same braking force?
(A) 17m (B) 30m (C) 52m (D) 90m

4. The element hydrogen is able to form two different ions of formulae H+ and H–. Which of the following statements about these two ions is true?
(A) The H+ ion does not consist of any electrons
(B) The H+ ion has more protons than the H– ion
(C) The H– ion has one more electron than the H+ ion
(D) The H– ion is formed when a hydrogen atom loses one electron

5. An altered form of the structural protein collagen causes a condition in which bones are weak and break easily. Which of the following are components of collagen?
(A) Amino acids (B) Fatty acids (C) Monosaccharides (D) Nucleotides

6. Atoms of inert gas elements are monoatomic while of the other elements are not. This is because
I. The atoms of inert gas elements have stable electronic configuration, thus they can exist independently and are monoatomic in nature
II. The atoms of all other elements are yet to have stable configuration and to achieve it, they combine with the atoms of the other elements
(A) Both I and II (B) Only I (C) Only II (D) None of the above

7. Which of the following statement is incorrect?
(A) An isotope of iodine is used in the treatment of Goitre
(B) An isotope of uranium is used as a fuel in nuclear reactor
(C) An isotope of cobalt is used in the treatment of cancer
(D) An isotope of carbon is used in the preparation of dye

8. An engineer works at a factory out of town. A car is sent for him from the factory every day that arrives at the railway station at the same time as the train he takes. One day the engineer arrived at the station one hour before his usual time, and without waiting for the car, started walking towards factory site. On his way he met the car and reached the factory 10 minutes before the usual time. How long did the engineer walk before he met the car?
(A) 40 minutes (B) 45 minutes (C) 50 minutes (D) 55 minutes

9. A cell placed in a solution X swells up, what kind of solution is X?
(A) Hypertonic (B) Hypotonic (C) Isotonic (D) None of the above

10. X is involved in the synthesis of protein as it has ribosomes attached to it. Y is involved in synthesis of lipids for making cell membrane. Here X and Y are
(A) X – RER Y – SER (B) X – SER Y – ER
(C) X – Ribosomes Y – Ribosomes (D) X – Ribosomes Y – Golgi apparatus


1. Please DO NOT OPEN the contest booklet until the proctor has given permission to start.
2. There are 40 questions in this paper. 2 points, 3 points will be awarded for each correct question in Foundation, and Exploration respectively. 1 point will be deducted for each incorrect answer, and no penalty for skipping a question.
3. All questions are compulsory. There is only ONE correct answer to each question.
4. No electronic devices capable of storing and displaying visual information are allowed during the exam.
5. Use of calculator is strictly prohibited in the exam.
6. Fill your Name, Roll No., Grade and School Name in the answer sheet.
7. To mark your choice of answers by darkening the circles in the Answer Sheet, use an HB Pencil or a Blue/Black Ball Point Pen only.

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IOA Science Olympiad Grade 9 Sample Paper :

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