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Career Point CP STAR Class 11th Sample Paper : Scholastic Test For Analysis & Reward

Name of the Organisation : Career Point Ltd
Exam Name : CP STAR Scholastic Test For Analysis & Reward
Class : XI
Document Type : Sample Paper
Website :

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Career Point CP STAR XI Std Sample Paper

Download the sample question paper of CP STAR Scholastic Test For Analysis & Reward for Class XI from the official website of Career Point Ltd.

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Physics :
Q.1 Three rods of equal length are joined to form an equilateral triangle ABC. D is the midpoint of AB. The coefficient of linear expansion is a1 for AB, and a2 for AC and BC. If the distance DC remains constant for small changes in temperature –

Q.2 The friction coefficient between board and the floor in the figure is µ. The maximum force that the man can exert on the rope so that the board does not slip on the floor is

Q.3 For given system, the acceleration of B is given by-
(1) 6 m/s2
(2) 2 m/s2
(3) 4 m/s2
(4) none of these

Q.4 The graph shows the variation of temperature (T) of one kilogram of a material with the heat (H) supplied to it. At O, the substance is in the solid state. From the graph, we can conclude that

(1) T2 is the melting point of the solid
(2) BC represents the change of state from solid to liquid
(3) (H2 – H1) represents the latent of fusion of the substance
(4) (H3 – H1) represents the latent heat of vaporization of the liquid

Q.5 Consider a bicycle wheel rolling without slipping on a rough level road at a linear speed as shown in figure. Then –
(a) the speed of the particle A is zero
(b) the speed of B, C and D are all equal to ?0
(c) the speed of C is 2?0
(d) the speed of B is greater than the speed of O
(1) a, b
(2) b, c
(3) c, d
(4) a, c

Q.6 A spherical hollow is made in a lead sphere of radius R, such that its surface touches the outside surface of lead sphere and passes through the centre. What is the shift in the centre of mass of lead sphere due to the hollowing –
(1) R/7
(2) R/14
(3) R/2
(4) R

Q.7 The pitch of a screw gauge is 1 mm and there are 100 division on its circular scale. When nothing is put between its jaw, the zero of the circular scale lies 4 division below the reference line. When a steel wire is placed between the jaws, two main scale divisions are clearly visible and 67 divisions on the circular scale are observed. The diameter of the wire is-
(1) 2.71 mm
(2) 2.67 mm
(3) 2.63 mm
(4) 2.65 mm

Q.8 If the volume of a gas is doubled at constant pressure, the average translational kinetic energy of its molecules will-
(1) be doubled
(2) remain the same
(3) increase by a factor 2
(4) become four times


Chemistry :
Q.1 The ratio of pH of 0.05 M and 0.005 M H2SO4 solutions will be –
(1) 2 : 1
(2) 1 : 2
(3) 1 : 1.5
(4) 1.5 : 1

Q.2 What is the total pressure in 10 litre flask at 27ºC of a sample of gas that contain 6 gram of hydrogen, 15.2 gram of N2 and 16.8 gram of helium –
(1) 1.91 atm
(2) 2.46 atm
(3) 5.89 atm
(4) 19.1 atm

Q.3 The number of spectral lines produced according to Bohr’s concept when one electron jumps from 5th to 2nd shell are –
(1) 6
(2) 8
(3) 10
(4) 12

Q.4 The number of radial nodes of 3s and 2p-orbitals are respectively
(1) 2, 0
(2) 0, 2
(3) 1, 2
(4) 2, 1

Q.5 Which species has the maximum ionic radius –
(1) Na+
(2) O2–
(3) F–
(4) Mg2+

Q.45 Select correct statements about NO[BF4] (a) It has 5s and 2p bonds
(b) Nitrogen-oxygen bond length is higher than nitric oxide (NO)
(c) It has diamagnetic species
(d) B–F bond length in this compounds is lower than in BF3
(1) a, c
(2) a, c, d
(3) a, b, c
(4) b, c, d

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Biology :
Q.51 Study the following diagram carefully and identify the structure responsible for formation of lenticel
(1) B – cork cambium
(2) A – epidermis
(3) C – cork cambium
(4) C – complementary cell

Q.52 Age of tree can be calculated by its –
(1) Height
(2) Number of branches
(3) Number of annual ring
(4) Girth

Q.54 Which of the following is true regarding the figure given below ?
(1) It belongs to ascomycetes
(2) Asexual spore are conidia
(3) It is Morchella
(4) None of the above

Q.55 Least common character are observed in members of
(1) Kingdom
(2) Family
(3) Genus
(4) Species

Q.56 Members of the kingdom protista differ from members of the kingdom monera mainly due to the presence of –
(1) RNA
(2) DNA
(3) Cell wall
(4) Membrane-bound nucleus

Q.57 Nitrogen fixation in blue green algae occurs in –
(1) Heterocyst
(2) Hormogonia
(3) Gelatinous sheath
(4) All

Q.58 Methanogens are –
(1) Obligate anaerobes
(2) Found in saline marshes
(3) CO2 oxidizing forms
(4) Facultative anaerobes

Q.59 Woese found that the ___ kingdoms naturally cluster into ___ main categories. He called those categories as ___
(1) 6, 3 domains
(2) 4, 6, progenote
(3) 5, 4, archea
(4) 6, 4, eukarya

Q.60 Photosynthetic pigments chlorophyll a and chlorophyll c are common in
(1) Cyanobacteria and purple sulphur bacteria
(2) Diatoms and euglenoids
(3) Dinoflagellates and diatoms
(4) Pyrrophytes and euglenophytes

Q.61 Two species can be said to be reproductively isolated if they are
(1) Interfertile
(2) Not interfertile
(3) Do not grow together in a common habitat
(4) Growing together in a common habitat

Q.62 Two kingdom classification was given by –
(1) Heackle
(2) Linnaeus
(3) Copeland
(4) Whittakar

Q.63 Red tide occurs due to –
(1) Gonyaulex
(2) Trichodesmium
(3) (1) & (2) both
(4) Red algae

Q.64 Which of the following is partially or completely heterotrophs ?
(1) Rhizopus
(2) Cuscutta
(3) Venus fly trap
(4) All of the above

Q.65 Select the incorrect match w.r.t. type of sexual reproduction in fungi –
(1) Gametangial contact – Oomycetes
(2) Gametangial copulation – Zygomycetes
(3) Spermatization – Deuteromycetes
(4) Somatogamy – Basidiomycetes

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